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Our Faeries’ Legacy Chapter 2.0


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Chapter 2.0 of O.F.L!

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Our Faeries’ Legacy Chapter 2.0

  1. 1. Our Faeries’ Legacy Chapter 2.0 “Have I Ever Told You How Much I Love You?”
  2. 2. Eaxis is being Eaxis. The Exchange has been down for over a month now, and I’ve lost hope in it. So, until the Exchange is fixed, the next chapters of Our Faeries’ Legacy will be hosted on_____________. Also, the picture quality in this chapter will probably be really bad. I usually save my pictures on Medium, because that’s the size at which the Exchange displays them. So I resized them a little, but that probably ruined the graphics. About halfway through, the pictures are taken on Large, and the bad graphics won’t happen again, I promise. Now, RECAP! In our last chapter, Benjamin went to Découvrez-Vous State and talked some sense into Abigail. Emma and Jessica went to D.V.S soon after, leaving Eden in tears. Quinten was able to console her, and college life continued for Generation 2. Gabrielle called Shaun and apologized for her behavior, and the two went on their first date. Kyle Jordan was seen swearing that he was going to make sure that Abigail would not be killed by Morté, and an unknown man saw all this in a crystal ball… The chapter ended with Gabrielle announcing to her siblings that she had decided to found the Forester Greek House. -Izzy
  3. 3. "I've decided that the Forester family should found a Greek House at Découvrez-Vous State." Gabrielle said confidently. "WHAT?!?!" All the other siblings cried in unison.
  4. 4. Emma's jaw dropped, "Are you serious, Gabby? Where in the world would we find the money to get a house, let alone start the whole thing? I mean, we'd have to buy a house and furniture, and we'd have to register and-“ "And we'd never have enough money for all of that!" Jessica yelled, finishing her twin sister's sentence. "And of course, we'd have to move into the house, which will take forever. I mean, Emma and I know what we're talking about, right Abby?“ Abigail shrugged. She understood perfectly why her sister wanted to found the Greek House: so that the generations to come would have a place at D.V.S to call home, or at least be somewhere where the previous generations had been. Sighing, she said, "I don't think it's too bad of an idea, but, Gabby, where would we get the money? Are you sure you've thought this out?"
  5. 5. "Are you guys crazy?" Gabrielle asked with a shocked expression, "Of course I thought this out! We've definitely got enough scholarship money and school grants to buy a lot, and I've already found an architect! It'll be great having a Greek House, guys! I mean, just think of all the toga parties and the pledges and the fun of having our own house and being out of these dorms! It could be great! So...what do you say, you guys in?"
  6. 6. Benjamin smiled, "Yeah, sure, Gabby. I'd like to get out of these dorms. The guy down the hall from me never takes a shower. And he thinks I'm his personal tutor or something. And I'd like it if my kids could hang out with all of yours in college. It'd be fun to hang out with your cousins for four hectic years, right?“ Ryan sighed, "I'm impartial, really. Do whatever you want, everyone, 'cause class starts in five minutes and Prof. won't be happy if I'm late. So hurry up and decide, please? "Jessica and Emma sighed, "Fine," they groaned simultaneously. Abigail smiled, "It's a great idea, sis." She winked at Gabrielle.
  7. 7. Gabrielle looked absolutely elated as she said happily, "Thank you so much guys! I swear you won't regret this! It's going to be wonderful!" Gabrielle was so happy that all the future generations of her mother's legacy would have someplace to go when they came to college. She was still smiling as all of her siblings went down the stairs, some of then looking more excited about the Greek House than others. Abigail stayed behind, however, and made her way towards Gabrielle.
  8. 8. "Hey sis," Abigail said. "So, let me guess…Shaun had nothing to do with this, and this was all for the legacy, am I right?“ "Yup. You can read my mind, can't you?" Gabrielle laughed. "You're gonna do great as heiress, Gabby. I mean, you're already thinking about the future generations!" Abigail smiled. Gabrielle blushed, "Aw, thanks, Abby. But you would have been just as good.“ There was an awkward silence between them as they both seemed to be remembering the 'heiress conversation' with their mother. Finally, Abigail spoke up, "So...When do you think we'll be able to move into this Greek House?“ Gabrielle smiled slyly, "Tomorrow.“ "What?" Abigail asked with a shocked expression. "The Greek House is already built, Abby. I just needed to let you know before we move. Tomorrow.“ Abigail's jaw dropped as Gabrielle laughed and pointed at her sister's face, and the two acted just like the sisters they used to be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  9. 9. All of Gabrielle's siblings stood in front of a building with their eyes shut tightly, and none of them looked happy to be there. Gabrielle ran up the stairs to the building and yelled, "Keep your eyes shut! And don't open them until I tell you to! I want it to be a surprise!“ Emma grunted under her breath, "I'm still mad at you for not telling us we'd be moving.“ Gabrielle ignored the comment as she raced up a flight of stairs, "OK everyone!" She thrust her arms out and yelled at the top of her lungs,
  10. 10. "Welcome to Hex Var Beta!“ All her younger siblings opened their eyes and looked at the huge Greek House before them. They all ran inside and Emma yelled, "Forget about what I said about being mad; this place rocks!“ Gabrielle laughed and went downstairs to show the house to all her siblings. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. 11. That very night, the Forester kids hosted their first Toga Party. Everyone on the guest list made it on time, and Gabrielle was very excited to see one person in particular: Elle McCullough. Gabrielle hadn't seen her childhood best friend since she had gone to college, and had missed her terribly. "Gabby!" Elle yelled as soon as she saw her best friend. "Elle!" Gabrielle smiled and gave her a hug.
