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10 Minutes with the Chamber of Commerce, Springfield OR.

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  1. 1. Zachary B. Corbett, B.Sc., MS., Dipl. NCCAOM, L.Ac. Licensed Acupuncturist Eczema ck Herpes Ta ke ba Psoriasis n! Acne sk i Molluscum ur Contagiosum y o
  2. 2. Dermatology Eczema ★ No Acupuncture Herpes Psoriasis needed! Acne Molluscum Contagiosum
  3. 3. Dermatology Eczema Herpes • Phytomedicinal formulas Psoriasis (=herbs). Acne Molluscum Contagiosum • Clinically supervised: ensure correct diagnosis, chart progress, avoid drug-herb interactions. • Improvement usually in 2 - 3
  4. 4. Dermatology • I can guarantee that you have not tried these formulas as Eczema Herpes they are not mass produced. Psoriasis Acne • Impressive quality control for Molluscum Contagiosum potency and safety. Only available if medical license.
  5. 5. Dermatology 90% of the time I use Eczema Kaiser Pharmaceutical Herpes Psoriasis Company, Acne Molluscum Contagiosum Taiwan (not China)
  6. 6. The products I use are the best. Analytical Technique Reason for analysis Eczema Herpes Mainly for heavy Psoriasis Mass Spectroscopy metals. Acne Molluscum High Pressure Liquid Pesticides, other Contagiosum Chromatography (HPLC) foreign chemicals. To ensure correct DNA Analysis species is being used.
  7. 7. Dermatology Case Study #1: “Dan” 14 years old Molluscum contagiosum (lots of warts all at once) ‣ Infected for over a year, had a terrible summer as too embarrassed to go swimming. Also eczema. Eczema ‣ Western treatment is a series of very painful minor Herpes surgeries (no anesthetic used) to remove the Psoriasis growths. Also drugs that caused nausea. Acne ‣ Was getting worse despite treatment. Molluscum ‣ Prescribed an 2 formulas - one to take internally Contagiosum and an ointment for use at night. ‣ Completely resolved in 4 weeks. Still clear at 8 month follow up. Cost $160 for the complete program.
  8. 8. Dermatology Case Study #2: “Matt” Herpes: 55 year old man, a contractor ‣ Arises every few weeks. Last outbreak lasted over a week, he had just gotten a new contract and Eczema could barely work due to pain and fatigue. Herpes ‣ Came to me 1 day into current outbreak, 9/10 Psoriasis pain in upper back & tremendously tired. Acne ‣ Qing Dai Long Dan Tang prescribed for 7 days. Molluscum Contagiosum ‣ Pain reduced 50% by 2 days, enough energy to work by 4 days. ‣ After 6 months of lower doses of herbs there was no return of symptoms.
  9. 9. Zachary B. Corbett, B.Sc., MS., Dipl. NCCAOM, L.Ac. Licensed Acupuncturist (541) 228-4822 Eczema Herpes 132 East Broadway, Psoriasis ba ck Suite 312 Acne Ta ke n! Molluscum ki Contagiosum y ou rs
  10. 10. Licensed Acupuncturists • Have license to practice from the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners • Our scope of practice in Oregon is quite broad and includes prescribing herbs and supplements, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, manual bodywork therapies. • California training is targeted at a much broader scope of practice, with a greater use of Western medicine. • Training in CA takes 4 years full-time post graduate work at a state/ federally accredited college.
  11. 11. Most Common Patients in My Clinic Last Year Allergies Dizziness Nausea due to Anxiety Eczema chemotherapy Arthritis Fibromyalgia Nausea due to Asthma Heartburn illness Back pain Heart disease Painful periods Childhood Industrial/ sports Psoriasis diseases injuries Sleep problems Chronic fatigue Memory Loss Stress Colds and flu Menopausal Stroke Constipation trouble TMJ syndrome Difficulty Migraines Trigeminal concentrating neuralgia