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NYC Hurricane Evacuation Map


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NYC Hurricane Evacuation Map

  1. 1. NEW YORK CITYHURRICANE YH UD SO N 233RD U NR MOSHOL HE Y WA RU AYEVACUATION TH BROADW D AN GL AN EN EG W DE NE IRW R O HARRY TRUMAN HS AJ INZONES M HS 141 BR GR NER Y ALE U AC E BAIL E RIVERD EVANDER CHILDS HS VICK N O EDSALL LEHMAN COLLEGE LODO NS HEATH H 22 JO 5T H R TIE 9 TH BU How to Use This Map* T MAY ET RR 215 SS 213T TH FL O BA H 1. Determine whether you live in an evacuation zone by 10TH BRONX WER DY CK RIVER MA using the Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder at R N AN 207T H HESTE RM 204T HUTCH E SH H, calling 311 DY EASTC EL O CK L PO BL LW BX COMM COLLEGE MA RAW (TTY: 212-504-4115), or consulting this map. O OO LINS N N DE D G. WASHINGTON HS LL If your address falls into one of the Citys hurricane WIL TH RO LONG ISLAND SOUND CO PS 306 BA TREM ONT G X LC S evacuation zones, you may have to evacuate during NE O M CK E PS 211 DEVO LO a hurricane. PS 102 ELL IS G AN HA ER CROSS BRO NO RR NX BOONE