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  • This book, a great. You know very well what photographs of the shoot. Congratulations.
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  • An innovative idea. Special presentation. Congratulations
    2 May I strive to trekking travel with fans
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  • Very good, I agree with Anny's statement
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  • Hello... !
    What a nice selection.
    Thanks for your dedication and love to make it and share it.
    Huge hug...!
    'Ye shall know them by their fruits'
    Jesus of Nazareth
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  • Very original presentation!
    I will quote our dear Anny:

    'To add a library to a house is to give that house a soul ...'

    Your soul is rich and soft ...
    Thank you, dear friend Željko!
    Hugs from the heart!
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In the Library

  1. 1. In the Library
  2. 2. … no truth can not cure the sadness we feel when we lose a loved one. No truth, no sincerity, no strength, no kindness that grief can not be cured. We can only endure this sorrow to an end, and something to learn from it, but what we learn, not for us to be of help when we are confronted with the next great sorrow that would befall us without warning… Haruki Murakami: “Norwegian Wood”
  3. 3. Between your present and the debris of your past will never find anything more than just a thin glass wall.… Wei Hui: “Shanghai Baby”
  4. 4. Indeed, I believe that we have not been given to be masters of ourselves. If the marriage makes the unity of the three - bride, groom and the Creator, then it means that it must be in friendship. Friends, or those who love, next door of your heart has to stand guard while the guard is true. If you are not going to heed to his warnings, then you need to know with certainty that you choose. Only you are responsible for that what must happen: The Death of Love. Michael D. O’ Brien: “Father Elijah – An Apocalypse”
  5. 5. Love is possible only when a man gives himself a gift to each other. Michael D. O’ Brien: “Eclipse of the Sun”
  6. 6. A terrible and incomprehensible painful thing to love someone you know that you can not return the love. But there are things that are even scarier. There are pains that are more difficult to explain. However, still stands as it is a terrible and incomprehensible painful thing. And as for so many other things, not for her there is no solution. Naomi Alderman: “Disobedience”
  7. 7. Love is the only freedom in this world - they exalt the soul to the highest place that do not reach the human laws and customs, which do not dominate the natural law and wisdom. Kahlil Gibran: “Broken Wings”
  8. 8. The woman, the deity gave a lovely soul with a nice body is phenomenal and mysterious reality that we understand with love and with honesty touched, and if we try to describe with words, she escapes us in a veil pulled ambiguity and vagueness. Kahlil Gibran: “Broken Wings”
  9. 9. Annoyed and sick to soothe the soul in the arms of another soul like her feelings, which are shared with her - as a stranger with a stranger as saying in a country far from their homeland; hearts that brings pain, suffering can not disconnect the flash of joy, because sadness connecting with stronger the souls of the links generated in the peace of mind and joy. Love which wash in tears stays clean, passionate and eternal. Kahlil Gibran: “Broken Wings”
  10. 10. ... Can the being that loves deeply satisfied to embrace the illusion and can a thirsty man to quench the thirst from the river of dreams ? Kahlil Gibran: “Broken Wings”
  11. 11. Writers and poets will try to understand being women, but till today they have failed to understand the secrets of her heart and soul, it is observed through a veil of passion, not seeing anything except contours of her body, or is placed under the magnifying glass in contempt for finding her only weakness and generousness. Kahlil Gibran: “Broken Wings”
  12. 12. If deep inside you feel the desire to invoke the name of some person, it means that you love her. Amélie Nothomb : “Hygiène de l’assassin ”
  13. 13. I am not annoy fans of the truth – than the truth. What helps the truth, what comfort to offer, compared with the story? What is the use of truth in the dead of night, in darkness, when the wind roared in the chimney like a bear? When lightning rise shadows on the wall of a bedroom and the rain with long nails bitch by panes? But no! When in bed, and anxiety and the cold turned into a statue, do not expect you to come to the aid gaunt and lank true. Then you need some refreshment pleasantly filled story, and you in the yours dreams take the security of any comforting lies. Diane Setterfield: “The Thirteenth Tale ”
