Footing design(


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A short description of footing design.

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Footing design(

  1. 1. Topic : Footing design Roll: Name: Jawad khalil Section: B Year & Semester:4.2
  2. 2. What is footing?? It is the lower part of the foundation which is constructed below the Ground level in solid surface.
  3. 3. Purpose of footing • Transfer the live and dead loads of the structure to the soil over a large enough area so that neither the soil nor the building will move. • Resist settlement & lateral load.
  4. 4. Types of footing Footing Spread Footing Isolated Footing Strap Footing Strip/ Continous footing Combine footing
  5. 5. Data/information Required for footing design 1. Allowable Bearing capacity of soil(Building codes of various organizations in different countries gives the allowable bearing capacity that can be used for proportioning footings) 2. Total load(live load + dead load) 3. Length and width of column
  6. 6. General Design procedure of Spread footing
  7. 7. Punching shear : The column rested on the footing tends to punch through the footing due to the shear stress that act around the footing, the fracture forms a truncated pyramid shaped failure section. truncated pyramid
  8. 8. Punching shear :
  9. 9. Beam shear • Shear failure can also occur, as in a beam or one way slab at a section a distance d from the face of column.
  10. 10. Beam shear
  11. 11. Reinforcement calculation
  12. 12. Reinforcement calculation
  13. 13. Reinforcement placement Fig: Transverse and longitudinal section
  14. 14. Combined footing • • • • If two columns are so close to each other that their individual footing overlaps then they are combined to form one. Combined footing is also provided if one footing goes beyond the property line. The load is evenly distributed. A combine footing may be rectangular or trapezoidal in plan
  15. 15. Design of combined footing
  16. 16. Design of combined footing Beam shear:
  17. 17. Design of combined footing
  18. 18. Reinforcement calculation` B
  19. 19. M+ M-
  20. 20. Fig: Reinforcement placement
  21. 21. Strap footing Strap footing consists of two isolated footings connected with a structural strap or a lever.
  22. 22. Design of strap footing
  23. 23. Brick footing • Used in case of small load. Fig: Brick Foundation
  24. 24. Brick footing