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Cyber Republic: reinventing democracy in the age of intelligent machines


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Slides from my public lectures at Conway Hall Ethical Society and at London Futurists - visit for transcript and video links

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Cyber Republic: reinventing democracy in the age of intelligent machines

  1. 1. Reinventing democracy in the age of intelligent machines A talk by George Zarkadakis
  2. 2. Citizen Group A Citizen Group B Citizen Assembly Knowledge Knowledge (experts, etc.) Learning Learning Synthesis of Citizen Group deliberations CONSENSUS
  3. 3. PreCovid19 World The “Covid19 Effect” PostCovid19 World Business purpose: Maximize ROI and shareholder value Social Capital at work Broader purpose to include positive social, environmental impact – broaden ownership of derived value from data Business governance: enlightened CEO “dictatorships” Government bailouts Governance is more inclusive and participatory Digital Innovation: Siloed data sets Privacy vs. utility dilemma Citizen surveillance & data sharing Data Property Rights, Data Trusts Work automation: reduce cost, improve productivity Massive unemployment Reinvent AI + human economic and social symbiosis Capitalism 2.0 • Legacy Business Models • Centralized networks • Globalization Capitalism 3.0 • Digital Business Models • Decentralized networks • Anti-globalization 4th Industrial Revolution
  4. 4. Twitter: @zarkadakis MIT Press