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Ieee projects mobile computing 2013 zebros electronics

  1. 1. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 FINAL YEAR IEEE PROJECTS IEEE 2013-14 CONTACT : 99400 98300 MAIL ID WWW.ZEBROS.IN
  2. 2. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 About Us: The team of Zebros dreams to earn global admiration and respect as the most trusted name in the realm of embedded product development and software development including mobile apps by creating an excellent network among our partners, alliances, clients and employees to assist and improve business productivity and growth, and create wealth Vision: ZEBROS’s vision is to be the best and the preferred Global Source Partner, evolving as a quality solutions provider. Zebros aspires to be the global sourcing choice of the world market. The main vision of our company is the development of high quality and efficient managing of web sites, convenient from user point of view, fully functional from administrating position, meeting all quality standards of modern IT industry and Internet standards in particular. Mission: Make it a joy for all employees to work with us. Outshine our customers’ expectations. Be genuine, straightforward and fair in our dealings. We also play a major role in computer education and training. We are playing a Pioneering role in taking computer learning to the masses. The company has spent over a decade on innovating, refining and fine tuning its offerings to suit the needs of students, Professionals and employers. What we do? The focus on job-oriented skills is brought about using advanced delivery methodologies including case-studies, interactions with domain experts, case simulations, and real-life hands-on experience in following Domains.
  3. 3. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 SOFTWARE BASED HARDWARE BASED Networking VLSI Data Mining Mat lab Grid Computing Robotics Network Security Embedded Image Processing Bio Medical Web Applications Power Systems Mobile Computing Power Electronics Software Engineering Java with Embedded Cloud Computing Android What is IEEE? The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE (read eye-triple-e) is Incorporated in the State of New York, United States. It was formed in 1963 by the merger of the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE, founded 1912) and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE, founded 1884). A membership organization comprised ofengineers, scientists and students that sets standards for computers and communications. It is a nonprofit organization with more than 365,000 members in around 150 countries. The IEEE describes itself as "the world's largest technical professional society -- promoting the development and application of electro technology and allied sciences for the benefit of humanity, the advancement of the profession, and the well-being of our members." Why IEEE based projects? It grantees for standard It assured latest solution for problems It delivers new patented technologies at an ever-increasing pace It access world-class technical information provided by the IEEE and cut down your research time.
  4. 4. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 IEEE JAVA TITLES-2013 Code Topics Domain ZN01 Cross-Layer Metrics for Reliable Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks NETWORKING ZN02 A Distributed Control Law for Load Balancing in Content Delivery Networks ZN03 A Secure Protocol for Spontaneous Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Creation ZN04 SANE: Semantic-Aware Namespace in Ultra-large-scale File Systems ZN05 A Novel Message Scheduling Framework for Delay Tolerant Networks Routing ZN06 ITA: Innocuous Topology Awareness for Unstructured P2P Networks ZN07 Back-Pressure-Based Packet-by-Packet Adaptive Routing in Communication Networks ZN08 Semantic-Aware Metadata Organization Paradigm in Next-Generation File Systems ZN09 RCDA: Recoverable Concealed Data Aggregation for Data Integrity in Wireless Sensor Networks ZN10 On Optimizing Overlay Topologies for Search in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks ZN11 Balancing the Trade-Offs between Query Delay and Data Availability in MANETs ZN12 Link-Stability and Energy Aware Routing Protocol in Distributed Wireless Networks ZN13 ACORN: An Auto-Configuration Framework For 802.11n WLANs ZN14 Cross-Domain Privacy-Preserving Cooperative Firewall Optimization ZN15 Design Of Wireless Sensor Networks For Mobile Target Detection Code Topics Domain ZIP01 Deconvolving Images With Unknown Boundaries Using The Alternating Direction Method Of Multipliers IMAGE PROCESSING ZIP02 A Continuous Method For Reducing Interpolation Artifacts In Mutual Information-Based Rigid Image Registration ZIP03 Cost-Sensitive Semi-Supervised Discriminant Analysis For Face Recognition ZIP04 A Unified Spectral-Domain Approach For Saliency Detection And Its Application To Automatic Object Segmentation Code Topics Domain ZDS01 Survey Of Energy-Cognizant Scheduling Techniques DS ZDS02 Self-Adaptive Contention Aware Routing Protocol ForIntermittently Connected Mobile Networks
