To You For Birthday


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This might be my last presentation on Slideshare ...

  • ¡¡¡Congratulations!!!What beautiful words.A lovely creation.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Spain.
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  • Ovo je odlično,romantično, svatko bi volio dobiti ovakav dar na svoj rođendan.
    Zašto si napisao da je ovo možda tvoja zadnja prezentacija na SS????
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  • Beautiful and romantic presentation. Romantic and special words. Thanks for sharing...
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  • What a wonderful, romantic appreciation!
    What beautiful words!
    How much human warmth that springs from the wonderful greeting!
    I join to your greeting to your love, dear Zeljko!
    Let all your happiness on earth glowed with their love!
    Be blessed!
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  • Ah, prelijepo i tako romanticno! Neka joj je sretan rodjendan!!! :-)
    A tebi zelim lijep pozdrav, dragi Zeljko!

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To You For Birthday

  1. 1. To you for birthday…
  2. 2. It is strange how little it takes to be happy, and even stranger to us very often it is missing.
  3. 3. Only the open mind receives wisdom, only open hands receive the gifts, only open heart receives love, and only favorite person receives this message.
  4. 4. Only a fraction of what you want, it will be enough until you are happy all your life ...
  5. 5. Be happy like a bird, do not let you descend over the black clouds ice rain. Let your days be merry, full of happiness and love ...
  6. 6. On that day when you were you born it was raining. It is not raining because it is meant to be, but because the sky has lost the most beautiful star.
  7. 7. I know the ways on this planet is strewn with thorns, that is a small path leading happiness. I know it by yourself. If there is only one happiness, that happiness I wish for you.
  8. 8. Imagine yourself one of the most beautiful, sweetest, add it infinity, eternity to extend, trim the stars and only then will you know how much I want to you for your birthday!
  9. 9. If the concept of happiness is an illusion, and if a man can be happy, then I want you every day be as beautiful as a dream, a joy, as love ...
  10. 10. Sometimes our days do not mean anything, we are going to look like birds in flight. But today is your day, and only you, my love, you are doing that day luckiest in the world!
  11. 11. People go through my life and leave a trail, but you are certainly something special! Thousands of people celebrated today, but I think only of you, dear N.N.!
  12. 12. I do not want you to fulfill all desires, because then you will want more! I do not want you to meet all the dreams, because then you are no longer dream of! I want to meet you so desires and dreams as you will be enough to make you be happy!
  13. 13. I wish you this and every your next birthday spend in the arms of loved ones and I am not really angry if that person can not be me, because your happiness is most important. Someone who is so far away from you, and so close to your heart.
  14. 14. Anyone who does not know you, who did not see you smile at least one who has felt the warmth of your soul ... ever misses moments that give someone the strength to live. It's nice to think of you, my dear ...
  15. 15. Let heaven shine upon you when darkness appears around you and let the angels do not cry to, when tears fill your eyes, because you deserve to live in a world of love.
  16. 16. You need to travel forever ... hide in one of my dreams ... leaving behind the past, like the present, and with it, and me ... Face the future, with her grab the stars and choose the one that shines the most ... And to me, dear, gave only a small part of your magical smile and then I will be happiest in the world!
  17. 17. Life consists of the years, and years consists of months and days. They have joy, smiles, a lot of grief, pain and injury, but all this makes the life and happiness, and smile, and sorrow and pain, and early ... I do not want sorrow or pain, and less wound that would not have left scars, I wish you happiness and joy, and in your face still shining smile ...! Your magic smile ...
  18. 18. I wish you what no one thought that you desire and what you expect silent. Let it unsaid, just as you know, you be fulfilled.
  19. 19. Happy birthday, my love!
  20. 20. I love you!
  21. 21. And keep you in my dreams… Created by Željko Čidić