The TechBA program process to develop hi-tech companies


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Learn and explore how TechBA Silicon Valley develop entrepreneurs from Mexico to the world

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The TechBA program process to develop hi-tech companies

  1. 1. The TechBA program a process to develop hi-tech companies Jorge Zavala TechBA Silicon Valley 1
  2. 2. What is TechBA • A Program from the Minister of Economy operated by The US Mexico Fundation for Science • Focus in developing international high tech companies • Providing a fast ecosystem to develop the commercial capabilities of the participant companies
  3. 3. Network of Acceleration in Mexico 29 Accelerator in 11 States and 3 countries: 1,364 empresas 1 • México, D.F. •Guanajuato • Puebla • Jalisco • Baja California • Aguascalientes • Chiapas 2 • México, D.F. • Aguascalientes 1 • México, D.F. • Jalisco 2 • Michoacán 3 1 • Nuevo León • Nuevo León • Puebla 1 • México, D.F. 3 • San Luis Potosí 6 2 • México, D.F. • Jalisco • Edo. México • Puebla 1 • México, D.F. •Edo. México SILICON VALLEY MADRID AUSTIN DETROIT MONTRAL PHOENIX
  4. 4. History of TechBA Program • TechBA-Silicon Valley – Open in February 2005 – 168 companies at December 2008 – Strategic Alliance: The Enterprise Network • TechBA-Austin – Open in Decembre 2005 – 58 companies at December 2008 – Strategic Alliance: ATI/IC2 • TechBA-Montreal – Open in: June 2006 – 25 companies at December 2005 – Strategic Alliance: INNO-CENTRE • TechBA-Madrid – Open in: November 2006 – 30 companies at December 2008 – Strategic Alliance: Parque Científico de Madrid • TechBA-Michigan – November 2008 • TechBA-Phoenix – January2009
  5. 5. TechBA EcoSystem 336,800,000 Madrid 11/06 Biotecnology Multimedia, TI,BPO, Medical TI and Communications Aerospace devices Turism Silicon Valley 02/05 Montreal 06/06 43,600,000 Michigan 09/08 1,300,000,000 Arizona 12/08 TI,Outsourcing Austin 12/05 470,300,000
  6. 6. eTechBA – The TechBA echosystem Local Awareness Operation Local Incubation Pre- Acceleration Pipeline Builder Perfoming SaaS In the global environment Medical Devs New product development New Innovative Customer Global Acceleration adquisition Company Transformation Call Centers
  7. 7. TechBA PreAcceleration Stages Induction • Information gathering Explore Define Develop Validate Market Value Marketing Seeking first Opportunity Proposition Materials customers SWOT Business Customer Sales Plan Analysis Goal Settting Interviews Competitive Budget and GoTo Market Evaluate the Analysis Financials Strategy results Closing
  8. 8. TechBA Induction Week Legal Doing Innovation Marketing Planning Issues and Business Funding The Silicon Business Creating a Industry Valley Strategy Intelligence company Specifics Culture TechBA Value Investment Acceleration Marketing Alliances Proposition and funding Model Innovation Selling in Intellectual Getting Financials at glance the USA Property ready to go
  9. 9. TechBA Closing Week Facing to Product Open for Go for Selling the a new the big customer Develop future time The killer Program Learning from Focus on Rehearsing presentation Management the customer sales Best Project Decision for Evaluate the presentation Performing Management the future results practices
  10. 10. What is provided by TechBA Legal Support Inmigration Landing Accounting Patents, Licencing and Trademark Market Research Technical Assistant Technical Assistant Technical analysis Business Benchmarking. Intelligence Company Legal support. Formation Commercial Market Research Development Business Plan Product Localization Lead Generation
  11. 11. Networking Mexican Support Professional Local Companies Associations Financials Consulting Support Lawyers TechBA Universities Regional Organisms Chambers of Commerce Goverment Relationship National Organizations
  12. 12. Acceleration focus in Sales Lead Go To market Sales Sales Generation strategy Coaching Development Program Customer Sales First Sales Sales Training searching Consultant Channel Marketing Channel Sales Process Development Campaing development Deployment
  13. 13. Industries
  14. 14. Success Cases Different flavors of technology IT technologies Food and other industries – Prefixa – Grupo Delicias – Zoe – Sinaloa Seafields – Nearsoft – Bioderpac – Echopixel – Annectere – Aprentix
  15. 15. Prefixa • A professor from INAOE • Initially developed a technology for vision system for mechanical quality inspection • Created a company: Prefixa • Developed a prototype • The company was invited to be part of the TechBA portfolio in 2006 • Business Development in the USA • A first prototype is sold in 2008 • Signed contract with leading semiconductor equipment company in Silicon Valley