  5. 5. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 Code Topics Domain 1. Hop-by-Hop Message Authentication and Source Privacy in Wireless Sensor Networks NETWORKSECURITY 2. Entrusting Private Computation and Data to Untrusted Networks 3. A System for Timely and Controlled Information Sharing in Emergency Situations 4. Security Analysis of a Single Sign-On Mechanism for Distributed Computer Networks 5. Identity-Based Secure Distributed Data Storage Schemes 6. TRPF: A Trajectory Privacy-Preserving Framework for Participatory Sensing 7. Secure Two-Party Differentially Private Data Release for Vertically-Partitioned Data 8. Enhanced Privacy ID: A Direct Anonymous Attestation Scheme with Enhanced Revocation Capabilities 9. Packet-Hiding Methods for Preventing Selective Jamming Attacks 10. Design and Implementation of TARF: A Trust-Aware Routing Framework for WSNs 11. On Cooperative And Malicious Behaviors In Multi-Relay Fading Channels 12. To Lie Or To Comply: Defending Against Flood Attacks In Disruption Tolerant Networks 13. On The Privacy Risks Of Virtual Keyboards: Automatic Reconstruction Of Typed Input From Compromising Reflections 14. DOUBLEGUARD: Detecting Intrusions In Multitier WebApplications 15. ZONETRUST: Fast Zone-Based Node Compromise Detection And Revocationn In Wireless Sensor Networks Using Sequential Hypothesis Testing 16. Mitigating Distributed Denial Of Service Attacks In Multiparty Applications In The Presence Of Clock Drifts
  6. 6. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 Code Topics Domain 1. A System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls DATAMINING 2. Protecting Sensitive Labels in Social Network Data Anonymization 3. A Methodology for Direct and Indirect Discrimination Prevention in Data Mining 4. Information-Theoretic Outlier Detection for Large-Scale Categorical Data 5. U-Skyline: A New Skyline Query for Uncertain Databases 6. Preventing Private Information Inference Attacks on Social Networks 7. Optimal Route Queries with Arbitrary Order Constraints 8. Distributed Processing of Probabilistic Top-k Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks 9. Customized Policies for Handling Partial Information in Relational Databases 10. Evaluating Path Queries over Frequently Updated Route Collections 11. Optimizing Bloom Filter Settings in Peer-to-Peer Multikeyword Searching 12. Saturn: Range Queries, Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance in DHT Data Systems 13. A User-Friendly Patent Search Paradigm 14. Distributed Strategies For Mining Outliers In Large Data Sets 15. Enhancing Access Privacy Of Range Retrievals Over B+-Trees 16. Combining Tag And Value Similarity For Data Extraction And Alignment 17. Query Planning For Continuous Aggregation Queries Over A Network Of Data Aggregators Code Topics Domain 1. ALERT: An Anonymous Location-Based Efficient Routing Protocol in MANETs MOBILECOMPUTING 2. Channel Allocation and Routing in Hybrid Multichannel Multiradio Wireless Mesh Networks 3. Discovery and Verification of Neighbor Positions in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 4. A Neighbor Coverage-Based Probabilistic Rebroadcast for Reducing Routing Overhead in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 5. Vampire Attacks: Draining Life from Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks 6. Toward Privacy Preserving and Collusion Resistance in a Location Proof Updating System 7. Energy-Efficient Reliable Routing Considering Residual Energy in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 8. Handling Selfishness in Replica Allocation over a Mobile Ad Hoc Network 9. Hop-by-Hop Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks with Bandwidth Guarantees 10. Fast Data Collection in Tree-Based Wireless Sensor Networks 11. Secure Multihop Network Programming with Multiple One-Way Key Chains 12. Minimum Bandwidth Reservations for Periodic Streams in Wireless Real-Time Systems 13. Optimal Content Downloading In Vehicular Networks 14. A Traffic-Aware Channel And Rate Reassignment Algorithm For Wireless Mesh Networks 15. Oman: A Mobile Ad Hoc Network Design System
  7. 7. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 Code Topics Domain 1. Dynamic Resource Allocation Using Virtual Machines for Cloud Computing Environment CLOUDCOMPUTING 2. Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing Using Attribute-Based Encryption 3. A Privacy Leakage Upper Bound Constraint-Based Approach for Cost-Effective Privacy Preserving of Intermediate Data Sets in Cloud 4. Dynamic Optimization of Multi attribute Resource Allocation in Self-Organizing Clouds 5. NICE: Network Intrusion Detection and Countermeasure Selection in Virtual Network Systems 6. Load Rebalancing for Distributed File Systems in Clouds 7. A Secure Erasure Code-Based Cloud Storage System with Secure Data Forwarding 8. Ensuring Distributed Accountability for Data Sharing in the Cloud 9. Cloudy With A Chance Of Cost Savings 10. Efficient Resource Mapping Framework Over Networked Clouds Via Iterated Local Search-Based Request Partitioning 11. PCLOUD: A Distributed System For Practical PIR
