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Embedded Devices on the Internet of Things


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Talk authored by Jan Höller and Zach Shelby for the 2012 ETSI M2M workshop. This talk explains why IP and Web communications to all classes of embedded devices is a reality - requiring us to rethink how we design M2M systems.

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Embedded Devices on the Internet of Things

  1. 1. Embedded deviceson theInternet of ThingsZach Shelby, SensinodeJan Höller, Ericsson
  2. 2. Devices in Constrained IoT Environments› Endless applications in the IoT domain› Embedded low cost and low power devices› Legacy technologies› Current practice is stove pipe solution – single device – single application› Transformation needed – application independent devices – many-to-many› IP and the Web Paradigm paves the way to hide and avoid complexity and to provide simpler lower cost solutionsETSI 3rd M2M WS | 2012-07-11 | Page 2
  3. 3. What is “constrained” Low Cost Scaling Networks Limited Processing Low Bandwidth Battery PoweredETSI 3rd M2M WS | 2012-07-11 | Page 3
  4. 4. Constrained but still Internet› Today - a complete IP based Web stack can be run on small devices with microcontrollers 48 kB of Flash 8 kB of RAM Resources Internet /temp /light /switch CoAP UDP IPv6 6LoWPAN IEEE BTLE PLC DECT 802.15.4ETSI 3rd M2M WS | 2012-07-11 | Page 4
  5. 5. Embedded Web› The Internet of Things will be powered by Web technology› Technology from the IETF – Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) – Web Linking – Resource Directory – Security› Application Semantics – IPSO Application Framework – OMA Lightweight M2M ObjectsETSI 3rd M2M WS | 2012-07-11 | Page 5
  6. 6. Embedded Web in M2M Standards SE2.0 HTTP CoAP IP Router HTTP CoAP OMA Web & Mobile Apps Lightweight IP and WebETSI 3 M2M WS | 2012-07-11 | Page 6 rd
  7. 7. There is still a role for gateways› Traditionally bridges heterogeneous networking technologies› Gateways can, and do, many more Energy Mgmt Applications things Service Providers HVAC Ctrl – local storage Surveillance – data processing, event filtering and Access Ctrl IoT stream analytics Mgmt – semantic annotation and metadata IoT Enablement – local sensor-actuator control loops Device – security perimeter Mgmt – shielding resource constrained Internet devices› Multiple applications and involving Gateway multiple stakeholders and service providers 6LoWPAN KNX BACnet ZigBee – Cloud based access to devices necessaryETSI 3rd M2M WS | 2012-07-11 | Page 7
  8. 8. Uniform IoT Resource Access› Decouple IoT level issues from Device level issues – IoT resource abstraction – Separate bindings for Device Management vs. handling IoT Remote Device IoT Service IMS M2M SE resources Management Enablement Cloud› Provide normalization of M2M device capabilities OMA DM TR-069 mId CoAP HTTP Gateway OSGi – Generic Device API framework› Avoid stove pipe profiles› Go for simple profiles that are SDK OMA DM TR-069 ETSI M2M mId CoAP/OMA CoAP/HTTP Connector Connector Connector Lightweight Proxy application independent to Connector ensure interoperability – IPSO Application Framework Generic Device API – OMA Lightweight Objects Bluetooth Bonjour Adapter Adapter Adapter Adapter Adapter Adapter Adapter› Allow adaptation to different ZigBee Z-wave UPnP CoAP ANT+ cloud environments – Native Embedded Web Services – IETF CoRE – ETSI M2M mId – OMA DM and TR-069ETSI 3rd M2M WS | 2012-07-11 | Page 8
  9. 9. Embedded Web in Smart Home Demo› Smart Energy use case SWoT Client› Heterogeneous device integration Cloud enablers – CoAP sensors and actuators RD Social Web Of Things Apps – Z-Wave Smart Plugs HTTP-CoAP Proxy› Uniform device exposure Resource Directory Z-wave/CoAP – REST via HTTP and CoAP OSGi – IPSO Application Framework Linux Residential M2M Gateway› Supported: – CoAP – HTTP-CoAP proxying – Local caching and Observations CoAP Devices: STM32W Wireless – Resource Directory MCU&Sensors, Z-WAVE Smart Plugs, AEON LABS Smart Plugs STEVAL-IHP004V1ETSI 3rd M2M WS | 2012-07-11 | Page 9
  10. 10. Embedded Web in ETSI M2M Demo POST Links mId mIa CoAP CoAP CoAP Street Lighting M2M App Web Linking semantics end-to-endETSI 3rd M2M WS | 2012-07-11 | Page 10
  11. 11. ETSI 3rd M2M WS | 2012-07-11 | Page 11