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Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2How effective is the combination of yourmain product and ancillary textsZainab Oyenuga
  2. 2. Here are our finalproducts, includingour:digi-pak andposter advertisement
  3. 3. Iconography-In order to enforce a sense ofcontinuity throughout our productswe maintained our use oficonography which was presented inour music video, into our digi-pak.This way, our consumer would beable to identify and distinguish ourproducts, as our icon was repetitive.In addition our digi-pak and musicvideo effectively combined as theyshared similar elements. This isillustrated in our use of black andwhite colour scheme, not only in themusic video, but also in our digi-pakand album poster photos, againreinforcing our brand and making itmemorable. Nonetheless, our colourscheme- black and white, and icon-the heart necklace are symbolsreflecting the upsetting atmospherewe were aiming to present, throughour products.
  4. 4. The appearance of our character in our musicvideo, completely contrast to our characterpresented in our digi-pak. We glamorised ourprotagonist for our digi-pak as a way to sellthe product to consumers. An element thatmost music video products that synergise intoalbums execute. Whilst the characterpresented in our music video’s makeupappears dark, particularly under the eyes,and her hair appears greasy, giving her adrained, exhausted and unpleasant look, thiscontrasts to our character in the digi-pak. Weensured that our character looked pleasant byadding a touch of concealer under the eyesand blusher, giving her a very natural look.This way, our character did not look toextreme and was still able to portray themysterious and dark emotions portrayed inour music video. We mainly ensured therewas a sense of continuity by keeping the blackand white colour scheme the same, and usingthe same character.
  5. 5. This picture demonstrates the elements we used in our music video, but avoided in ourdigi-pak. For example, the character in our music video had chipped nail varnish,reflecting her inferior class-range, whereas, it was vital for us to avoid this in our digi-pak as it was aimed to sell to consumers, even though we did not hugely glamorise ourmodel, we ensured that she looked pleasant.
  6. 6. Our poster and digi-pak effectively combinesand correlates through our continuous use ofthe colour scheme, including the hint of redwhich we used so that there was a strong linkbetween both products. We specifically usedred because it symbolises pain which is notexactly reflected in the pictures we took forboth these products. We also used the samepicture used for the front of our digi-pak forour poster so that audiences and consumerswere again, able to distinguish our product asthis form of continuity reinforced the digi-pak as a product, making it more noticeable.Also, this picture also represented the musicvideo as it effectively emphasised our icon-thenecklace, indicating what sort of album andmusic product we are selling as the heartrepresents love and pain at the same time. Wealso ensured that we only used red, black andwhite as any other colours would potentiallydestroy the emotions and feelings were tryingto portray.