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  1. 1. PAGE 1.0<br />Feature Header to be the same on all pages<br />This is what Tim can design<br />About Take Part UO Office of Sustainability Contact US Profiles <br />Main NAV<br />Example menu:<br />Research and Support Services<br />Services and Administration<br />Responsible Conduct of Research<br />SIDEBAR block: can go left or right, can be automated as a Menu or list of links, could be calendar items, could place icons and images here, for example an image here might link to pdf of annual report, or other items you wanted to highlight – keeping it dynamic<br />Featured area – explain the challenge and invite people to participate, on interior pages this is where their profile/blog information will display and where you can post photos/text for informational pages<br />Sidebar box, text/images, if blank it does not appear<br />GIVE NOW?<br />Sidebar box, text/images, if blank it does not appear<br />Static footer<br />