Sky conferencing dashboard


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A description of the admin dashboard and associated conferencing tools for Sky Conferencing.

Learn how to start a conference call and manage your conferencing account.

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Sky conferencing dashboard

  1. 1. Account Dashboard User Guide
  2. 2. Page |2 What is the Dashboard? The Dashboard is a central location for controlling and managing your conferencing account and profile information. With the dashboard, you can: Change your address and email information Create new host accounts Launch a web conference Moderate your audio conferences from the internet Download, share and archive your recordings And much more To see an easy-to-follow video tutorial of the Account Dashboard, please go to: Quick Start Guide: 1. Open your internet browser 2. Go to and click on 3. Login with the email and password previously set up during account creationSky Conferencing
  3. 3. Page |3 Account Dashboard – Detailed Guide The Login Page Once you have reached the main Dashboard login page, you will see the following screen: Meeting Center – Allows you to either join or host a web conference myAccount Dashboard – Allows you to login to your Account Dashboard Conferencing Services – Allows you to learn more about Sky Conferencing’s servicesSky Conferencing
  4. 4. Page |4 Account Dashboard Main Page Once you have logged in, you will be presented with the following quickview display of your account: From here, you can see = More Options - Clicking on this icon will present you with the following options:Sky Conferencing
  5. 5. Page |5 Clicking this button allows you to create a new host account with 3 options: 24/7 Subscription is a standard 24/7 reservationless conferencing host account like the one currently listed in conference quickview. You can choose to create a new host account for numerous reasons depending on your own needs. Once you choose this option, you will be taken to the following screen: Once you have chosen the parameters (we recommend you keep the last 3 options as is), click on submit and your new account will be created.Sky Conferencing
  6. 6. Page |6 Clicking this button allows you to create a new host account with 3 options: Passcode Conference is a temporary one-time conference that allows you to hold a secure audio conference call when you do not want to give you your 24/7 participant codes. Once the conference has terminated, you can no longer use the passcode information. Once you have chosen the parameters, click on submit and your new account will be created.Sky Conferencing
  7. 7. Page |7 = Moderate - Clicking this icon from the main Dashboard page will open up the moderator tool which allows you to control your current audio conference in real time: Hangs up your current audio conference call Logs you out of the Moderator Tool only and the audio conference continues uninterruptedSky Conferencing
  8. 8. Page |8 Share Center - The Share Center allows you to store and share your conference recordings and related files. For more detailed help, please see the tutorials page: Conferencing
  9. 9. Page |9 Manage Account – The manage account page allows you to modify your contact information, including address, phone number and email. Once finished, click on Submit to make the changes.Sky Conferencing
  10. 10. P a g e | 10 Contact Us For sales, customer service, billing and account inquiries or corrections, please feel free to contact us. We are open during business hours, from 8:30 am to 5 pm EST. Feel free to leave a message and we will contact you in a timely manner.  Website & Email  Phone Customer Service and Technical Support Toll free US/Canada – 800 227 7118 Sales and new account sign up North America Toll free: 877 440 0167 International/Direct toll: 514 940 0167 * For technical support, we are open 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you with your audio or web conference problems.Sky Conferencing