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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Annual Report 2015



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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Annual Report 2015

  1. 1. The Passage of Leadership A nnual Repor t 2015
  2. 2. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 2 3 C O V E R S T O R Y T H E P A S S A G E o f L E A D E R S H I P The beautiful songket is an intricate part of Indonesia’s cultural heritage. A luxurious fabric made by the country’s talented artisans, the songket reflects important elements and nuances taken from the various locales and provinces of the country. Using age-old techniques, this valuable textile undergoes a long process as it is painstakingly handwoven, bit by bit and part by part, over a substantial period of time. Slowly, distinctive facets are added and songket weavers make creative use of gold thread to enhance the fabric even more. Throughout this process, these ingenious individuals display true commitment and perseverance. They dedicate their time, effort, and attention to details to the completion and creation of this valuable Indonesian handicraft. Deriving inspiration from songket weavers, Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) remains steadfast in its focus of uplifting the education quality in Indonesia. Committed to the formation of Indonesia’s future leaders, PSF endeavors to equip the younger generation with the right educational tools and instill in them a strong moral fiber so they may become empowered and capable global citizens who are ready to face global competition. By passing on knowledge and principles to Indonesia’s youth, PSF strengthens the spirit of sustainability in the country and paves the road to success for the next generation. P U T E R A S A M P O E R N A The Passage of Leadership ”We have the opportunity to learn from the past and set out on a new course towards the future. The times demand that we make the moral and intelligent choice to challenge ourselves to strive, to seek and to find a new future.” The Passage of Leadership Annual Repor t 2015
  4. 4. latent talent The creation of the songket begins with specific materials and the innate skills of the weaver. At PSF, We are guided in our purpose by knowing the great potential of Indonesia and its countrymen. By taking these to heart, we can use them in finding solutions to the challenges we face in the area of education.
  5. 5. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 8 9 B lessed with pristine forests and tranquil beaches, Indonesia is a treasure trove of discovery. Made up of more than 17,000 islands with an estimated 250 million citizens, the country is home to the rich diversity of its people and its natural resources. The country’s rich resources provide it the leverage in the global market. Its natural resources, raw materials and numerous local products contribute greatly to its performance as an exporter of commodities, making it the 24th largest export economy in the world. D engan hamparan hutan dan lautan yang indah, Indonesia adalah sebuah negara yang kaya. Terdiri atas sekitar 17.000 pulau dan jumlah penduduk yang mencapai 250 juta orang, negeri kita menjadi tempat tinggal bagi beragam suku bangsa serta sumber daya alam yang berlimpah. Potensi besar yang dimiliki membuat bangsa kita mendapatkan tempat tersendiri di pasar global. Berbagai sumber daya alam, bahan baku mentah, dan produk lokal menjadi komoditas yang mendukung kinerja Indonesia sebagai negara pengekspor terbesar ke-24 di dunia. unleashing the potential within for future development WITH A RAPID GROWTH IN MIDDLE-CLASS, INDONESIA OFFERS SIZEABLE OPPORTUNITIES SEIRING PESATNYA PERTUMBUHAN KELAS MENENGAH, INDONESIA MENAWARKAN PELUANG YANG BERLIMPAH
  6. 6. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 1 0 1 1 As Indonesia competes in the globalized world, it now faces a new challenge in producing qualified human resources. At present, the country’s educational standards lag behind other countries in the region, including Malaysia and Singapore. There is an urgent need for the country to uplift its education system, to ensure the continuous growth of the nation, and to influence the future success of the next generation. However, Indonesian children face many hardships in acquiring quality education. Two of the most prevalent factors that hinder them from pursuing their studies include access and monetary issues. To illustrate, 5.6 million Indonesian children enter elementary school but only 2.3 million students go through the education system and graduate from high school, based on data from the Ministry of National Education 2011. Furthermore, as stated by BPS-Sakernas, February 2014 - 2015 26.8% of Indonesians between the ages of 15 and 24 are unable to secure jobs. These figures show that Indonesian youths are in dire need of a higher quality education system which can be made more accessible to them. With the economic progress that Indonesia has been fostering in the past couple of years, McKinsey forecasted that by the year 2030, Indonesia could become the seventh largest