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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. Arsenic  Fatal Dose: 120- 200mg Fatal Period: Narcotic Form 2-3 hours GI Form 12-48 hours AntiDote: Freshly Prepared hydrated ferric oxide for gastric lavage 10% solution of BAL for systemic effects Succimer Oral Dose Medicolegal Importance: Homicidal, Accidental, Abortificient, Aphrodisiac, Cattle Poisoning
  2. 2. Mercury (Para/Quick Silver)  Fatal Dose: 204gm (elemental)[Succim er] 100gm (inorganic)[BAL] 10-60mc gm(organic) Fatal Period: 3-5 days Antidote: Stomachwash with 250ml of sodium formaldehyde Pencillamine Medicolegal
  3. 3. Copper Sulphate (Nila thutha, Blue Vitriol)  Fatal Dose: 30gms Fatal Period: upto 72hours(3 days) Antidote: Stomach wash with 1% potassium ferocyanide BAL, MgSO4 Oral Pencillamine Medicolegal Importance: Accidental, Suicidal,
  4. 4. Lead Acetate  Fatal Dose: 20 mg Fatal Period: 2-3 days Antidote: Stomachwash with 10% Mg or sodium sulphide EDTA , BAL, Succimer and Pencillamine as chelating agent Medicolegal Importance: Accidental Industrial Poison
  5. 5. Aluminium Phosphide (wheat Pills)  Fatal Dose: 5gm Fatal Period: upto 24hours Antidote: Stomach wash with 3-5% NaHCO3 Vit K Medicolegal Importance: Suicidal, Homicidal, Accidental, Rodenticide
  6. 6. Aconite (Meetha Zehr)  Fatal Dose: 1gm of root 250mg of extract 20 drops of Tincture 1mg of toxoid Antidote: Stomach wash with tannic acid Atropine Norocain Medicolegal Importance:
  7. 7. Nicotine (Tobacco)  Fatal Dose: 1mg/kg body weight Fatal Period: Antidote: Stomach wash with warm water and activated charcoal Medicolegal importance: Accidental Malingering Infanticide
  8. 8. Digitalis (fox glove)  F.D: 15-30mg of digitalin 4mg of digitoxin Fatal Period: upto24hours Antidote: Stomach wash with 5% tannic acid Atropine 0.6mg Novocain/Propanolol Medicolegal Importance: Accidental Used by Malingered to stimulate sickness
  9. 9. Croton Tiglium ( Jamalgota; Nepla)  Fatal Dose: 4 seeds or 20drops of oil Fatal Period: 6hours Antidote: Stomach Wash Medicolegal Importance: Accidental, Abortification, Homicidal, Arrow Poison
  10. 10. Ricinu Communicus (Castor Oil)  Fatal Dose: 6mg of Ricin or 10 seeds  Fatal Period: Uncertain Antidote: stomach wash with warm water Medicolegal Importance: Accidental, Homicidal
  11. 11. Abrus Precatorius (rati)  Fatal Dose: 1-2 seeds Fatal Period: 3-5 days Antidote: Symptomatic Treatment Medicolegal Importance: Accidental Suicidal Cattle Poison Homicidal Arrow Poison
  12. 12. Semecarpus Anacardium (Marking Nut)  Fatal Dose: 10gm Fatal Period: 24hours Antidote: wash part with warm water Medicolegal Importance: Used by dhobis Accidental Torture Abortificient Vitriolage Artificial Bruise
  13. 13. Dhatura (Thorn apple)  Fatal Dose: 100- 125 seeds Alkaloids 60mg for adults and 4mg for children Fatal Period: 24hrs Antidote: Stomach wash with 5% tannic acid Neostigmine or Physostigmine Medicolegal
  14. 14. Opium (cerebral)  Fatal Dose: 2gm, 10ml of tincture Fatal Period: 9- 12hours Antidote: Stomach wash with potassium permaganate Medicolegal Importance: Ideal suicidal, Infanticidal, Accidental, Doping Racing Horses
  15. 15. Canabis Indica (Bhang)  Fatal Dose: 10 kg/body weight Fatal Period: 12 hours Antidote: Stomach wash with warm water Hypodermic Injection of strychnine Medicolegal Importance: Accidental, Stupefying for Road side robbery, run omore
  16. 16. Nux Vomica  Fatal Dose: Powdered 2mg Strychnine 15-30mg Antidote: Stomach wash with 5% tannic acid Medicolegal Importance: To kill Street dogs Accidenta Suicidal Homicidal
  17. 17. Alcohol  Fatal Dose: >o.35% in blood Depends on age Anti dote: Stomach wash with 5% sodium bicarbonate and water Medicolegal Importance: Accidental from excessive drinking Increased incidence