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Ecological building keynote


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Ecological building keynote

  1. 1. Time for a change Ecological Buildings
  2. 2. Time for a change Ecological Buildings By Holly
  3. 3. our task
  4. 4. our task Our task was to make up three subsidiary questions and one big question about our topic and find the answer, our topic is time for a change ecological buildings.
  5. 5. Big question What are the new advances in eco buildings?
  6. 6. Questions
  7. 7. Questions Subsidiary questions What people want to build eco houses? What do people want their eco building to provide? Why do people want to build eco buildings? What materials do you need to build an eco house?
  8. 8. Answers…
  9. 9. Answers… Ecologically friendly people, families and businesses mostly build eco friendly houses. It depends who is building the house and what it is used for but most people want a warm, safe, cheap,healthy building that is not bad for the environment.
  10. 10. People want to build eco buildings because they want to help the environment and want to save money. You need all the things you need to build a normal house but use eco friendly ways like solar power and using insulation.
  11. 11. Big answer
  12. 12. Big answer There are many different advances in eco building for example solar power and wind turbines, double glazed windows and insulation products. And using eco building materials like timber that hasn’t been treated with nasty chemicals and use eco friendly paint.
  13. 13. Bibliography
  14. 14. Bibliography I got my information from… Internet: mum me living channel