Mobile Marketing and Text Message Marketing


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Mobile Marketing and Text Message Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great Tips To Accelerate Your Mobile Marketing Efforts, Check This Out ... ====Text message marketing, also known as SMS marketing, is a method that is spreading like wildfireto gain more interest in small businesses and large businesses across the county. Usingpersonalized text alerts, businesses can grab the attention of a wider audience while cutting costssignificantly. This is because while print alerts will cost a business per print, text alerts are pricedby short line and by software. The public has also become desensitized to print marketing, whiletexts still hold a very personal grip on people.The first step to getting interest in your business and gaining more regular customers using SMSmarketing is to understand the difference between spam and actually desired texts. By letting yourcustomers opt in to your texts, you are making sure that they want it. People who receive spamfrom companies very rarely (if ever) want to do business with that company. By sending outoccasional texts to possibly interested customers, you are showing them that you respect boththeir privacy and their data plans.Obtaining the cell phone numbers for an opt-in line is quite easy, if done correctly. Offering anincentive for customers to sign up for your text blasts, such as a prize, is a great way to get newcustomers interested in what your texts are saying. Events and event-related businesses willbenefit from attending similar events with a company booth. Asking customers at your booth toopt-in for alerts to your event (or sales) will likely net a high yield of sign ups, simply because theyhave already shown interest in companies or events similar to yours already. Using your websiteas a way to advertise your text marketing will also get great results, especially if paired withexclusive discounts and secret sales. The bottom line of getting customers to sign up for yourSMS marketing is to offer something special through your text messages, be it importantinformation, secret sales and discount codes, or even something as simple as a chance to win aprize. Offer and they will come.Next, remember that frequency counts. The business that uses their text messages to offer, "dailydeals" will soon find out that fewer and fewer customers will read their texts. SMS marketing relieson the ability to get people to read texts. At most, try to shoot a text once a week that offers adiscount, an update, or something else vital to your business. It is best to listen to peoplesfeedback about your companys SMS marketing frequency. If you begin a new texting schedule,and you notice people opting out of your service, cut back the text messages a little. In addition, ifcustomers complain about the high frequency of text messages being received, you know it is timeto lessen the amount of messages you send.When writing the right kind of SMS blasts, remember that keeping the sales personal matters a lot.If possible, try to get software that allows you to add your customers name when shooting a textblast. Its more personal, and it will appear more "human" than being given a text talking about thelatest sale. Making sure that the texts that you send also match what your customers are looking
  2. 2. for will also make a huge difference in whether or not your business will use text messagemarketing to its fullest potential. For instance, if you are a business that caters to young motherswith expendable income, blasting about a 20% sale off the most elegant baby carrier makessense. On the other hand, if you are a business that is focused on young mothers, it will not makesense to send out a mass text about the large sale you have on weight loss pills.Keeping text messages upbeat, direct, and easy to understand will keep customers reading. Theideal text message marketing campaign is dotted with discounts, brief, and definitely simple. Smallbusinesses that are looking for more customers via word of mouth also should suggest(occasionally) forwarding your more intriguing texts to friends. This works especially well withrestaurants, bars, and event marketing. The more people know about what your business is doing,the more people will want to check it out, after all. More traditional companies, such as banks,clothiers, and supply shops would be smart to offer group discounts via SMS marketing for peoplewho share your text discount codes with friends. The benefit for this is twofold. First, people willmore likely spread the word about your SMS marketing service and get people to opt-in for moretexts. Next, people will also be more likely to buy in large groups, which turns into profit for yourcompany.Lastly, remember that text-messaging marketing is best done with other forms of marketing aswell. Using print, television, radio, and word-of-mouth are all great ways to get new customers toyour business. Although text-messaging marketing is an amazing way to get interest in yourcompany, its products, and its ideas, the only way that you can get the word out with text messagemarketing is by getting people to opt-in. The only way to get more people to opt-in is by tellingthem about your service, listening to their feedback, and offering them decent incentives.Text message marketing is now one of the hottest ways to get customers, keep them, and learnfrom them. There is no question that SMS marketing offers a huge variety of benefits to smallcompanies that are looking to grow their customer base. By harnessing this power correctly, youcan sit back and watch your small business blossom, and expand in to the large company that youknow it should be.To find out more on How to Peak Interest in Potential Customers Using Text Messaging Marketingplease visit http://www.facebooksocialoutbreak.comArticle Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====For Great Tips To Accelerate Your Mobile Marketing Efforts, Check This Out ... ====