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  1. 1. Teacher* A teacher (or, in the US, educator) isa person who provides education forpupils (children) and students (adults).
  2. 2. THE ROLE OF TEACHERThe role of teacher is often formal and ongoing, carried out at aschool or other place of education. In many countries, a person whowishes to become a teacher must first obtain specified professionalqualifications from a university or college. Teachers, like otherprofessionals, may have to continue their education after they qualify, a process known as continuing professional development.A teachers role may vary among cultures.Teachers may provide instruction in readingand math, characteristics or science, the arts, religion, social studies, community roles, or life skills.
  3. 3. The Schooling teachers go throughThey must have a high-school diploma. To educate in a publicschool they need a bachelors degree at the minimum. People whotech at the grade school level normally major in education andminor in another subject like math or science. If the futureteacher yearns to be a high school teacher , in most cases, theywill need to major in an area where they wish to teach. The futureteacher can chose to also get degrees with extra or additionalcourses in education. Pre-school teachers may opt for a 2-yeardegree program in early childhood development or a related area.Most academic programs in education include courses necessary toapply for state teacher certification. Teachers can often furthertheir careers by joining professional organizations and addingvoluntary certification credits to their resumes.
  4. 4. About my dream college Illinois state university 2011 In making admission decisions, Illinois State considers the following: • High-school transcript • ACT & SAT scores • Grade point average • Academic personal statement that is approx.500 words and addresses… a) Why you want to attend here b) Explain your academic strengths and weaknessesc) Explain any things that might have affected your high-school academic performance, if applicable.
  5. 5. Requirements: must also show successful completion of . . .English- 4 yearsMath- 3 years( algebra, geometry, algebra II ,trigometry)Natural science- 2 years with a laboratorySocial science- 2 yearsForeign language- 2 yearsElectives- 2 years
  6. 6. ExpensesTuition and fees* $13,080Room and board $9,726Books and supplies $1,150Other expenses $3,017Estimated cost of attendance $26,973Tuition and fees for out-of-state students are $20,887.For most students, tuition rates remain the same for fouryears.
  7. 7. Teaching strategiesOne teaching strategy used is active learning. This is any approach thatgets its learner moving, or that is hands-on. This approach is usedoften in science. When you do labs would be an example of thisstrategy. Another strategy is the before, during, and after. It is whenyou explore the topic before actually doing the main event. Then duringthe activity you are recording information that is given throughout theactivity. The after is discussing what you just did or the activity. Anexample of this is when you discuss a topic and learn about it, then gowatch a movie and take notes during the movie, and after you discusswith the class what you just watched. Last, the simpleststrategy, Homework and Practice. We should all know what this is. It iswhen your teacher gives you a worksheet to do in glass or you play agame involving the unit you are working on(practice). Also when they giveyou a worksheet or set of problems to do at home (homework). This iswhat happens daily in my math class.
  8. 8. What makes a great teacherThis section is all from my opinion because to be honest everyone willhave there opinion on what makes a great teacher to them. A goodteacher would be someone who explains to me personally so I understandthe material. Another nice quality would be a teacher who demonstratesand shows me how to do it. A teacher who has a sense of humour andwill make jokes to lighten up the mood. Someone who is entergetic andcheerful and never puts anyone down. A person who open to others ideasand opinions. Those are extremely important to me but the mostimportant quality would have to be someone who inspires me to dobetter, be a better person, and reach my goals.
  9. 9. To sum it upIf you haven’t notice I would like to become a teacher. Learning about thistopic made realize what I’m in for.So, wish me luck on my journey. I willhave to work hard for goodgrades, study a lot and be the teacherI want to have for my own students.