  8. 8. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 IEEE DOTNET TITLES-2013 Code Topics Domain 1. Realizing the benefits of wireless network coding in Multi rate settings NETWORKING 2. On the discovery of critical links and nodes for assessing Network vulnerability 3. Fast transmission to remote cooperative groups: a new key Management paradigm 4. Accelerating multi pattern matching on compressed http Traffic 5. Performance of PCN-based admission control underChallenging conditions 6. Quantifying and Verifying Reach ability for Access Controlled Networks 7. Attribute-Aware Data Aggregation Using Potential-Based Dynamic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks 8. Detection and Localization of Multiple Spoofing Attackers in Heterogeneous Resource Allocation under Degree Constraints 9. Lightweight Location Verification Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks 10. An Efficient and Robust Addressing Protocol for Node Auto configuration in Ad Hoc Networks 11. Fully Anonymous Profile Matching in Mobile Social Networks 12. A Highly Scalable Key Pre-Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks 13. Cut Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks 14. Exploiting Jamming-Caused Neighbor Changes for JammerLocalization 15. The Three-Tier Security Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sinks 16. Scalable RFID Systems: A Privacy-Preserving Protocol with Constant-Time Identification
  9. 9. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 Code Topics Domain 1. Fingerprint Combination for Privacy Protection NETWORKSECURITY 2. Localized Algorithms for Detection of Node Replication Attacks in Mobile Sensor Networks 3. Location-Aware and Safer Cards: Enhancing RFID Security and Privacy via Location Sensing 4. SORT: A Self-Organizing Trust Model for Peer-to-Peer Systems 5. To Lie or to Comply: Defending against Flood Attacks in Disruption Tolerant Networks 6. Secure and Efficient Data Transmission for Cluster based Wireless Sensor Networks 7. SPOC: A Secure and Privacy-Preserving Opportunistic Computing Framework for Mobile-Healthcare Emergency 8. oPass: A User Authentication Protocol Resistant to Password Stealing and Password Reuse Attacks 9. Revisiting Defenses against Large-Scale Online Password Guessing Attacks 10. Automatic Reconfiguration for Large-Scale Reliable Storage Systems 11. Detecting and Resolving Firewall Policy Anomalies 12. Nymble: Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing Networks Code Topics Domain 1. ESWC: efficient scheduling for the mobile sink in wireless sensor networkswith delay constraint DEPENDABLESECURE COMPUTING 2. Enforcing secure and privacy-preserving information Brokering in distributed information sharing 3. Distributed architecture with double-phase microaggregation for the private sharing of biomedicalData in mobile health 4. A learning-based approach to reactive security 5. Doubleguard: detecting intrusions in multitier web Applications 6. Remote Attestation With Domain-Based Integrity Model And Policy Analysis
  10. 10. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 Code Topics Domain 1. C-mart: benchmarking the cloud DISTRIBUTED(GREEN&CLOUD) SYSTEM 2. A highly practical approach toward achieving minimumData sets storage cost in the cloud 3. A privacy leakage upper bound constraint-based approach For cost-effective privacy preserving of intermediate dataSets in cloud 4. Power management in cloud computing using green algorithm 5. Intelligent interactive system for collaborative greenComputing 6. A secure erasure code-based cloud storage system with secure data forwarding 7. Dynamic Audit Services for Outsourced Storages in Clouds 8. A Network and Device Aware qos Approach for Cloud-BasedMobile Streaming 9. Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage 10. Mona: Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups inThe Cloud 11. Toward Secure Multikeyword Top-k Retrieval over EncryptedCloud Data 12. A Secure Erasure Code-Based Cloud Storage System with SecureData Forwarding 13. Toward Secure and Dependable Storage Services in Cloud Computing
  11. 11. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 Code Topics Domain 1. Focus: learning to crawl web forums DATAMINING 2. Taci: taxonomy-aware catalog integration 3. A methodology for direct and indirect discrimination prevention in data mining 4. Lineage encoding: an efficient wireless xml streamingSupporting twig pattern queries 5. The move-split-merge metric for time series 6. A look-ahead approach to secure multiparty protocols 7. Clustering with multiviewpoint-based similarity measure 8. Scalable scheduling of updates in streaming datawarehouses 9. CDAMA: Concealed Data Aggregation Scheme for Multiple Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks 10. Constrained Text Co clustering with Supervised and UnsupervisedConstraints 11. Efficient and Effective Duplicate Detection in Hierarchical Data 12. Efficient Service Skyline Computation for Composite ServiceSelection 13. Supporting Search-As-You-Type Using SQL in Databases 14. A Predictive-Reactive Method for Improving the Robustness ofReal-Time Data Services 15. Annotating Search Results from Web Databases 16. A Proxy-Based Approach to Continuous Location-Based Spatial Queries in Mobile Environments 17. Halite: Fast and Scalable Multi resolution Local- CorrelationClustering 18. Horizontal Aggregations in SQL to Prepare Data Sets for DataMining Analysis 19. Scalable Learning of Collective Behavior 20. Incremental Information Extraction Using Relational Databases 21. Mining Online Reviews for Predicting Sales Performance: A CaseStudy in the Movie Domain 22. Maximum Ambiguity-Based Sample Selection in Fuzzy DecisionTree Induction
