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Lebanon! How Do You Want It?


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Protect Lebanon by getting away from its politics by Gisele Asbram

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Lebanon! How Do You Want It?

  1. 1. Lebnan HOW DO YOU WANT IT ?? By Gisele Ashram
  2. 2. We all LOVE Lebnan !!!
  3. 3. DO YOU REALLY LOVE Lebnan?
  4. 4. Do you REMEMBER these days???
  5. 5. Is THIS what you want???
  6. 6. Since that time they wear their suits, give us speaches, And visit the sites… after we DIE IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT???
  7. 7. Do POLITICS Pay the school & University’s fees ??
  8. 8. Do POLITICS gives you a DECENT JOB or even any job without selling your voice and pride, begging politicians?
  9. 9. World #3 Billionnaire Carlos Slim Helu Carlos Ghosn Elie Saab They FOCUSED on their WORK Tom Shedyiac Director: Ace Ventura Nutty Professor Liar Liar... Charles El Achi Director of Jet Propulsion Elias Corey Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1990 Nicolas Hayek: Father of Swatch & CEO of Smart Jacques Nasser Ex. CEO FORD
  10. 10. They got AWAY from POLITICS … IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT??? Feiruz They made a DIFFERENCE Joseph Barbera & William Hanna Creators of the Tom & Jerry Gabriel Yared composer & musician Oscar winner “ The English Patient Roger Farah President & CEO of Polo Ralph Lauren Edouard Saouma former CEO of the FAO in Rome Tony Fadell Creator & Production Manager of the iPod NBA pro center Inventor of the Heart pump Dr. Michael DeBakey Rony Seikaly
  12. 12. Protect Lebnan By getting AWAY FROM POLITICS By Gisele Ashram By Gisele Ashram