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Sociolinuistics presentation by Zarghoona


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Sociolinuistics presntation presented by Zarghoona

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Sociolinuistics presentation by Zarghoona

  1. 1.  The speakers of this language are Magsi, Umrani, Dashti, Nosharwani, Khosa, Gichki, Rind, Marri, and Bugtti. They have dialects, regional and social. Makrani dialect is completely unintelligible to other Balochi dialect “Balochi Academy” in Quetta.
  2. 2.  Pashtu is the language of Pashtuns. The Pashtu speaking tribes of Baluchistan include Kakar, Tareen, Kasi, Mandokhail, Achakzai, Sh erani, Durani and Luni. Pashtu has two dialects Southern and Northern or Softer and Harder. The dialect of Hurnai (Tareeno) is unintelligible
  3. 3.  Balochi dress for convergenceand divergence
  4. 4.  Most of Marriages are arranged A lot of marriage ritual are celebrated in different tribes. Valver system Intermarriages
  5. 5. Food; cuisines Landhi Tandoori roti Lassi ( yogurt water)
  6. 6.  Celebrates two religious festivals(Eid-ul-Fittar and Eid-ul-Azah) Gives solidarity to them
  7. 7. Greetings of Brahvi;Humarus (how are you),bahbokharat (welcome) , tait uus (are you well)Dad uus (fine)’Pashtu greetings;Pa khair raghley and Starrey mashey i.e welcome and May you not be tired)“Khushala Ossey” (may you be prosper and happy).Blochi greetingAllah e Mayaa ray (God bless you), Washaatke (welcome), Mann Washaan ( I am fine)
  8. 8.  For solving of the family orcommunity problems Held by the elder of the family Language should be formal Should be start with some holly verse