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Question 2

  1. 1.  My main task was to create a short, five minute film. I then had to produce a poster and a film review for my ancillary tasks.
  2. 2.  The images I used for my two ancillary tasks only consisted of the two main male actors. I chose not to include any images of the main female character. This is because she does not appear until later on in the film, and I wanted this toPoster images remain surprising for the audience, and not to spoil the narrative. I believe this was effective, as the audience are able to look at the poster and review without them giving away too much about the characters and the plot.Review image
  3. 3.  Both of the images were specifically selected to connote a sense of action to the audience, signified by the hand gestures to represent a gun, and the image of the forward roll. These are effective as they tell the audience that our film will be an action film; however they do not connote comedy.
  4. 4.  The lined paper background for my poster was inspired by ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’. When I typed this movie title into Google, various images of lined paper came up, which I felt was a very clear way of setting the scene for the audience for my film, as lined paper connotes school. This also works hand in hand with the fact that the characters are in detention, as during detention, students are often asked to write lines on lined paper.Diary of a Wimpy Kid inspired me to use a lined paper background in my work!
  5. 5.  As my production was aimed more so at male viewers, and part of the sub-genre was action, I decided to opt for a masculine colour scheme. I used many blue shades in both ancillary tasks to appeal to a male audience, whilst still aiming to attract some females. This also linked the two ancillary tasks together, helping to establish a common theme for my film.
  6. 6. I used a very similar bold font for the film title of both my ancillary tasks. This creates a theme for my film. The text used is big and bold to signify action. I also used a bold font for the title in the credits for my film. I have stuck to a black and white theme for each title for continuity. Review Poster Film Credits
  7. 7.  Looking at existing posters and short films I found that they include a web address to promote the film. Therefore I decided to include one on my poster and credits of the film. This provides the viewer with another source so that they can go and seek further information about the film.
  8. 8.  Overall,I believe that the combination of my main product and ancillary tasks has been effective. I have ensured that each one links to another in some way, be it through the use of images, background, colour scheme, fonts or the web address.