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Pitch- Intial research/ideas


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Pitch- Intial research/ideas

  1. 1. PitchJanet, Lalita, Niamh and Zainab
  2. 2. Who?• Younger generation between 14-22 which is similar to the artists age. It appeals to both genders and races as well as lovers of indie type music. It can also be appealing to younger generation as it can relate to some of us. And will therefore be able to recognise and understand the artist and the song.• Skilled workers, tradespersons, semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers, unemployed students (C2 D, E)
  3. 3. What?• The song that we have chosen to pick is “A team” by the artist Ed Sheeran. We chose this song because not only did it become a number one hit, our young generation may feel as if we can relate to the artist and his lyrics compared to others. We have decided to interpret the events in the song and recreate it in our own individual way within our music video
  4. 4. Where?• Park (Benches, trees)• On the streets• Bathroom• Public toilets• (Pursuit of happiness scene)• Open space• Traffic lights
  5. 5. When?• In September• Early morning• Around 5 o clock• Evening• And during the day
  6. 6. How?• With a cam recorder• Black and white effect• One main character• Different camera, angle shots• Different locations
  7. 7. Extra ideas• Clothing and accessories• Clothes model will wear• ripped tights• hoody