  12. 12. "Oh god, I've missed you so much Gabby! What's been going on?“ "I've missed you too, Elle! Nothing real special has been happening to me, besides founding a Greek House, dating a Cow Mascot, and trying to figure out where my runaway sister was.“ "Wait--say those last two again." Elle said with a confused expression on her face. Gabrielle laughed and the two best friends spent the rest of the night catching up.
  13. 13. Everyone else stayed hooked on the bubble blower, and the first toga party at Hex Var Beta was a success. Each person had a good time, and all the members finally thought that maybe a Greek house wasn't such a bad idea after all.
  14. 14. Of course, the free pizza and the hot tub might have had something to do with them liking the Greek House so much. Just maybe... ~~~~~~~~~~~
  15. 15. After they had all settled in, Abigail had become accustomed to going out on the front porch late a night to look at the stars through the telescope. She needed a way to distract her from Kyle. The pain she had initially felt when she had left him wasn’t nearly as bad as what she felt now, but, she still felt something. She missed him. She wanted to see him again, to have him hold her in his arms and tell her he loved her again. To feel the soft touch of his hand on her cheek and the exhilaration from his kiss. She needed him desperately, and that worried her. Every night as she looked at the stars, she would wonder if maybe, just maybe, Kyle was looking for her, and if they would ever be together again, happy at last. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  16. 16. A few months later, Hex Var Beta was hosting another toga party. This time, it was to celebrate Gabrielle becoming a Junior. All the usual guests were there, ready to party, and the bubble blower and karaoke machine were heavily used, to say the least.
  17. 17. Shaun and Gabrielle spent the night together, either in each other's arms or singing on the karaoke machine, laughing together. Shaun looked over towards Gabrielle as the couple neared the end of their fifth song. He would never have expected that someone as kind and beautiful as Gabrielle would have fallen for him. Him. He remembered how he had been before he met her, how mean and rude he had been. It was as if she had changed him completely. He was a new person, a better person, and he loved Gabrielle even more for that. Gabrielle closed her eyes as she sung the last note, and when she opened them, Shaun was on one knee, looking up at her with a smile.
  18. 18. "Gabrielle Forester," Shaun said as he fumbled around for something in his pocket, "from the moment I saw you, I fell in love. I fell in love with not only your beauty, but your sense of humor, your laugh, your smile, your good heart, your outlook on life, and the way you were able to tolerate me and make me a better person.“ Gabrielle grinned as she wrung her hands, looking down at the man she loved. Was he really doing it? Was he really going to propose to her? "I fell in love with the most wonderful, prettiest, smartest, and most loving woman in the world. And I never want to spend another moment without her.“ Shaun gulped as he pulled a small, black velvet box out of his pocket.
  19. 19. “Gabs, will you marry me?”
  20. 20. Gabrielle smiled from ear to ear as she slipped the ring on her finger and beamed, "Of course I'll marry you, Shaun. Of course!“ Shaun grinned like an idiot as he scooped her up in his arms.
  21. 21. "I love you, Gabrielle," he whispered into her ear. "I love you, too, Shaun," she whispered back. Gabrielle gazed at the shining diamond on her finger, wondering how in the world she had ever ended up with a guy like Shaun. If anyone had asked her a few years ago if she would ever get married, she would have laughed in their faces. Yet now, a handsome, funny, sweet man was holding her in her arms, and she was wearing a ring on her finger. And soon, he would move back with her to her mother's house, and they would have children, and the legacy-. Oh damn, she thought, the legacy. I need to tell him about the legacy. But she put those thoughts aside as Shaun took her by the hand and brought her upstairs to 'celebrate' their engagement.
  22. 22. As Gabrielle and Shaun disappeared upstairs for the night, Ryan sat on the couch with Mona and held her in his arms. Smiling, he leaned in and kissed her. She grinned, "We're finally alone...Together.” Ryan laughed a little, but continued to look right into Mona's eyes, "Mona," he whispered as he kissed her once more and pulled her off the couch and onto her feet, "Have I ever told you how much I love you?“ Mona laughed, "I know you love me from here to the moon and back again, Ryan.” "Do you love me that much too, Mona?“ "Of course I do, Ryan. Even more.“ Ryan smiled a little as he dropped down on one knee and gulped.
