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Echelon 2017 - Pitch Fight


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Here are the slides that were presented by Neeraj Sundarajoo for the pitch fight. This was prepared along with Keith Tan & William Arya.

With a 3 minute time limit and startups presenting back-to-back, how could we leave a deep impression with the judges?

Simple! We decided to tell the story of Zeemart with a single narrative of 'Death by a 1000 cuts'.


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Echelon 2017 - Pitch Fight

  1. 1. Inspired by a true story* *Only the names, locations and events have been been changed. Presented by
  2. 2. General Zhang Ziyuan 1162-1227 AD 12th century China…
  3. 3. by a thousand cuts!” Death…“
  4. 4. John Zhang 15 generations later… Owner-Chef of The Stinging Sambal
  5. 5. 18-month old eatery Peranakan cuisine 4 stars in HungryGoWhere
  6. 6. How you place an order is different for every supplier Call? WhatsApp? Email? Fax? SMS?
  7. 7. keeping track of orders is troublesome And with so many orders and invoices,
  8. 8. by a thousand Paper cuts!” Death…“
  9. 9. 50% don’t make it past the 3-year mark 7,260 new eateries in Singapore per year, but... Source: SingStat, ACRA
  10. 10. User roles & approvals1 Centralized ordering2 Digitize invoices3 Track expenses in real time4 Data analysis & reports5 Marketplace6
  11. 11. Logistics Integrating value-added services Next phase Payments
  12. 12. $10b Marketsize(Singapore) S$3bRestaurants S$4bHawkers S$3bExports
  13. 13. 3% success fee Suppliers $99/mth subscription Buyers
  14. 14. 100+buyersandsuppliers in3months Industry partners
  15. 15. Founding team Former CEO of SingEx FHA Founding Team Steven Seet Chairman Jerry Lim CEO Neeraj Sundarajoo COO Keith Tan CPO Former 3-term Chairman of SAFEM Over 3 decades in food services 3-time Entrepreneur of the Year Former Group MD of Wunderman Multi-award winning ECD Former ECD of Wunderman Founders