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The Business Analyst Training uses best practices and guidelines from International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) in their Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® v2.0). The training content is customized to meet the practical needs of a Business Analyst professional.

In this training, attendees learn:
Module 1. Introduction to Business Analysis
Module 2. Understanding and Capturing business needs
Module 3. Requirement Analysis Process
Module 4. Creating Requirement gathering strategy
Module 5. Modeling Data and Processes
Module 6. UML Methodology
Module 7. Creating Effective Use Cases
Module 8. Business Analysis Tools
Module 9. Requirement Gathering, Business Modeling & Analysis Tools -- MS Visio & Enterprise Architect
Module 10. Project Documentation and Management
Module 11. Software Testing
Module 12. Overview of International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)®, Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK), Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) ®
Module 13. Requirement Gathering, Analysis and BRD creation in Real World domains, such as Financial, Health Care, Technology, Transportation and Automobile domain

Attendees also learn:
1. Resume Preparation Guidelines and Tips
2. Mock Interviews and Interview Preparation Tips

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Business Analyst Training from ZaranTech

  1. 1. Business Analysis Role Based Training ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  2. 2. Agenda Introductions What is “Business Analysis”? BA as a “Career” & Training Highlights Demo Lesson Course Structure Materials sharing & BA Blog Q & A ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  3. 3. What is Business Analysis? Business analysis is the set of tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals. ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  4. 4. Who is a Business Analyst (“BA”)? Primary Function •Business analyst serves as liaison, translator, communication bridge between nontechnical project stakeholders and the technical solution team •Provides decision support pertaining to acceptable risk through formal capture, analysis, and documentation of Technical requirements ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  5. 5. Other functions of a BA…  Facilitator  Moderator  Skilled Listener  Team Leader  Visionary  Trouble Shooter  SME/Domain Expert  Project Management And more… ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  6. 6. Why BA? Humor: Don't underestimate the impact of a Business Analyst! ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  7. 7. Market Research The biannual benchmark CHAOS Report from the Standish Group ( documented the following facts: Successful projects: 34% On time, on budget, all features and functions Challenged projects: 51 % 82% average time overruns 43 % average cost overruns 52 % features and functions actually implemented Failed projects: 15% Project cancelled before completion, no deliverables “Because requirements definition forms the foundation for all subsequent project work, improvements here will have a positive impact on overall project success.” ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  8. 8. Why choose a BA career?  BA jobs are increasing in this present market of about 36%.  Business Analyst is one of the most in-demand and hottest jobs that employers are looking for.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor and an IIBA Salary Survey, Business Analysts can earn over $100,000 per year.  Research shows the IT Analyst job to be the 7th best job in America, with a 10-year growth outlook of 36%.  BA is one of the top ten recession proof jobs (Forbes Magazine) and is the top paid among the 10.  BA jobs cater to many Domains like pharmaceutical, health care, Insurance, finance, banking, mortgage, accounting, financial budgeting and controlling, bonds, medical insurance, etc.  Secure Job - it also shows that a Business Analyst could be possibly secured from the economics of recession, as seen recently the world over. These jobs can not be offshored. ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  9. 9. Training Prerequisites Who should plan on joining? Prior Experience only? No No  Entry-level IT Business Analysts IT Professionals only?  Non IT professionals aspiring to get into Business analysis/analyst. Self-taught IT Business Analysts wanting to fill in the gaps and put all the pieces together Systems Analysts and programmers interested in expanding their role into the business area Basic SQL skills & some Domain Knowledge is a PLUS! ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  10. 10. Training Highlights  Role-Specific Training  Hands-on Mentoring and Interactive Sessions  40 Hours of Online Instructor-led sessions  Live Case Studies  Assignments after every session  Training Blog – All materials including videos, assignments  High Quality Materials including Domain material  Resume Preparation Guidance plus 70-80 BA resumes for reference  Mock Interviews – Technical & Project skills  FREE On Job Support for 3 months after placement Our Business Analyst Training uses best practices and guidelines from International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) in their Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® v2.0). The training content is customized to meet the practical needs of a Business Analyst professional. ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  11. 11. Demo Lesson Positioning Business Analysis ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  12. 12. Objectives By the end of this unit, you will be able to: Define the critical role of the business analyst with respect to requirements definition and management Position Business Analysis within the overall discipline of Project Management Justify creating and adopting a formal business analysis documentation strategy ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  13. 13. Projects: Two Perspectives Project management perspective: Systems Development Life Cycle (“SDLC”) perspective: 1.Initiation 2.Planning 3.Execution 4.Control 5.Closure 1.Analysis 2.Design 3.Construction 4.Testing 5.Implementation 6.Post-implementation support ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  14. 14. Integrating the Two perspectives: Typical Project Phases  Projects are defined and managed in phases  Each organization will have its own policy regarding the phases and governance applied to projects  Typical phases appear in the graphic (to the right) ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  15. 15. BA Role Throughout the Project Project Manager  Accountable for overall project coordination and the successful implementation of all deliverables on time, to budget, and matched to requirements  Comparable to an orchestra conductor who coordinates the work of a team of specialists • Business Analyst • • Leads during the Analysis phase and supports during all other phases Increasingly leads during user acceptance testing Initiation Analysis Design Construction Testing Implementation Closure Post-implementation Support ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  16. 16. The Business Analysis Value Triangle ty bili Vis cea Tra ibil i ty  Business Analysis provides the following values with regard to requirements capture: Accountability ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  17. 17. Value Through Visibility ty bili Vis cea Tra ibil i ty  Properly conducted Business Analysis mandates the formal documentation of all requirements  Nothing can remain hidden or left to verbal agreement Accountability ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  18. 18. Value Through Accountability ty bili Vis cea Tra ibil i ty  Properly conducted Business Analysis mandates that all requirements documentation be signed off by the client acceptor, who represents the aggregate needs of the user community and has the authority to sign on its behalf Accountability ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  19. 19. Value Through Traceability ibil i y ilit eab Vis c Tra • Authorized requirements documentation becomes part of the legal contract between the client group and the solution provider (internal or external) ty  Traceability enables mapping of project deliverables all the way back through their specifications to the original requirements documentation  Traceability also means showing how different levels of requirements (such as user and management) relate to each other Accountability ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  20. 20. The Need for a Formalized Documentation Strategy  Sets expectations for all concerned as analysis gradually uncovers requirements  Allows structured approach to complex solutions environments, with predefined review, feedback, elaboration, and approval points  Requires more up-front time and effort, but is ultimately much cheaper and safer than chaos Let’s take a look at a Sample Business Requirements Document (“BRD”) ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  21. 21. Course Structure ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  22. 22. Questions? ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  23. 23. <<Back to Objectives Business & IT do not essentially speak the same language… ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |
  24. 24. <<Back to Objectives What is a Project? Project Management Institute (PMI®) definition of a Project A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result*  Temporary -special-case activity rather than an everyday business process  Unique -all projects create select deliverables, which can be goods (products) or services *Source: PMBOK® Guide, p. 368. "PMI" is a service and trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc., which is registered in the United States and other nations. "PMBOK" is a trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc., which is registered in the United States and other nations. ZaranTech LLC. Phone: (515) 309 -7846 |email: |