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We've Reinvented the Agent Experience

The contact center has become

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ZCC 7.0/TouchPoint

  1. 1. featuring TouchPoint “ZCC 7.0 gives the company a stronger market position and an expanded total available market … [The release] enhances the company’s already strong integration capabilities with Microsoft Lync.” Ken Landoline, Current Analysis “Zeacom TouchPoint provides a new ‘minimalist’ interface designed to encourage collaboration inside and outside the contact center, improving first-contact resolution of customer needs.” Larry Hettick, Network World
  2. 2. Goals of the Zeacom Product Roadmap • Promote overarching vision and business goals – – – – Focus on the experience of our customer’s customer Enterprise-Grade capabilities focusing on redundancy and multi-site Extensibility, configurability and integration capability Lower cost of ownership (deployment and support) • Align the products with predicted market and technology trends – – – – Options for deployment and licensing models Innovative customer experience, focusing on smarter mobile access New media channels and communication methods Intuitive, actionable analytics • Continuously create and maintain competitive differentiation – Evolution of new, modern user interfaces, web-enabled accessibility – New visuals, optimized customer endpoints • Be achievable, from development and operational perspective – Tiered architecture, staged development, continued add-ons and functional growth
  3. 3. Devices Applications Agent Desktop (Local or Remote) Recording & Quality Monitoring Reporting & Analytics Real-Time Statistics IB/OB Voice Fax Callback Social Media Email Web Chat Web Callback Activity Media Unified Queuing and Routing Integrated Database and Reporting Single Integrated Platform Multimedia Communications Management Communications Server / PBX Email Server Web Server
  4. 4. Devices Agent Desktop (Local or Remote) Applications Recording & Quality Monitoring Reporting & Analytics Real-Time Statistics IB/OB Voice Fax Callback Social Media Email Web Chat Web Callback Activity Media Unified Queuing and Routing Integrated Database and Reporting Single Integrated Platform Multimedia Communications Management ZCC 7.0 Focus Areas Communications Server / PBX Email Server Web Server
  5. 5. ZCC 7.0 Focus Areas • Higher Scalability and Functionality on Lync (including Outdial for Lync) • Integration to Other Products in Enghouse Portfolio (including advanced Recording and IVR) • New Scenarios for Database Redundancy • More Intelligence in Email Queuing and Routing • Enhancements to Customer Survey Tool • Updates in Platform Support & Compliance (including Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012) • Reinvention of the Contact Center User Experience
  6. 6. Quality Management Suite for ZCC Quality Monitoring & Coaching • Agent Evaluation • Computer Recording Business Integration • Quality Management Suite • Quality Management API Quality Management ZCC Call Recording and Monitoring • Call Recording General Business Use Informal Call Centers Formal Call Centers
  7. 7. Quality Management Suite for ZCC
  8. 8. ZCC 7.0 Database Redundancy Options DR or Offsite Option High Availability + 6.2 Zeacom Redundancy Module + SQL Redundancy 7.0
  9. 9. Keyword-Based Email Routing Priority Handling Team Sales Team Routing Admin UI
  10. 10. ZCC Survey Tool Now Cross-Channel Post-Call Survey Email Survey Web Chat (Site) Survey
  11. 11. Zeacom TouchPoint A New Kind of Interface for Agents and Supervisors
  12. 12. The Need for Agent Satisfaction According to ContactBabel (2013 Survey of 205 Contact Center Managers): The Top 2 Factors to Achieve Customer Satisfaction: 1. Polite and Friendly Agents 2. First-Call Resolution Mean annual agent attrition rate (all markets): 27% According to Ventana Research (2013): Percentage of agents satisfied with their jobs: 35% Of those who are satisfied, two-thirds meet their call handling goals.
  13. 13. The Need for Focus on the Agent Desktop 93% of contact centers require their agents to use multiple applications within a call. 81% of larger contact centers and nearly 50% of smallto-medium contact centers have specific plans to “streamline workflow” and “simplify the agent desktop.”
  14. 14. Zeacom’s Approach to Designing a New Interface • Performed User-Centered Research – Observed Agents and Supervisors at numerous companies handling customer interactions, handling other related work, setting goals, measuring success • In both formal and informal environments • Looked at Other Models – Examined new interfaces from competitors, new contact center apps, new UC interfaces, new website communication interfaces – Analyzed trends in new application design, including mobile apps
  15. 15. Key Drivers of the TouchPoint Design • Make it about me – Specific to the user – their goals, their needs, their results • Make it lean and modern – Model it on new, modern lightweight apps • Make it intuitive and context-sensitive – Provide required functions when and where they are needed • Minimize its required screen real-estate – Agents live in other apps (like CRM), so minimize intrusiveness • Make it configurable and extensible – Allow services to deliver add-ons and integrations – Allow stuff to be moved around, realigned – Support localizations in all required languages
  16. 16. Some Key Design Elements
  17. 17. Some Key Design Elements
  18. 18. Some Key Design Elements
  19. 19. Some Key Design Elements
  20. 20. Some Key Design Elements (Supervisor)
  21. 21. Other Aspects of TouchPoint • Completely “white label-able” and “brand-able” • Highly extensible and customizable – Ability to add new tabs, new columns, new charts, new hover functions, integrated data • Currently in English, Spanish, German, and Russian – Many additional European and Asian languages coming
  22. 22. The Extensibility of TouchPoint
  23. 23. TouchPoint Demo