economy in the world, surpassing Germany and the United Kingdom. Along with its steady economic track record, Indonesia is home to a rapidly growing middle class, ranking fourth in the world with 17.3 million households. This number is expected to increase substantially along with middle class purchasing power. Dengan kemajuan ekonomi yang telah dicapai beberapa tahun belakangan ini, McKinsey memperkirakan Indonesia akan menjadi negara dengan perekonomian terbesar ketujuh di dunia pada tahun 2030, melampaui Jerman serta Britania Raya. Laju pertumbuhan ekonomi yang stabil menjadikan Indonesia sebuah negara dengan masyarakat kelas menengah yang berkembang pesat, hingga mencapai peringkat keempat di dunia dengan 17,3 juta rumah tangga. Seiring menguatnya daya beli kelas menengah, jumlah ini diperkirakan akan terus meningkat. Dalam persaingannya di dunia global, Indonesia kini menghadapi tantangan baru untuk melahirkan sumber daya manusia yang berkualitas. Pada saat ini, standar pendidikan nasional kita masih tertinggal dibandingkan negara-negara tetangga, seperti Malaysia dan Singapura. Peningkatan sistem pendidikan pun menjadi suatu kebutuhan yang mendesak agar dapat memastikan pertumbuhan bangsa yang berkelanjutan, serta untuk mewujudkan kesuksesan masa depan bagi generasi berikutnya. Di sisi lain, anak-anak Indonesia mengalami banyak kesulitan dalam mendapatkan pendidikan berkualitas. Dua faktor umum yang menjadi penghalang utama dalam melanjutkan sekolah adalah masalah akses dan keuangan. Sebagai gambaran, data dari Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan pada 2011 memperlihatkan bahwa sebanyak 5,6 juta anak Indonesia menuntut ilmu di sekolah dasar, namun hanya 2,3 juta siswa yang dapat menuntaskan studinya dan lulus dari sekolah menengah atas. Sementara itu, sebanyak 26,8% penduduk Indonesia berusia 15 hingga 24 tahun tidak memiliki pekerjaan, demikian menurut data dari BPS-Sakernas Februari 2014-2015. Angka ini membuktikan besarnya kebutuhan generasi muda akan sistem pendidikan yang lebih berkualitas dan terjangkau. Together we can help the youth reach their full potential Bersama membantu anak INDONESIA mewujudkan potensinya
  7. 7. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 1 2 1 3 At present, the educational system in Indonesia needs to address the increasing demand for proficiency in four specific areas – science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). By focusing on these areas, students will be prepared to take on competitive jobs upon graduation. These efforts will effectively dispel the Boston Consulting Group’s (BGC) forecast that by 2020 only half of the entry level positions in Indonesia’s top businesses will be filled by qualified Indonesian graduates. It will also allow the nation to meet its demand for 175,000 eligible engineers a year, compared to its current yield of only 42,000, a figure derived from data provided by the Ministry of Public Works. Therefore, it is imperative for Indonesia to act now and uplift the standards of education throughout the nation. The country and its government must respond to the vital need for quality international educational institutions which will hone the skills of Indonesian students in STEM while also molding them with a strong moral fiber so they can become capable citizens of the world. If we collate our efforts, the Indonesian youth can gain access to affordable quality international education so they may stand a chance in competing in the global and regional arena. Working together can help unleash the true potential that can be found within each Indonesian child so he/she could become a competent and confident leader in the future. Saat ini sistem pendidikan nasional diharapkan dapat mengantisipasi tuntutan yang semakin tinggi akan kecakapan di empat bidang, yaitu sains, teknologi, teknik dan matematika (STEM). Dengan berfokus pada keempat bidang ini, siswa akan siap terjun di dunia kerja setelah kelulusannya. Upaya ini pun akan mematahkan prediksi Boston Consulting Group (BGC) yang menyebutkan bahwa pada 2020 hanya separuh dari posisi pemula di perusahaan bisnis papan atas di Indonesia yang dapat diisi oleh lulusan Indonesia yang berkualitas. Tidak hanya itu, negeri kita juga akan dapat memenuhi kebutuhan 175.000 insinyur per tahun, dibandingkan saat ini yang hanya mencapai 42.000 orang, seperti dinyatakan dalam data dari Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum. Berangkat dari hal ini, penting bagi Indonesia untuk segera meningkatkan standar pendidikan di seluruh negeri. Baik negara maupun pemerintah perlu mengakomodasi kebutuhan akan adanya institusi pendidikan internasional berkualitas, yang membekali para siswa Indonesia dengan keterampilan dalam STEM serta moral yang kuat, sehingga dapat menjadi warga dunia yang membanggakan. Dengan berkerja sama, generasi muda Indonesia dapat mengakses pendidikan internasional berkualitas dan terjangkau, sehingga berpeluang meraih kesuksesan dalam kompetisi global maupun regional. Bersama-sama kita dapat membantu mengembangkan potensi diri pada setiap anak Indonesia, sehingga dapat menjadi pemimpin masa depan yang kompeten, penuh percaya diri.
