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Published in: Travel, Spiritual, News & Politics
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  1. 1. LIFEBOOK4Life – Accept no boundaries Never stop running 1 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU Follow me on a business trip through Brindisi (Italy) with my LIFEBOOK P771
  2. 2. Introduction Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 2 About me: The city: I‘m an IT trainer. Brindisi is a little nice city by the sea, with lot of history. My LIFEBOOK/STYILISTIC Q: With my P771 I have everything I need, everywhere. Battery runtime: Up to 6 hours
  3. 3. (11:00): (Cairoli Square) Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>Going start our visit in the city center, with the wonderful „Anchor“ fountain. </li></ul>Insert your picture here
  4. 4. (12:00): (Roman Columns – Appia Road) Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>These columns are the symbol of my city and were the end of the first big road ever build, that connected Rome with Brindsi: „the oriental gates“ . </li></ul>Insert your picture here
  5. 5. (14:00): (The main cathedral) Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>Going up the stairs we find Cathedral, where there are precious relics: the arm of St. George, the hydria of the wedding at Cana and the relics of St. Theodore of Amasea. </li></ul>Insert your picture here
  6. 6. (15:00): (S. Teresa Square) Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>Here we have a nice view of the port and a „war memorial“ of first world war made by Edgardo Simone. </li></ul>Insert your picture here
  7. 7. (17:00): (Verdi theater) Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>I like this view because you can see ancient and modern architecture live together. </li></ul>Insert your picture here
  8. 8. (18:00): (Sailors Monument) Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>Finally we arrive in fron of this beauty, that rapresent a big „boat rudder“ </li></ul>Insert your picture here
  9. 9. And… some fireworks Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>I hope you enjoy the visit!!! See you next time </li></ul>
  10. 10. 1 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU