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Apps for your 2013 new year’s resolutions


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Apps for your 2013 new year’s resolutions

  1. 1. Apps for Your 2013 New Year’s Resolutions2012 is nearly over, which means it’s time for a fresh list of New Year’s resolutions. Chances arethat most of the set goals for this year weren’t fully satisfied. According to an interview withJohn Norcross of the University of Scranton, less than half of people retain their goals after 6months. Maybe they held their ground for a few months but were eventually forgotten throughlaziness or daily life. Don’t let what happened to last year’s goals be a deterrent in creating a newlist for 2013. Here are a few popular resolutions and some mobile apps that can help keep thosegoals alive all year round:Losing weight:According to Time Magazine, over 60% of those who vow to loseweight after the New Year don’t utilize their gym membershipbeyond February. This could be attributed to forgetfulness or(possibly more likely) laziness, but GymPact wants to help changeall of that. The app encourages its users to attend the gym byrequiring money be put on the table. Every week the user sets agoal for how often they would like to go to the gym and adds amonetary value to that goal. Based on the attendance, which isdetermined by a location check-in, the user is either punished bylosing their bet or rewarded with a cash bonus.Quit smoking: This year, the CDC released statistics labeling tobacco use as the “leading preventable cause of death.” In that release, the CDC says that 69% of smokers want to quit completely. There are a number of mobile apps that act as a guide to help smokers quit, but one of the most popular is MyQuit Coach. The app, built by, tracks daily consumption, allowance, and budgets. It also allows the user to upload personalized motivations and earn awards. MyQuit Coach offers a support network to connect with other quitting smokers and even integrates with Facebook and Twitter for friendsand followers to offer support.
  2. 2. Eat Healthier:It’s no coincidence that this resolution comes after a string of holidaysshaped around large meals and rich desserts. According to SteveShapiro, nearly 40% of people who set New Year’s resolutions saythey will set a goal to lose weight. Fooducate, winner of the USSurgeon General Healthy App Challenge, scans your food items’barcodes and reports back with a simple to understand A, B, C, or Dgrade. It also provides a detailed account of where the food originatesfrom, what unhealthy ingredients it contains, and healthieralternatives.Save Money/Spend Less: The holiday season can be a burden on a bank account. To help with money management after the New Year, Intuit, Inc. offers Mint. The Mint app tracks spending on all savings checking and credit card accounts and compiles it into a single statement. The app’s analytic tools show spending graphs and categorize each purchase. Personalized budgeting and billing alerts are also available. Are you setting goals for 2013? Do you have an app idea that could help you keep them? Let Zco give you a hand. Call 603- 881-9200 or email to discuss your idea!Article Source: