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Zarafa Server Mail Recovery


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Zarafa Mail Recovery software makes it possible for users to restore Zarafa server database .ibdata1 & .frm files running the software on Windows system. All mailbox items –contacts, emails & more could be restored in no time.

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Zarafa Server Mail Recovery

  1. 1. Zarafa Mail Recovery
  2. 2. Zarafa Mail Recovery Table of Contents Introduction Causes for Corruption Error messages Solution for Zarafa Mail Recovery Zarafa Mail Recovery Software Features User Guide
  3. 3. Zarafa Mail Recovery IntroductionZarafa is widely used European open source software that helps in the storage of email on the server. It can be used for sending as well as receiving of mails and for the storage of contacts, calendars and notes. However in some cases, users might experience problems related to Zarafa application corruption that needs to be resolved soon.
  4. 4. Zarafa Mail Recovery Causes for Corruption Although Zarafa application runs smoothly but there are some factors that makes it prone to get damaged such as Extensive use of the Zarafa application Virus and spyware attack Corruption due to .ibdata and .frm files Sudden termination of database Improper server connectivity
  5. 5. Zarafa Mail Recovery Error Messages due to Zarafa CorruptionDamaged and corrupted Zarafa application makes the data stored within the application inaccessible. Moreover the user is unable to send and receive mails with loss of data. Some of the common error messages encountered are “Unable to access the files” “File format is not supported” “MySQL Database has terminated”
  6. 6. Zarafa Mail Recovery Solution for Zarafa Mail RecoveryUsers facing sever corruption of the Zarafa database can use third party Zarafa mail recovery software for recovering damaged and inaccessible data stored with the application. It has an advanced algorithms which repairs the damaged Zarafa database and resolves corruption effectively.
  7. 7. Zarafa Mail Recovery Zarafa Mail Recovery Software Features It repairs damaged and corrupted Zarafa database. It recovers contacts, notes, calendars and other items related to email server It recovers and repairs log reports It has a rich graphical interface. It has an advanced scanning algorithm.
  8. 8. Zarafa Mail Recovery Zarafa Mail Recovery Software- User Guide Launch Zarafa Mail Recovery Software Select the folder containing files to be repaired Start scan and repair process The tool Starts connecting to My-SQL server with progress bar Repair Process soon starts Once the repairing process is completed, the database is recovered.
  9. 9. Zarafa Mail Recovery Thank You Please Visit