  14. 14. We all have our sorrows, even though the exact limits, weight and dimensions of pain are different in each. The color of pain we all shared. Diane Setterfield: “The Thirteenth Tale ”
  15. 15. Does anyone know draw the line between memory and illusion? How to determine the limit? What is real, memories or illusions. How to issue a final court? Gao Xingjian: “La montagne de l'âme”
  16. 16. ...; Mourn the dead only once, and then we try to do what they can no longer. We can not love, write, fight, think, work until our tears dim view of the mind, extended mourning is a betrayal of the living dead. Carlos Fuentes: “Los años con Laura Díaz”
  17. 17. ... Do not we all back together in a world in which we re-established the life and discover each other as human beings? Carlos Fuentes: “Los años con Laura Díaz”
  18. 18. Two people are the most loved and respected when they are together and are silent, when they live together but one for another, and that it never mentioned, I they do not feel need to say. Clarity could be a profound betrayal of love, which reveals only that silence that consists of understanding, conjecture and forgiveness. Carlos Fuentes: “Los años con Laura Díaz”
  19. 19. Do you think that most people who come into this world has to tell about their life as an extremely? Are they therefore less important and less worthy of respect and sometimes love? Carlos Fuentes: “Los años con Laura Díaz”
  20. 20. The truth is alone and unmarried, because people prefer a lie - a lie unites us, looking forward, into participants, partner, and the truth make us lonely and turned into islands surrounded by suspicion and envy. That's why we play so many false games . Because we can not stand solitude of truth. Carlos Fuentes: “Los años con Laura Díaz”
  21. 21. Do not they realize how much I suffer? Everyone should be sad, everyone should be in solidarity with the man whose soul is bleeding from love, but they still smiling, focus on its small and miserable lives, which run only on weekends. Funny thought: many people who I meet wear torn soul, and I do not know why or how many are suffering. Paulo Coelho: “O Zahir”
  22. 22. Forces of hate will not take you anywhere, but the power of forgiveness, what comes in the form of love will change your life. Paulo Coelho: “O Zahir”
  23. 23. Nobody should not ask this question: why am I unhappy? That question brings the virus that destroys. If we put this question, we wish to find out what makes us happy. If what makes us happy is different from what we have, or we will finally change or we will become even more unfortunate. Paulo Coelho: “O Zahir”
  24. 24. But as some Persian sage say, love is a disease from which no one yet wants to recover. When love is attacked, it does not seek salvation and who suffers, it will not cure. Paulo Coelho: “O Zahir”
  25. 25. Powerful person is one who manages to elevate mediocre and bad over the good and wise, from his own whim, changing the natural course of events. Rita Monaldi & Francesco Sorti: “Imprimatur”
  26. 26. Hope is greedy: if you do not get the food they expect will it satisfy with something else, just to secure survival. Jean-Christophe Rufin: “Rouge Brésil”
  27. 27. Hate is the force that gives you something a little breath taking. It takes time to understand someone who hates to lose more than it gets. Rage exhausts the soul, although it might seem that strengthens. Michael D. O’ Brien: “Island of the World”
  28. 28. Love has its price. Always. Sometimes the price is all you got. Michael D. O’ Brien: “Island of the World”
  29. 29. If we can not escape from time to time, we will never feel at home. Michael D. O’ Brien: “Island of the World”
  30. 30. The man who does not love has not met him. Each man carries the picture of love in his heart - no matter how deeply it was buried in him. He must look for that picture, he must find his own expression, he must find words that will help him to unlock the doors behind which it hides, how could emerge in the light of day. Michael D. O’ Brien: “Sophia House”
  31. 31. When we can not forgive, we become prisoners of their infidelity, and infidelity deepens our inability to forgiveness. So we remain caught in a vicious circle, as long as we do not stop with that. While we do not forgive. Michael D. O’ Brien: “Sophia House”
  32. 32. How is the great mystery of man's soul! Each of them has its own measure of folly and glory. We choose whether we will enhance one or the other. We are forced to choose between life and death. Between hope and despair. Love and devouring others. In this way shapes our life in which you operate heaven or hell, according to how we choose. Michael D. O’ Brien: “Sophia House”
  33. 33. Photographed and created by Željko Čidić Music: Paul Mauriat: “Love Story”, Various Artists: “Memories