  23. 23. "The first day I saw you, Mona Vijayakar, I was sure I was dreaming. I didn't even know that someone as gorgeous, charming, and sweet as you existed. Even way back then, when we were crazy hormonal teenagers, I knew that I loved you. I knew that I loved you more than any other girl on the planet.“ Ryan gazed into Mona's dark brown eyes as he continued, "I'm in love with the most beautiful, smartest, nicest, sweetest, and funniest woman in the whole world. The same girl I've known since I was just a teenager.“ Taking a deep breath, he pulled the small box from out of his pocket and said,
  24. 24. "Mona, will you marry me?"
  25. 25. Mona gasped as she immediately slipped the ring on, "Yes! Yes!" she shrieked. Ryan happily scooped her up in his arms and kissed her, whispering, "I love you, Mona.“ Between her tears of joy, Mona whispered back, "I love you, too, Ryan."
  26. 26. Jessica grinned as she pulled away from her kiss with Orlando Centowski. She had managed to find him around campus and had been very eager to 'catch up' with him. Laughing, her smile grew even wider as she leaned in for yet another kiss.
  27. 27. Back downstairs, Abigail sat, shoulders slumped, at the bubble blower. Sighing, she dropped the blower on the floor. Life sucks, she thought. Gabrielle and Ryan had gone upstairs with their respective fiancées ages ago, Emma was in the kitchen with the latest guy she had dragged back from Campus, and Jessica was outside with Orlando. All the party guests had been long gone, which left Abigail alone with a bubble blower. No, she thought, correcting herself, my life sucks. As she stood up, she decided she would go and ask Benjamin about--Wait, she thought, where is Benjamin? Abigail groaned as she suddenly realized that her twin brother had been missing during the whole party. She ran to get the phone and went outside on the patio.
  28. 28. "Missing Persons? I'm calling to report a Missing Person, and you have to get your whole team on the job immediately and-“ "Ma'am, slow down please. Now how long has this person been missing?“ "How long?! I don't know! At least 5...6 hours! Listen, Officer, how long is not the problem here. What is is that my-“ "We cannot account a person missing unless this person has not been seen for 24 hours, ma'am."
  29. 29. "What. The. Hell? 24 hours? By the time he's been missing for 24 hours, he could have been killed, tortured, or taken off by some crazy guy who thought he was his long lost step-cousin! Officer, I cannot wait 24 hours! My twin brother is missing! No one has any idea where in the world he is and I'm-“ "Ma'am. It's regulation. I can tell that your younger brother means a lot to you, but--"
  30. 30. "Listen, Officer, I don't give a damn to your 'regulations'. My twin brother is missing and I need you to send your team over here right this instant or I will send my older sister, who has ten body points, over to your headquarters immediately! Got that?“ "Ma'am, did I mention that your call is sometimes recorded?“ "I don't care! Your team will come here right now and find Benjamin Forester before the night is over, got that?“ "Ma'am, if regulations permitted, I would be more than happy--“ "Wait-now you're happy my brother is missing? You're happy?“ "Ma'am, I am not in any way pleased with the fact that your brother is missing, but if he is nowhere in sight in 24 hours then you may call--“ "Um...Officer?“ "Yes ma'am?"
  31. 31. "I uh....Found him."
  32. 32. "Well, I am glad to hear--“ Abigail hung up on him and looked down, awestruck, at her twin brother. He was kissing some woman she had never even seen in her life, and she knew that if Benjamin had been seeing someone he would have told her. Even back during his hormonal teenage years she had heard everything about Mona. It was completely unlike Benjamin to not tell her absolutely everything. She knew just how close they were, and that they were probably the closest out of all the Forester siblings. Was he tired of her? Was he angry at her? Part of her wanted to run downstairs that moment and rip the two apart and start yelling at Benjamin, but the other part of her won over and, reluctantly, she sighed and walked back inside where she fell asleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  33. 33. The next morning, Abigail looked down at her brother, who had fallen asleep in his omelet. With more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice, she grunted, "Are you tired, Benjamin?“ His head jerked up as he looked around for the source of the voice. Spotting Abigail, he sputtered, "B--Benjamin? You never call me Benjamin!“ "Never say never," She said as she got up to take her plate into the kitchen. "What's going on, Abigail?“ "Oh nothing, Benjamin," She said snarkily. "Abby," he said as he stood up, "what's your problem?"
  34. 34. Abigail laughed, "What's my problem? Gee, I don't know, Benjamin. I'm trying to figure out what yours is. Why are you so tired you're falling asleep in your food, Benjamin?“ "I'm just cramming for finals, Abby. Like you should be. We're gonna be juniors soon, you know. And that means a ton of tests.“ "Oh really, Mr. I'm-just-going-to-change-the-subject. You're ‘cramming’ for tests. You're sure it has nothing to do with the fact that you were up until dawn kissing a woman I've never seen before?"
  35. 35. "What? You saw...What are you talking about?" Benjamin asked with a dumbfounded expression. "Oh, Benjamin, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Perfect red hair, pale skin, high-end clothes. Does that ring a bell?“ "Abby....When and how did you see that, even if it's true?"
