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The assignment is to find errors in ads. here is one way to do it creatively.

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Grammar Nazi Publication

  1. 1. GRAMMAR NAZI Weekly Wanted September, FIRST EDITION September 20th 2010 Editors: MOHD HAZIQ ABQARI MUHAMMAD FARUQ HARITH ZAKUAN Wanted Grammar Criminals on page: Will Firm 2NEW LEADER WITH NEW RULESCONFIDENT TO BRING ABOUT Elite Club 2CHANGE IN GRAMMAR WORLD Filter Agent 3 it will look like we are ridiculing this universal The New Fellow 2 3 l a n g u a g e . “We are doing this– correcting these Sales Agent 2 MUETs 3 mistakes and exact pen- ance to these grammar Will MPP 2 4 criminals– to sow awareness among our people about the impor- Inside Story 3 AC Agent 4 tance of grammatical perfection”, he added. ICLS Club 4 Grammamar reminded that we should embrace this ideal as it Bakery 5 would prep us towards a conscious English using“We judge you when used with silly grammar Lab Rules 5 use poor grammar.” mistakes. We get agi-So said the head com- tated when people makemissioner of the Gram- grammar mistakes in  How you can help us helpmar Nazi, Ahmad our mother languageG r a m m a m a r . you: because we feel we are “These „errors‟ being ridiculed”, he BE OUR EYES AND HELPhappen because we, the c o n t i n u e d . US CATCH THESE CRIMINALScommunity in general He also men- TO MAKE YOUR LIFE GRAM-take this foreign lan- tioned that it is impor-guage so lightly. Most tant that we do not make MATICAL ERROR FREE! IT ISof feel offended when simple grammar mis- A CRIME TO HIDE IT FROMour mother tongue is takes in English because US!
  2. 2. Page 2 Weekly Wanted ELITE CLUB, NOT SO ELITE GRAMMAR We fInd it inappropriate is a member of Grammar Nazi to watch what the though it is just a small for this elite club that lecturers mistake. consist of brilliant mem- have been bers to make grammatical teaching GRAMMAR ERROR : errors. It is not to be taken and found “To all FITM students / lightly that brilliant stu- out there above are invited.” dents make these type of were minor GRAMMAR CORREC- m i s t a k e s . mistakes in TION : To all FITM stu- The grammar grammar dents with CGPA 3.5 and Nazi had no choice but to lessons. The above, you are invited to take drastic measures. In Grammar etc... every English class, there Nazi do not tolerate grammatical errors even POOR GRAMMAR LEGAL PRACTITIONER Customers are the one most affected when problems occur later in the contract THE FIRST MISTAKE “Without a will, then your assets will distributed according to Distribution Act 1958” Firstly, “distributed” needs a helping verb “be”, and “then” is not needed in this sentence. The mistake should then be corrected to “Without a will, your assets will be distributed according to Distribution Act 1958”. THE SECOND MISTAKE “Why still waiting, pls don’t make chance on poten- tial disputes and uncertainties” Wrong choice of word “make”, and nouns are needed for the sentence to be grammatical correct. The correction: “Why are you still waiting? Don‟t take your chances on potential disputes and uncer- tainties.”
