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ZEDO Advertising Technolgy Partner for Publishers


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ZEDO, Inc. is a digital ad solutions company that offers products and services for a publisher's premium, self service, and remnant inventory. Products include ad network optimization, innovative rich media formats for publishers' direct sales teams, full featured ad serving, behavioral targeting data built into the ad server, an exchange-like platform for publishers to sell behavioral and DMA targeted inventory at high CPMs, a self service platform to allow advertisers to buy directly from a publisher, outsourced ad ops and more.

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ZEDO Advertising Technolgy Partner for Publishers

  2. 2. MORE OPTIONS ZEDO is the only advertising technology provider that offers options to manage direct sales, maximize yield from remnant inventory, and offer 24/7 automated sales through Self Service.
  3. 3. FULLY-FEATURED DIRECT SALES AD SERVER ZEDO’s ad serving features are built specifically for high quality publishers with valuable site content and readers. We offer all-new inventory forecasting, a variety of behavioral targeting options, a drag- and-drop adhoc report builder, Tear Sheets, malware protection, and more.
  4. 4. SELF SERVICE ADVERTISING SYSTEM ZEDO is the first full-fledged ad server to offer a complete Self Service Advertising module that can be plugged into any website.
  5. 5. REVMAX YIELD OPTIMIZER Save time and effort and make more money. We calculate your true eCPM so you can finally compare apples to apples and regain control of your online ad inventory.
  6. 6. MORE VISIBILITY Use ZEDO’s TruCount technology auditing system to validate advertiser and agency numbers. Our drag- and-drop report builder makes it easy for you to create reports of any kind, for delivery by email or FTP.
  7. 7. ADMAGIC Use our browser plugin to immediately analyze ad sources directly on your webpages. Save hours of troubleshooting time and headaches by stopping unwanted content or creative problems immediately.
  8. 8. PUBLISHER PROTECTION ZEDO employs a team to fight against malware and prevent unwanted tags from entering your systems. Our third party screening systems ensure that you are protected day and night.
  10. 10. PUBLISHER RICH MEDIA ZEDO helps Publishers offer fresh, compelling and easy-to-run Rich Media Formats for your Advertisers.Read more
  11. 11. BEHAVIORAL AUDIENCE DATA AND TARGETING TECHNOLOGY Segment your audience into revenue generating user sets to offer your advertisers higher performance. Or, use the data provided by our partner, eXelate and earn incremental revenue on standard buys.
  12. 12. AD OPERATIONS SERVICES Reduce extra overhead and avoid last-minute headaches by using ZEDO Professional services for overflow, vacation or replacement ad operations. We also provide creative technology services for technical modifications and rich media demos for Advertisers.
  13. 13. MORE INFORMATION  For more information, visit  Contact Us:   415-348-1975