  36. 36. "Hmm...Let. Me. Think," Abigail said sarcastically, "Well, everyone was gone last night at the toga party. Jessica found Orlando and they were hogging the hot tub, Emma was in her room with the latest freshman on campus, Gabrielle and Ryan were in their rooms with their fiancés, and I was sitting at the bubble blower moaning about how life sucks when I realized you were missing. So then I-"
  37. 37. "Gabrielle and Ryan are engaged?!" Benjamin asked with a look of surprise. "Yes, they are.“ "To who?“ "Shaun and Mona, no duh. Now stop trying to change the subject!"
  38. 38. "Now...Where was I?" She said as she stroked her chin as though she was in deep thought, "Oh right! I spent 15 minutes yelling at Missing Persons on the balcony when I realized you were standing right under me kissing some girl. That's what happened, Benjamin. Now, do you care to tell me who this girl is?"
  39. 39. "No, Abigail, I will not tell you anything about her.“ "What?" Abigail raised 2 fists, ready to punch, "You're off kissing some girl and you won't even tell me her name? What's wrong with you?“ "Abigail, you'll figure out who she is with time, trust me. I'm trying to figure out how to tell everyone and--“ "With time? Tell me right now who this is, Benjamin or I will punch the living daylights out of you. I want to know why you're kissing some girl I've never seen or heard of! So...Why?"
  40. 40. "Why? Why do you need to know everything about my life, Abigail? It's my life, Abigail, not yours. I choose what to tell you and what not to! I'll tell you about the girl when I'm ready, okay? And just listen to yourself! You sound exactly like Mom. You're saying the exact same things she said when she found you and Kyle. And then you were all whiny and sulky about it, and now you're doing the exact same thing! God Abigail, sometimes you can be so annoying!“ And with that, Benjamin walked out of the room in a huff leaving Abigail alone in the room with a dumbfounded look on her face.
  41. 41. She walked out after him, and, once she was in the living room, she looked around and realized he was nowhere to be found. Then, she heard a door slam upstairs. As a tear rolled down her cheek, she whispered, "I just don't want anything to happen to you, Ben. I don't want you to get in the same mess I did with Kyle. I don't want you to end up like me.“ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  42. 42. Late that night, everyone lay asleep, some in a deep sleep, and some in a restless one. Well, almost everyone. Gabrielle walked into her room, thoughts crowding her mind. She was almost a senior, and very close to graduating. She knew that she had to tell Shaun about what they were supposed to do after graduation. That they were supposed to move back to the house she grew up in and continue the legacy. And then there was the whole deal with the faeries and fairies and... Sighing, she let her head drop as she walked over to the bed where Shaun lay.
  43. 43. As she propped up her pillow, Shaun looked over at her lovingly and asked, "What's wrong, Gabs? Ever since we got engaged you've been acting all...." he paused as he searched for the right word, "weird around me. Why? Do you think we're moving too fast? We don't need to get married the moment we graduate, you know. We can move to Pleasantview or Belladonna Cove. We can wait.“ His words just worried her even more. Marry? Move? She tried to hide the look of anxiety on her face, but she must not have done a good job, as Shaun immediately said, "Really, Gabrielle. Tell me what's wrong. I can take it. And I promise I won't be mad at you. I swear."
  44. 44. Gabrielle looked over at her fiancé and sighed, "You promise? You promise you won't get mad at me?“ "I swear, Gabs. Now just tell me what's wrong. I want to know what’s up."
  45. 45. Gabrielle looked away from him, trying to figure out how she was going to tell him everything. She thought back to when her mom had told her that she was part-faerie, that there were people out there who wanted her dead, that her life would be in danger from the moment her first child would be born. She took a deep breath, then turned to look right into Shaun's eyes.
  46. 46. "My mom was found on a doorstep. This old couple raised her practically her whole life. And then, when she was 16, some…person came over to her house. The person was a girl named Xymena, and she was a faerie. According to my mom, vines grew on her skin, she wore a dress made of leaves, and she had gorgeous green wings that looked like silk. Xymena told my mom that she had faerie blood running through her veins. She’s half-faerie. She was also the last living faerie besides Xymena, and it would be her job to have ten generations of faerie descendants. Xymena started telling my mom her whole story."
  47. 47. “Okay…” Shaun said slowly. There was a long pause before he asked, “And this is worrying you, why?”.
  48. 48. “Please don’t think I’m crazy, Shaun. Just let me finish,” Gabrielle pleaded. “According to my mom, Xymena never really got to finish her story, or so it seems. A fairy named Morté came over and killed Xymena and the old couple who had raised my mom. Morté is married to the Queen of the Fairies, Jena. They want to kill all the fairies so that they have almighty power. Xymena was the last living full-fledged faerie. Morté had just killed all the remaining ones. My mom’s job to defeat Morté and restore the faerie line. To do that, she must have ten generations of faerie descendants, like I told you. At the tenth generation, five children will be born, all with the faerie elf ears.“ She pulled back her hair so he could see them, then continued, "Each heir or heiress must have them as well. This is where I'm worried, Shaun. I'm the generation two heiress. It's my job to continue the faerie line. And Morté won't be able to find us until the third generation is born, and I'm going to have the third generation kids. Morté wants us all dead, Shaun."
