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Tipmeet Toll-Free Calls for Call Centers


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  • Hello,

    I want to add a softphone to my webpage. It is important for me to use Silverlight technology. In the past few weeks I tried some of the available softphones. Finally, I decided to build my own Silverlight SIP softphone that can be embedded in to my webpage (it is more flexible than the ready-to-use ones).
    For this purpose I used the Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK. It offers a sample source for my project (
    and I also cooperated with the support team. The final result is very promising.

    I hope I can help others in similar situation...

    Best regards
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Tipmeet Toll-Free Calls for Call Centers

  1. 1. Valuable Calls From Your Website #tipmeet WebIT Congress Award 2012
  2. 2. Toll Free Audio and Video Calls Tipmeet is a web platform that provides a new voice communication channel from web browser without downloads and call back #tipmeet
  3. 3. Fully Web-Based PhoneWeb-browser PC Mic Softphone Speakers VoIP Phone Or IP-PBX a widget that can be easily embedded into any web page allows the website visitors to call you with one click #tipmeet
  4. 4. Smart Routing & Tracking Page - 10 – Payment Group1 – Customer support + Payment details Page - 8 - E-shop – Product3 Group 2 - E-shop team + Product ID Page - 3 – Delivery Q&A Group 3 – Delivery serviceSave your customer’s time by using Smart Routing API.Dont leave your customers on hold or with IVR. Tipmeet API willcreate as many widgets and multiple routes as you need #tipmeet
  5. 5. Value of a CallUp to 45% of the visitors of a vertical search engine service wantsto contact the advertiser for a voice conversation. All efforts tomake this complicated, drives down the value of the service.The average sales conversion rate for an inbound call is 60-70% inmost industries. Average sales conversion rate for a click through is1-2% in most industries.Hence, the value of the call is up to 30 times higher than the valueof a click.We can help you monetize on generated voice contact leads. #tipmeet
  6. 6. More Leads> increases online sales*10% of online visitors are converted with click to call, only 2% w/o. Jupiter> improve customer support*20% increase in customer engagement when click to call is used. Jupiter> reduce operating costs*45% customers prefer speaking to the agent. Forrester> add value to web services*Even a small channel shift can have a big financial impact. Forrester #tipmeet
  7. 7. Secure SSL 128bit Secure VoIP encrypted SRTP / VPNThe 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) gives you the highestlevel of protection possible #tipmeet
  8. 8. Call Center PackageWeb1 – Customer supportWeb2 - E-shop IP-PBXWeb3 – CRM outsourcing Many customized widgets for every client with a single integration with the Tipmeet platform #tipmeet
  9. 9. Pricing Starter Business Platinum (audio) (audio & video) (audio & video) • 1 line • 10 lines • 30 lines • 1 widget • 10 widgets • 100 widgets • Basic skin (3 • Customized • Customized available) skin (API) skin (API) • Up to 1000 min • 10000 min per • 100000 min per per month month month • $50/month • $590/month • $1950/month • $0.05 per min extra • $50 / widget extra • $50 per widget extra • $50 / line extra • $50 / line extra • *First month for free • $0.03 per min extra • $0.02 per min extra #tipmeet
  10. 10. #tipmeet