  16. 16. ZOE • A company based en Tijuana • Offices in Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey and San Jose • Full complain with international government regulations • Change the Bussiness Model to expand in SaaS • Full time Business Development team in the USA
  17. 17. Nearsoft • A company based in Hermosillo • Offices with full time operations in San Jose and Phoenix • Software Product Development for medical devices, manufacturing and startups • Recurring customer base with multiple projects running concurrently • The company was invited to be part of the TechBA portfolio in 2006 • 2008 Sales estimated up to Q3: $ 750,000 US
  18. 18. Echopixel • Sergio Aguirre started to develop 3D image processing software in college • Later Sergio, working with a MBA student, exploited the 3D technology in the gaming industry – and build a company in an incubator in Monterrey • In the process of defining a business plan for the new Co, Sergio analyzed several business opportunities in various industries such as gaming, entertainment and medicine. Finally they found an opportunity in medical applications thru a reference in Landes BioScience Magazine. • Echopixel was invited in 2006 to be part of TechBA • In developing their business, Echopixel brougth a variety of tecnologies from various disciplines: software,electronic hardaware and life science • The company will be doing clinical trials in Cornel, New York
  19. 19. Annectere • BluDNA was founded in 2005, development of a Bluetooth Protocol Stack was its main objective. • In 2008 Annectere is founded, maintaining BluDNA as a subsidiary and R&D lab. • Annectere now has achieved the certification for its Bluetooth Protocol Stack; 1 of 5 companies worldwide • Our technology has been adapted in order to be integrated into Bluetooth headsets, USB cable replacements, wireless audio solutions and proximity marketing access points and Personal Computers • Today they are integrating a complete solution for Bluetooth headsets geared towards ‘at home healthcare’
  20. 20. Aprentix • An IT company from Puebla that manages and supports online information systems for universities and colleges • In 2006, they adapted their software to manage a not-for- profit organization in the US • Aprentix was invited to be part of theTechBA Portfolio in 2008 • Their customization of software for a NY non-profit organization was leveraged to build a product for a niche market in the Management Support Software for not-for- profit organizations • Their product is currently in Beta testing by US Foundations
  21. 21. Sinaloa Seafields • Has over 15 years of R&D in US and Mexico developing revolutionary technology that brings faster harvesting cycles and substantially higher biomass outputs • The company incorporates research in Iowa, Davis and Sinaloa to elaborate their own patented process • The Aonori product completed its first production cycle in Sinaloa • The process is under way to test its faster cycles and high scale production conditions in third party facilities.
  22. 22. Grupo Delicias, now Dairy a Day • A milk producer from Aguascalientes searching for new ways to sell milk, by transforming the current commodity business into high value products like snack bars, beverages, etc. that are not only healthy but also quite delicious. • They hired a public university to develop the underneath technology for these products. • Dairy a Day (the new name of the company) integrated a Board of Advisor with top leaders from the US Food Industry. • A leader food product developer company design new products based on the original ideas, perform initial market test and provide the guidelines for producing the full product line • Dairy a Day is ready to launch the first production batch to sell in the US
  23. 23. Bioderpac  A spin off from the research by the Technological Institute of Sonora in conjunction with local entrepeneurs.  8 years of research and development and active cooperation among the parties involved.  Bioderpac was established as a company late 2006.  The company’s propietary technology unlocks mass production of the biopolymer “chitin”, free L-amino acids and astaxanthine.  Biological production provides standarized quality, solving the market’s top pain.  Bioderpac’s products have a wide variety of applications, a problem.  Bioderpac begins the TechBA program in late 2007, market targets and paths defined.  September 2008 Bioderpac is ready and approaching its first sale in the U.S.
  24. 24. Q&A