  49. 49. "Gabs...“ "Wait, I'm not finished. We need to move back to my parents' house and continue this legacy. We need to try to save the faeries and our children once Morté and Jena find us and try to kill us, our children, my siblings, and my parents. And I'm worried that you won't want to, Shaun. I’m worried that you’ll leave me because of it."
  50. 50. Shaun smiled nervously as he leaned over towards Gabrielle and put his arms around her, "Oh Gabs...I don't really get this whole faerie thing, but I doubt you're lying, because I know you never would. And whatever I need to do to stay with you, I'll do it. I could never leave you. And I'll help save your whole family with one arm if I have to. I'll help you when you start freaking out as soon as our first kid is born. I'll be there for you, Gabs. I always will."
  51. 51. "Oh Shaun..." Gabrielle whispered as she sat up and wrapped her arms around him, "Have I ever told you how much I love you? Because...I love you more than you could possibly imagine."
  52. 52. Shaun smiled and lay Gabrielle down on the bed. Her grin grew wider as he leaned in for a kiss and said, "I love you more, Gabs. And I always will."
  53. 53. "I love you most." Gabrielle said with a laugh. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  54. 54. Winter rolled around once more, and Abigail was extremely happy to wake up to a fresh coat of snow on the ground. She went outside immediately and began to make a snow angel. She gazed up at the perfectly blue sky, and a smile appeared on her face. She didn't know what it was about Winter, maybe it was the cool air, or how everything looked so serene covered in white, but it made her feel happier than ever. It was also the time where her mind seemed to drift back to Kyle, all the memories flooded back. She shook her head and focused on her snow angel. She was over Kyle. Or, at least she thought she was.
  55. 55. "Abby!" And annoyed voice yelled. Abigail stood up and noticed her older sister shivering on the front steps, "Yeah, sis? What?“ "Benjamin wants us all inside. Something important to tell us! Ugh! It's freezing out here!" Gabrielle moaned. She was now a Senior, and all the pressure from the tests was getting to her. Abigail laughed as she made her way into the house, "Maybe for you, Gabby. But when you wear a nice winter coat instead of flip-flops and a summer top, it's not so bad."
  56. 56. Benjamin stared at all of his siblings and soon-to-be-siblings-in-law. He was so nervous, he was shaking. He knew that Gabrielle would understand, and so would Ryan. But the rest of them? Maybe he could make something up on the spot. No, he had to tell them now. Taking a deep breath, he said, "Okay you guys, I told you all to come here because I have some pretty big news. I don't really know how to tell you, so if I start digressing or sounding insane, I'm sorry."
  57. 57. "Where should I start?" Benjamin mumbled. "Hm...Okay, so a few months after Abby and I became Sophomores, this guy I met on campus invited me to a small party. It was fun. His cousin had come with his older sister, and we started talking. She turned out to be very nice, and I guess you could say we hit it off pretty well.“ Gabrielle smiled. She could see where this was going. Laughing, she said, "You're engaged aren't you, Ben?"
  58. 58. Benjamin smiled. This was going much better than he had thought it would. "Yup. To the most beautiful, amazing girl ever. But that's not why I wanted to talk to you," he said, becoming nervous again. Stepping over to the bathroom door in the corner, he opened it up and beckoned for someone inside to come out.
  59. 59. He brought a young woman with red hair out into the room. Smiling, he announced, "Everyone, this is Emily Bolan, my fiancé.“ Everyone looked up and nodded politely. Benjamin turned back to his family. He seemed much more confident with his fiancé at his side. Emily, however, still sensed that he was a bit nervous, and mouthed, "I'll take over."
  60. 60. Turning to the crowd of people she had just met, she said confidently, "Ben asked me to marry him a few months ago. He said you were having a toga party and invited me over. He was going to propose in front of all of you, but some of you weren't anywhere to be found.“ Gabrielle, Shaun, Ryan, and Mona all blushed at the same time. Abigail began to chew her nails, obviously bored and uninterested. She was still mad at Benjamin, though now she knew who the woman had been. Emily continued, "But, he still proposed to me, and I accepted," She flashed her shiny engagement ring. "However, there's a small catch.“ This caught everyone's attention, and they all looked up.
  61. 61. "You see, I'm from Belladonna Cove, and I have to go back next week or I'm not allowed to stay here anymore. I was just here for a few months for my sister's graduation. I can't come back for a few years, and Ben and I want to get married soon and...Well...Even if we got married now, I'd still have to go back as I can't stay on campus...“ Emily was clearly losing her confidence by the second.
