Venue Mirror How To Make Money With Your Blog


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This presentation will show you a quick and easy way you can turn your blog into a money making tool.

You do not require to do anything accept include code onto your website. You can earn much more money than other payment methods such as AdWords.

Try it out now and start making some money!!

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Venue Mirror How To Make Money With Your Blog

  1. 1. How To Make Money With Your Blog Step By Step Guide On How To Allow Hotel Bookings Through Your Blog Copyright © 2009 Kamkash Photography by Cory Doctorow
  2. 2. Sign Up As A Booking Partner Signing up as a booking partner gives you access to the gadget you can place on your blog to start generating money 1 Go to 2 Register yourself as a booking partner Make sure you register as a ‘Booking Partner’ as our partner hotels use the same form
  3. 3. Activate Your Account Once you are registered you need to turn on your account. Simply click the checkbox and you’ll be on your way! 1 Check the checkbox to activate the service When you click the checkbox, the page will automatically refresh to provide you new options!
  4. 4. Get The Gadget After activation, your gadet code is ready to be copied out! Simply select the text, and hit Ctrl-C to copy it! 1 Select the gadget code and press Ctrl-C You can also make money from hotel bookings made direct from within your console using the “Book a Room” dialog
  5. 5. Log in to Your Blog Log in your blogspot account at 1 Select the ‘Layout’ tab 2 Click ‘Add a Gadget’ Placing the gadget on the side of your blog will ensure you get increased usage, and more money
  6. 6. Add The Gadget To Your Blog Once you have selected ‘Add a Gadget’ you need to choose the HTML/JavaScript option and copy the code straight in 1 Select the ‘HTML/JavaScript’ button The gadget will give your viewers access to hundreds of hotels from all around the world
  7. 7. Add The Gadget To Your Blog Give your gadget a nice title, and then simply paste the code into the gadget box by pressing Ctrl-V and you will be ready to go! 1 Make a nice title! 2 Paste code into gadget box 3 Hit the ‘Save’ button For Tips & Tricks on how to make more money login to your dashboard on login.php
  8. 8. Monetise! Now your readers can book hotels directly through your website, and you earn commission every time! 1 Your readers can book from here! Hotels will pay you a minimum of 5% of the total value of each booking, every time! Some hotels pay even more!