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Make An Appointment With Your Audience


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As marketers, it can be difficult to discover your true, core audience. But once you know what types of content your audience wants to consume, and, more importantly, when they want to consume it, you've reinvented the wheel on how to acquire new customers, leads, audiences and clients.

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Make An Appointment With Your Audience

  1. 1. WHAT I LEARNED AT #ICON15 Make An Appointment With Your Audience “Make An Appointment With Your Audience”
  2. 2. As content marketers, we’re constantly looking to move people through different “funnels” to capture leads and generate sales. • KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: You don’t have to deliver the best products – you have to deliver the BEST experience. • HARNESS THE POWER OF INFLUENCE: Great marketers focus on increasing the size of their market instead of their market share. • AVOID COMMODITY CONTENT: Don’t broadcast what everyone else is selling. Be unique and different in order to stand out.
  3. 3. 70% of ALL content marketing isn’t consumed by the end user BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU: While it’s important to cast a wide net in reaching new clients & consumers, authenticity goes a long way. People respond to true human emotion and feeling. ATTRACT LIKE-MINDED CONSUMERS: Valuable content can help you sell products that people never imagined they even needed.
  4. 4. COMMIT TO A NICHE AUDIENCE • Primetime TV: Network executives take chances all the time on programming, like The Cosby Show, hoping it resonates with audiences in primetime slots. • Morning and Afternoon Radio Drive Times: People are stuck in rush-hour traffic every day. Make it a point to reach them when their options are limited. • The Lunch Hour: Most people eat lunch around noon — at their desks. What better way to reach them than online when they’re already checking email?
  5. 5. Inspiration Over Lunch • Andrew Davis (@TPLDrew) knows MANY people eat lunch at their desks every day. It’s a chance to capture them with unique content. • Once a week, he sends an email to subscribers at NOON about how they can apply a host of bite-sized, real-world marketing principles into their business. #Ingenious
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