  62. 62. "I'm dropping out. Emily and I are going to find a nice place back in Domaine de Surprise and get married as soon as possible so she can stay here. I've already talked it over with Mom and Dad, and they're a bit disappointed,“ Gabrielle raised a questioning eyebrow. "Okay...They're very disappointed, especially Dad. But they understand that I want to stay with the one I love and they're letting me do it. So, I'll be gone by tonight.“ Benjamin winced automatically, waiting for his siblings to start objecting.
  63. 63. Gabrielle opened her mouth to start yelling, but had second thoughts and glanced over towards Shaun. Sighing, she said quietly, "Okay, Ben. I understand. I'd do that too if it was the only way to stay with Shaun.“ At this, Shaun sat up and held Gabrielle’s hand, giving her an encouraging smile. Gabrielle laughed, "Plus, Mom and Dad didn't go to college and they turned out just fine, right?"
  64. 64. Ryan smiled and put his arm around Mona, "Yup. Much better than fine if I do say so myself. I'd do it to stay with Mona, and I can see why you're doing it Ben. Just make sure you invite me to the wedding, m'kay?“ Benjamin smiled, "Of course, Ryan. Dad can't be the only person in a tux besides me!"
  65. 65. "Aw...This is so sweet. It's a beautiful love story! I can't put a stop to it! Of course you can go, Ben!" Jessica exclaimed happily."Pssh! Exactly. A sappy love story. Too sappy and sweet and ick. But, I guess I can sort of understand why you're doing it, so...Go ahead Ben." Emma said. Benjamin grinned and put his arm around Emily. That was 4 out of 5. There was only one person left. Suddenly, though, he stopped smiling when that person looked over at him with an extremely stern look on her face.
  66. 66. "What the--There's no way--I can't believe--Why on earth--You're not leaving--She's not worthy--NO!" Abigail spluttered. She had never been more angry. She had been looking extremely forward to spending each and every moment of college with her twin brother ever since he had talked some sense into her way back when. She had been much more stressed lately with finals coming up, and she had hit her boiling point. She stood up and walked out of the room briskly, slamming the door.
  67. 67. Benjamin looked down at his feet and sighed. The one person he had been worried about probably was going to hate him forever now. Gabrielle piped up, "Don't worry about it, Ben. She's probably just a little miffed, that's all. I'm sure she'll come to her senses in no time and everything--"She was cut off by the loud slam of a door upstairs. Shaun winced and said, "Erm, Gabs, I wouldn't count on that.“ ***************************************** Midnight that night, far across town in Domaine de Surprise…
  68. 68. A man sat at an old desk, keeping every ounce of his attention on the book he was reading. He had adjusted the gooseneck lamp so that it now shone directly on the book, which, seeing as it was the only source of light, left the rest of the room dimly lit. Sighing, the man leafed through a few more pages of the book before setting it back down in the pile to his left.
  69. 69. 20 or so books and magazines lay at the edge of the desk. Some of them looked new, while others looked old and used. However, none of them looked the same at all, except for one common word found in each of their titles and descriptions. Fairy. The man had come to Domaine de Surprise many years ago for what was supposed to be a summer job. His step-uncle had invited him to come work for him. He had told the man that he was a mechanic and would let the man work for him. The man soon found out how much of a liar his uncle was.
  70. 70. This man was Kyle Jordan. Morté had kept him hostage for all these years, for fear that if he let Kyle leave, he would tell the world all about fairy life. Or at least, that's what he had told Kyle. Kyle knew he was lying. Morté could have killed them all or wiped their memories with a flick of his fingers. He was keeping Kyle for a reason, and that scared him. Was he waiting for the right moment to torture him? Or kill him slowly and painfully? Kyle shook his head and refocused his attention on his book. The current one he was reading was very old, entitled The Way Our Fairies Live by some old man who had died over 200 years ago. After realizing that Morté wasn't going to let him leave anytime soon, Kyle had decided to try and learn everything and anything about fairies. He wanted to know as much as possible to try and save Abigail, the woman he loved more than anything. He had used what little money he had to find some books that he hoped would help him. So far, however, they had proved useless.
  71. 71. Kyle sometimes wondered about his family as well, back in Pleasantview. Were they looking for him? Were they worried sick? He remembered his little sister, Piper, crying her eyes out the day he had left. He had reassured her and promised her he'd be back before school started. His parents had hugged him for a long time and made him promise he'd write them, which he'd never done. Kyle watched as a teardrop stained the page he was reading. He wiped his eyes and made another vow. That he would do anything to make sure his loved ones would always be safe. Anything. A knock downstairs brought him back to reality. He set the book down and listened closely. The only good thing about living in the attic was that Morté's lair was almost directly underneath him. He could hear all of his plans and try to foil them whenever necessary. So far, however, he hadn't heard of any. Without making a sound, he stepped over to the railing and strained to hear what was going on.
  72. 72. Morté sat at a machine in his lair, his fingers flying over the keyboard. Whatever he was doing, by the looks of the mutation and the big WARNING sign on the screen, it wasn't good. "Jena!" He barked. "Look up what xenophilusZ added to twice its mass of carboniteX makes. NOW!"