  12. 12. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 Code Topics Domain 1. Distributed cooperative caching in social wirelessNetworks MOBILECOMPUTING 2. Network-assisted mobile computing with optimal uplinkQuery processing 3. A spectrum switching delay-aware scheduling algorithmFor centralized cognitive radio networks 4. The boomerang protocol: tying data to geographicLocations in mobile disconnected networks 5. Nature-inspired self-organization, control, andOptimization in heterogeneous wireless networks 6. A Traffic-Aware Channel and Rate Reassignment Algorithmfor Wireless Mesh Networks V 7. End-to-End Secure Multi-Hop Communication with UntrustedRelays 8. Probability-Based Prediction and Sleep Scheduling for Energy- Efficient Target Tracking in Sensor Networks 9. Understanding the Scheduling Performance in Wireless Networks with Successive Interference Cancellation V 10. Joint Optimal Sensor Selection and Scheduling in DynamicSpectrum Access Networks 11. A Scalable Server Architecture for Mobile Presence Services inSocial Network Applications 12. EAACK—A Secure Intrusion-Detection System for MANETs 13. On Quality of Monitoring for Multi-channel Wireless InfrastructureNetworks. 14. Toward Reliable Data Delivery for Highly Dynamic Mobile AdHoc Networks 15. Compressed-Sensing-Enabled Video Streaming for WirelessMultimedia Sensor Networks 16. Stateless Multicast Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks Code Topics Domain 1. Event logs for the analysis of software failures: a rulebasedApproach SOFTWARE ENGINEERI NG 2. The effects of test-driven development on externalQuality and productivity: a meta-analysis 3. A theoretical and empirical analysis of the role of testSequence length in software testing for structuralCoverage
  13. 13. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 Code Topics Domain 1. PFUSION : P2p Architecture For Internet-Scale Content-BasedSearch And Retrieval NON-IEEE (C#.NET) 2. Api-Based And Information Theoretic Metrics For Measuring 3. The Quality Of Software Modularization 4. Advanced Vehicle And Highway Systems 5. Development Of A Simple Ip Subnet Calculator Tool 6. Inventory Control Management System 7. Dispensary Management System 8. Intranet Multi Client Chatting 9. Text File Hiding In Audio (Wav) Files Using Low Bit EncodingSteganography 10. Ssl Backend Forwarding Scheme In Cluster-Based Web Servers 11. Efficient Approximate Query Processing In Peer-To-PeerNetworks 12. Online Bug Tracking System 13. Web Rating System 14. Database Schema Comparison Utility 15. Human Resources Management System 16. Backup And Recovery Scheduler Automation Management 17. File Protector 18. Aircel Management 19. Audio Stenography 20. Online Book Shopping 21. Mails Management Using Smtp Mail Server System 22. Job Rpoviders Portal 23. Online Terminal Management System 24. Online Travels And Tourism Management 25. Human Resources Management System 26. . Material Management System 27. E-Banking System 28. Factory Management 29. Data Manager System 30. E-Alert Access System 31. Electronic Fund Transfer 32. File System Watcher And Synchronizer 33. Job Order System 34. Network Simulator 35. Web Surfing Scrutinizer 36. Process Monitor And Control System 37. Medical Wholesale Maintenance 38. Virtual Learning SystemTcpip Chat Clientserver Using C# 39. Word Processing 40. Automated Teller Machine Atm Banking System 41. Corporate Recruitment System 42. Courier Information System 43. Crime Record Management System 44. Customer Query Management System 45. Data Leakage Detection
  14. 14. Office Address: No 4 / Flat No 3D, SaiKiranApts, First Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Chennai-20 w e : m : 99400 98300 OUR FEATURES  24*7 Call Support  Project Execution through Remote System  20 Days Technical classes taken by Corporate Trainer  Unlimited Project & Technical Support through your academic  Project software Installation support PROJECT SUPPORT 0th Review 1st Review  Abstract  Existing System  Disadvantages  Proposed System  Advantages  Objective  System Requirements  System Architecture  Literature Survey  Module List  Module Description  Data Flow Diagram  Level DFD  Module Wise DFD  Problem Definition  Review Document Explanation 2nd Review 3rd Review  Use case Diagram  Class Diagram  Collaboration Diagram  Sequence Diagram  Activity Diagram  Testing & test cases  Partial Code  Screenshot for First two module  Review Document Explanation  Conclusion  References  Future Enhancement  65% code (Executable Format)  Required Software  Review Document Explanation  Final Review  Complete Code with Enhancement  Final Document (University Standard Format)  Complete Explanation for Project Concept & Code