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Media pitch

  1. 1. Working title: Outcast and AroundAgents of a totalitarian state hunt and capture people who possess supernatural abilities.Set in a corrupted and totalitarian UK in which a series of freak genetic mutations began occurring giving people supernatural abilities. The seriesfocuses on two brothers, Flynn and Michael. Flynn developed unusually fast reactions and brain activity. This increased brain activity caused his wholebody to slowly develop faster and faster and eventually developed to perfect performance levels, allowing him to run much faster. It also allowed himto process things extremely fast. He also learns things 10x faster than the average human. This increased bodily function activity can result in extremefatigue if used for extended periods of time without rest, or as he refers to it, ‘cool down’. Michael developed emotionally triggered projection abilities.For example, anger turns to power and increases adrenaline production causing him to get stronger and think faster; when he is upset he makesenemies weaker and more vulnerable. Emotional responses can also back fire on him in extreme cases. If he was to get too angry, he can become toopowerful and completely over stimulated which slowly damages him, if he gets too upset and becomes depressed, he himself becomes vulnerable.These powers are extremely limited and cannot be used often, but they’re illegal and considered dangerous and people with powers are thereforehunted, killed and extracted. This episode is the introduction and follows the journey of the brother’s trying to find the origin of their powers and howto escape the clutches of the corrupt government. They travel the country in search of a band of rebels, known as the ‘outcasts’. The brothers comeacross several other outcasts throughout their journey and discover the location of the outcasts. They ultimately discover that the outcasts have noidea how they obtained their powers, which leaves Michael distraught and angry. The brothers must then decide how to continue their lives and thefuture of their powers.Format:30 minute comedy/drama (state your genre)High def (1920 x 1080p) 16:9 ASPECT RADIOShot Nikon D3100Edited on Final Cut pro/imovieInclude any other technologyEstimated duration:30 minutes.My intended audience are people who enjoy sci-fi, drama and thriller. I wanted my show to appeal to people who are fans of similar shows such as:Misfits, The Walking Dead and Supernatural.
  2. 2. Style:Sci-fi drama thriller. Inspired strongly by Misfits and the style of The Walking Dead – gritty, dark and exciting.Rationale:Why will my product appeal to its audience?My show will appeal to the audience well in my opinion. The reason for this is, a show of this kind is popular but not often found. It’s well- known but consistently fresh and new, which is why I believe many people will take to it early. Also, the market for such a genre is not really dominated to the extent of there being no room for new, exciting, fresh and outspoken shows that want to introduce and define themselves. This is why I think my product would be popular, admired and inspiring for others of the same genre.Why should your idea be commissioned?The commissioner of this product would surely benefit from what it brings to the table. It brings sci-fi- sophistication and explores various styles that appeal to a vast array of audiences. It touches on the darker side of people while also throwing charm and endearment your way. It’s high time that a show such as this muscles in and presents itself in the market with plenty of room for expansion.How does your product reflect media trends?I strongly believe that my product will also heavily reflect current media trends and confidently set new ones. Considering it has taken elements from existing shows, such as Misfits and The Walking Dead, I think that it can bring in a strong, existing audience and fans of those two shows whilst also creating its own fan base based around its new and original ideas. There is so much room for expansion in the supernatural thriller market, and that is where my product will shine and become something of its own.Feasibility:My product can seem very ambitious and dependent on expensive and frankly out of reach resources. However, I wanted to ensure that it focuses on actor performance and script. Despite possessing supernatural abilities, it boils down to how my actors can portray the effects and physical and mental transformations. The show will definitely require after effects but nothing incredibly challenging to complete. Due to its setting in the UK, I am able to easily find suitable locations that will present my show in the correct fashion and also represent the UK as a whole. The locations I need are not completely ridiculous and impossible to obtain, because I wanted to keep my show simple, gritty and independent. I also live in and close to possible filming locations I have already come up with.• Deadlines:• Pre-production approximately 3-4 weeks• Production – 1-2 weeks• Post-production- 1 week
  3. 3. Script