  73. 73. Jena clicked around on her computer, muttering under her breath, "God, if I ever had a kid, I'm going to make sure it doesn't have to go through an arranged marriage like this one.“ A page opened and she replied in a sickeningly sweet tone, "Yes dear. According to this page, you're supposed to get some sort of mutated version of lycramo.“ "What are the numbers?" Morté barked back with a hint of excitement in his voice. "The numbers, Jena! I need the numbers!“ "1678 squared to Pi plus the square root of 3.02585 to the tenth power, honey dear!" Jena turned over to look at her husband and stuck her tongue out at him when his back was turned.
  74. 74. "Excellent..." Morté whispered like a madman. "This should be just the formula I need. One drop of this and I could kill a Forester, like this!" He said as he snapped his fingers. Jena rolled her eyes. This was the tenth time he's said that in six years, and each time they tested it in on a passerby it had had no effect whatsoever. She smiled happily and replied, "That's great honey!“ Just, then, they heard a knock on the door.
  75. 75. Morté quickly pulled a lever and the concoction disappeared. "Who is it?" He barked. A feeble voice replied, "Glaker." Hearing no response, the man added, "Your butler?“ "Come in," Jena said softly.
  76. 76. "Your royal highness, sir, madam," Jerolo Glaker said as he bowed, "there is a young man who wishes to speak to you. He's waiting in the hall.“ The butler was obviously very nervous, so nervous in fact, that he was shaking from head to toe.
  77. 77. "But it's the middle of the night, damnit!" Morté roared. "He should have come earlier in the day. It's too late now. Tell him he's lucky we're letting him leave this time. If he's not off the property in 30 seconds, he's dead.“ "Morté, honey, don't you think that's a bit extreme?" Jena asked quietly. "I will not have a lowly peasant disturb me in the middle of the night!“ "Sweetheart, there are no peasants here. We're in a city, remember? We're hiding. There's not a single fairy here except for us." Jena turned to Glaker and said, "Tell the human that we're not interested in anything if he's a solicitor, and if he's lost tell him we're not a bank and show him the way out, please, Glaker."
  78. 78. "I‘d be honored to, madam your royal highness, but I'm afraid he can't possibly be any of those," Glaker responded as he sank back into the corner, obviously scared to death after questioning the queen’s motives. "What do you mean?“ Jena asked with a shocked expression while her husband grew angrier and angrier. "He's a fairy, madam your royal highness. Most definitely. I told him that the royal highnesses don't see anyone this late, but he was very persistent. Said something about a fairy/faerie prophecy. I told him he was saying nonsense. There isn't such a thing. But-"
  79. 79. "Hold on. Did you just say prophecy?" Morté said, his tone suddenly changing. "Yes, your royal highness sir, I did. The young man said something about it." Glaker said shyly, thinking he had done something wrong.
  80. 80. "We shall be down there presently, Glaker. Let him in." Morté said. Glaker nodded and bowed again. He turned quickly, and it was obvious he wanted to leave the area as soon as possible. "But, Glaker, only let him into the throne room once we're settled.“ Glaker acknowledged him and then fled the room.
  81. 81. "Jena!" Morté barked. "Hurry up! We need to hear what this man has to say. You told me no one but the royal family knew about the prophecy!“ "Well, sweetheart, that's because no one else does. Except the faeries, of course." Jena said soothingly. "Well, this man obviously does! Get down there! RIGHT NOW!"
  82. 82. Kyle listened intently to the whole conversation, though he flew up the stairs before Glaker left the room. He could hear Morté's yelling from up in the attic. "Prophecy?" He whispered. He remembered hearing about it only one other time. In a book. Trying to be as quiet as possible, he dove for his stack on the edge of his desk and began to search through each one. He scanned each page, his eyes searching for only one word. Prophecy.
  83. 83. Glaker stumbled into the throne room with a young man at his side. Whoever he was, he looked very bored. But all teenagers are like that, Glaker thought. He turned to look at the King and Queen, cleared his throat, and announced, "Your royal highnesses, sir, madam, this is the young lad who wishes to speak to you. He will not give me his name but says he will gladly give it to you.“ "Thank you, Glaker," Morté responded curtly. "We will speak to you now, boy.“ The young man looked over to the King briefly, then turned to the butler and said, quite confidently, "Alone.“ Glaker looked over towards Morté, who said, "Do as the boy says, but wait outside, Glaker."
  84. 84. Glaker shuffled out of the room nervously and stood in front of the tall doors to the throne room. The young man knelt down in from of the King and Queen and said softly, "Your royal highnesses, sir, madam, I am Evi Ison. I come to see you bearing news that I am sure you would like to hear. It concerns a certain prophecy that I am sure you know about."
  85. 85. Morté, for the first time in his life, looked uncomfortable. Jena looked just as nervous. Morté knew that he could easily kill this 'Evi' within a second, but the fact that he knew about the prophecy made him think that Evi must have an amazing magic ability. "Yes," Morté said quietly, "we know of the prophecy. May I ask you, Evi, how you came to know of it?"
