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Sharecash Secrets 20$ Per day easy

Sharecash Secrets 20$ Per day easy Get the eBook ($150 value) for free today.. All Sharecash money making secrets

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Sharecash Secrets 20$ Per day easy

  1. 1. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved. By: Soufiane What is Sharecash? Sharecash is an online host for files you upload. Some common hosts are rapidshare, mediafile, megaupload and many more. Sharecash however, differs none aspect; YOU get paid while people download your file. That’s it, a very easy tool for us avid online users to earn money. How does it work? Every time a person downloads your file; he or she is required to fill in a survey. And every time the survey is filled up by a qualified person, you`ll get a specific Amount of money; usually ($1 to $20 per download). They offer a very high range of rate per download - at least 1 Dollar for any US, UK, CAN, or AUS download. Your international downloads will have to earn at least 25 cents. Keep in mind that the 40 cents earning, only is a base rate. As most downloads you’ll earn reaches over 60 cents! AMAZING ISN’T IT?
  2. 2. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved. By: Soufiane Cashing Out? $10 is the MINIMUM amount required for you to cash out. You will also be paid VIA PAYPAL or PAYZA and so on, which simply is accessible to everyone all over the globe. The earnings you will earn will be approved every 1st of the month and they will pay you every 15th – 20th. How to Register? Simply CLICK HERE: to Register and just follow the simple instructions. The Registration is not complicated so this isn’t a problem. Just explore the panels and make ready yourself to upload and earn some serious CASH.
  3. 3. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved. By: Soufiane Zee Money Secrets Strategies 1-Create A blogger or free blog 2-Take any template and then take the articles from Zee Money Secrets File and add them to your blog 3-Change The “Links” into your personal Sharecash links 4-Create some videos for those softwares or just download them from YouTube and reupload them again, then upload the videos into the videos websites TXT file joined On Zee Money Secrets File. 5-You Can Buy Some Good Traffic and backlinks too, also some YouTube views and social signals from this Link, we have good quality offers. For only 5 dollars per offer. 6-And If you want 100% free method you can use free websites:
  4. 4. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved. By: Soufiane • For traffic you can use easyhits4u it’s the best choice • For youtube views it’s better to use addmefast 7-Now If you pay for traffic and youtube views you’ll get fast results, but if you use the 100% free method you’ll need some time to start making money. Thanks For Chosing Zee Money Secrets, if you want the 100% Autopilot Paid Method, you can get it For Only $30 Dollars from Zee Money Secrets Website Offers page. Finally, let me tell you the truth about making money, if you just read this book and not take action, for sure you’ll not make anything, but if you try the method, and make some effort, I’m sure you’ll make at least 20 dollars per day. Not from the first day, after a week or two. To Get The Full Version And Get Some Great Secrets, You Can Buy The Paid Version Of Zee Money Secrets: Make sure that you’ll get a lot of new secrets from our paid version.