  3. 3. Page 3 Weekly Wanted WATER FILTER NEEDS GRAMMAR FILTER! Grammar Nazi strongly feels that The reason that the first It is such a shame that these this water filter agency should not sentence is wrong is because there is simple mistakes can happen. make mistakes on their advertise- no verb. The message intended is an THE FIRST MISTAKE: “High value trade in your…” The sentence needs a verb. So it should be “High value in trading in your…”. TH E SECO ND M ISTAK E: “Sign up HS water plan” ment, especially grammar mistakes. action voice, therefore it needs a This can lead to misunderstandings v e r b . The verb should be followed by a and negative impression of the com- The second sentence is preposition so it should be “Sign up pany to the readers. These simple clearly wrong because a preposition with HS water plan…”. mistakes should not happen. i s n e e d e d t h e r e . FELLOW SOCIETY EMERGENCY MISTAKE The fellow society was ety learned from their mis- occur within the duty pe- caught red handed of gram- takes and posted notices riod....... mar error. This should not with correct grammar usage. happen since the fellow so- Wrong usage of ciety should be aware of grammar may lead to misun- their notices to inform oth- derstandings. They better ers. They should have not dare to make grammar checked their notices before mistakes, ever again. posting it to the public. No w that the GRAMMAR ERROR : Grammar Nazi caught them “...problems within...” red handed, they have to pay GRAMMAR CORREC- the price- they were made to TION : Kindly contact fel- undergo a grammar boot lows on-duty should any camp. After going to the emergencies or problems boot camp, the fellow soci- MUET ADVERTISER MAY NEED MORE MUET MUET notice has gram- matical error? Is this a GRAMMAR ERROR : joke? The notice contains “Document required” an important info but was not delivered grammati- c a l l y w e l l . GRAMMAR CORREC- Document re- TION : Documents re- quired was written. It is quired correct if there is only one requirement but it has 2 required documents.
  4. 4. Page 4 Weekly Wanted MORE MISTAKE IS YET TO COME! What?! The Grammar Nazi now at- tacks student council? What is going on? What could possibly be the rea- son of this attack? There is only one obvious reason for that- grammatical error. Student councils have to be careful and extra cautious because they are the highest ranking student organization and represent the stu- dents themselves. GRAMMAR ERROR : “The more fun is yet to come” GRAMMAR CORRECTION : More fun is yet to come. DON’T BUY! OUR AIRCONDS ARE SOLD OUT! This is the perfect example and trade, when in reality GRAMMAR ERROR : of how grammatical errors you are selling and trading. “Sold and trade in used...” can lead to misunderstand- The message means GRAMMAR CORREC- i n g s . all of the air conditionings TION : Sell and trade in The obvious reason are sold out, so then why used... why the sentence is wrong is bother putting up an adver- because, you cannot use sold tisement? SELECTION FOR CLUB PROOF READERS There is no need to attend details like grammatical this selection. Grammar errors on their advertise- Want others to attend your ments? activity? Then make sure the way you attract others are GRAMMAR ERROR : grammatically correct. If “We looking forward your not, then Grammar Nazi will present as it will enlighten come bearing its claws right our....” on your front door. GRAMMAR CORREC- How to trust an TION : We are looking for- organization to manage a big ward for your presence as it event when they cannot even will enlighten our.... make time to double check
  5. 5. Page 5 Weekly Wanted GOOD GRAM MAR While food catering may have The reason why the sen- nothing to do with grammatical tence is wrong is simply because concerns, it does not escape the the preposition used is not suit- wrath of the Grammar Nazi. able. Imagine this caterer mis- read some recipes or instructions GRAMMAR ERROR : “Are from client because of some silly you busy in your work?” grammar misinterpretations, GRAMMAR CORRECTION : would not that cause a ruckus? Are you busy with your work? LAB RULES VS GRAMMAR RULES Is this an effective way to GRAMMAR ERROR : make students follow rules “Students are NOT AL- and regulations? How to LOWED to surf any prohib- follow the rules when the ited and against the law rules are not even clear? website pornography.” Grammar Nazi definitely GRAMMAR CORREC- does not like this kind of TION : Students are not half- baked laws. allowed to surf any prohib- Rules with gram- ited websites like pornogra- matical errors are not con- phy and websites that are sidered rules. Rules should be firm and clear on what it against the law. exactly means, thus any er- ror would contradict the strictness thus projecting a weak sense of authority.
  6. 6. GRAMMAR NAZI was prepared for GrammarClass assignment purposes only. Below are the editors: MOHD HAZIQ ABQARI B MOHD HEDZIR 3101020521 MUHAMMAD FARUQ B MUHAMMAD ALVIN 3101017761 HARITH ZAKUAN B ROSMAN 3101017181 Our materials of grammatical mistakes consist of advertisements found in catalogs and notices or announcement flyers displayed through out UNISEL. The cartoons displayed are not of our own work, but it is related to the topic Grammar Nazi we decided to have our take on and serve only as entertainment purposes.