  86. 86. Evi grinned, then replied, ignoring the question, "I am unlike any fairy you have ever heard of, your royal highness, sir. I have the power to see into your mind, anyone's mind.“ Morté looked intrigued, "Anyone's?“ "Fairies, faeries, even humans. I can see what you are doing at any given moment. Everything that you are doing. Like, say, creating a poison with illegal elements," Evi said with a twinkle in his eye. Morté looked shocked, realizing that the young man was obviously not lying, "What do you want?" "Oh, I don't want anything, your royal highness sir. I am here to tell you that I have information about a certain family by the name of Forester. I assume you have heard of them, no?"
  87. 87. Morté's eyebrows shot up, "I can see right through you, boy. How much do you want?“ Evi's grin grew into a smile, “If you come to the castle on the secret island in the lake before the end of the week, I will tell you everything you want to know. I will sit with you and my crystal ball for an hour. No more, no less. At the end of the session, you will pay me 10,000 sorkals. I also require a base fee right now. I will not see you unless I leave here with 2,000 sorkals."
  88. 88. "Done," Morté announced. He was willing to pay anything to become the allmighty fairy. Anything. Jena shot him a glance, "Honey, I don't think this is a good idea. 12,000 sorkals is a lot of money.“ "Shut up, Jena!" Morté barked. "I know what I'm doing! And who cares about the money! When I'm the allmighty fairy, I’ll be the richest man in the world, and you'll be glad you payed this man.“ Jena looked down at her feet and mumbled, “When you’ll be the allmighty fairy…What about me?”. “Did you say something?” Morté asked. “No, sweetheart,” Jena said as she looked down at her feet.
  89. 89. Morté shrugged it off, then yelled, "Glaker! Bring in 2,000 sorkals in a sack. NOW!"
  90. 90. Evi smiled. Everything was going just as planned. "Right away, your royal highness, sir," Glaker said from behind the door.
  91. 91. A few moments later, he entered with a huge bag full of coins and placed it in front of Evi. "Thank you Glaker," Morté said. "That will be all, Glaker. Leave. Ah! but please take the sack and put it into Mr. Ison's vehicle.“ "That will not be necessary, your royal highness, sir," Evi snapped his fingers and the bag was gone. Glaker's mouth dropped open, but after a look from Morté, he was out of the room instantly.
  92. 92. "Well, thank you very much for taking the time to speak to me, your royal highness, sir. I am sure that this will not be the last time we will meet.“ And with that, Evi had disappeared from the room. ****************************************
  93. 93. On a small island off the coast of Domaine de Surprise, and ominous, dark castle took up all the space. It had been there for years, most likely inhabited by a royal family a millennium or two ago. It had been in terrible shape, that is, until a few runaway misfits came to live in it. They had practically had to rebuild it. It was quite beautiful now, the nicest it had ever been. However, the people in it were definitely not the nicest around. __________________________________ Thank you so much Isis from Parsimonious for creating this amazing castle!
  94. 94. Deep inside the castle, in a small, dark room, Evi Ison lay on his knees in front of his sack full of sorkals. A tall man stood in front of him, yelling with a booming voice, "Well? Was he foolish enough to give you all the money? Will he be coming?“ Evi did not look up from his place on the floor. It was clear that he was insanely nervous and nothing like what he had been back at Morté and Jena's home.
  95. 95. His whole body shook as he croaked, "Yes, sir. There are 2,000 sorkals in this bag and he will bring 10,000 more before the end of the week. He will come for an hour long session with me and I will tell him everything you want me to.“ An evil smile appeared on the man's face, "Wonderful, Evi. You have done well, nephew. I am pleased. For your hard work, you will be allowed to sit at the dining table with me tonight and have some of the meal I've stolen from the Duke of Oxford.“ Evi's face remained emotionless, though he had never been happier inside. A real meal! His heart fluttered with joy.
  96. 96. "Well? What are you still doing here, Evi? Get out now and freshen up! If you are not down in the dining hall within 15 minutes I shall eat the whole meal without you!" The man boomed. Evi nodded and raced out the door. Once he was gone, the man bent down and ran his fingers through the coins, laughing as he said, "You've fallen into my trap, Morté Hainiam.“ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
  97. 97. Well, that’s the end of 2.0! Some questions for next time: Will Abby ever get over Kyle or forgive her brother? Will Ben really drop out? What’s up with Evi and this mysterious ‘master’? What information does he have to offer? Will Kyle ever see Abby again? Will he stay true to his word and make sure she does not get killed? All this and more in 2.1! ----- I’m really sorry this chapter took over two months to get out. Not only were there the problems with the Exchange (this is my first time using PowerPoint. Any tips or suggestions?), but one of my character files got shredded and I had to replay from my backup in May. It wasn’t too much to do, but it set things back even further. I promise the next chapter will be out sooner (what with it being summer and all). Please leave a comment and ANY constructive criticism you have! -zed18