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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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End Presentation

  1. 1. ListsOrganization=Peace of Mind
  2. 2. Please remember these• Pen Paper• Journal Computer• Charger Book• Remember to do ITP, Business plan, Lesson plan and HTML Homework
  3. 3. Benefits of Lists• Peace of Mind• Feeling of preparedness• Always knowing what is next• Accountability• Time management• Clarity• It will also help you get sleep!! Everyone Loves sleep!
  4. 4. What Can be put on lists? • Daily tasks • Homework • Material • Long term tasks
  5. 5. Places for Lists• Notebooks• Small pad of paper (that tends to work best)• For mac users, an App called “Wunderlist works fantastic• Also, Google Calendars
  6. 6. My Mission• Implement the organizational tool of lists in my life in order to help manage time
  7. 7. Results• Monday/Wednesday (list) – Went to sleep at 8 PM with all my work done as well as all my chores completed• Tuesday (No List) – Went to sleep at 12 AM with all work done but didn’t get to my chores
  8. 8. People Who Don’t Need Lists• Sherlock Holmes• Dr. Sheldon Cooper