  8. 8. quality and added value The process of songket creation takes time because great attention is given to ensuring the quality of the fabric. Led by our vision and mission, we are focused on creating a lasting legacy for the next generation of Indonesian youth.
  9. 9. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 1 6 1 7 F ounded on the desire to propagate the development of Indonesia, Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) was established in 2001 as a philanthropic organization granting scholarships to underprivileged students. It has since expanded its reach and officially became a social business institution in 2010. Building towards a sustainable transformation for Indonesia, PSF uses the power of quality education to develop the minds and capabilities of bright and aspiring students. By providing them with educational opportunities through the Sampoerna Schools System, PSF has become instrumental in the preparation of Indonesia’s new workforce who are ready to compete in the fast-paced and dynamic global marketplace. PSF, just like the skilled artisans creating the songket, painstakingly oversees every stage of student preparation, from their character development to their increased proficiency in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Manifesting the artisan’s excellence, quality of work, determination and fidelity, PSF remains steadfast as it spurs change within Indonesia. D idasari oleh keinginan untuk membangun bangsa dan negara, Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) didirikan pada 2001 sebagai organisasi filantropi yang memberikan beasiswa bagi para siswa prasejahtera. Pada 2010 PSF mengembangkan sayapnya dan resmi menjadi institusi bisnis sosial. PSF berupaya mewujudkan transformasi berkelanjutan di Indonesia melalui pendidikan berkualitas, yang bertujuan mengembangkan daya cipta, rasa, dan karsa para siswa berprestasi. Dengan menyediakan alternatif pendidikan melalui Sampoerna Schools System, PSF mempersiapkan tenaga kerja baru yang percaya diri dan siap bersaing dalam pasar global yang dinamis. Layaknya penenun songket yang tekun, PSF tanpa lelah mendampingi para siswa dalam setiap fase, dari pembangunan karakter hingga peningkatan kompetensi STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Sejalan prinsip kesempurnaan, kualitas kerja, tekad, dan kesetiaan yang dijunjung para pengrajin, PSF berbulat hati menciptakan perubahan di Indonesia. introducing putera sampoerna foundation We aim to build a stronger nation through quality education Kami membangun bangsa yang lebih kokoh melalui pendidikan berkualitas
  10. 10. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 1 8 1 9 Vision Mission To produce high caliber future leaders for Indonesia to meet the challenges of global competition. To develop an international education pathway that supports our future leaders to become work- ready and world-ready in facing the global market competition. To establish an integrated school system that is financially sustainable and scalable. To become a role model for other social business organization in Indonesia. To be professional, compassionate, transparent and to constantly strive for excellence. Visi Misi Menghasilkan para calon pemimpin bangsa yang handal di masa depan yang siap menghadapi tantangan untuk berkompetisi di kancah global. Mengembangkan alur pendidikan internasional yang mendukung lahirnya para calon pemimpin siap kerja dan berdaya saing global. Membentuk sistem sekolah terpadu dengan kesehatan keuangan yang baik dan tumbuh secara stabil. Menjadi panutan bagi organisasi bisnis sosial lainnya di Indonesia. Menjadi organisasi yang profesional, peduli, terbuka, dan terus berupaya mencapai kesempurnaan.
  11. 11. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 2 0 2 1 E very generation makes a valuable contribution to the future of the nation. This is the inspiration that guides the Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) in making quality international education accessible to as many Indonesian youth as possible. Our unwavering commitment is expressed through the establishment of the Sampoerna Schools System. Through this system, we facilitate the development of Indonesian children and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel on the global stage. By providing them a sound foundation, we are actively initiating a sustainable Indonesia wherein we can tap our own citizens to affect change and make positive improvements to our country. S etiap generasi memiliki kontribusi penting terhadap masa depan bangsa. Inspirasi inilah yang memandu Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) dalam upaya menyediakan pendidikan berkualitas internasional yang terjangkau bagi sebanyak mungkin pemuda Indonesia. Sampoerna Schools System merupakan bukti keteguhan komitmen kami terhadap dunia pendidikan. Melalui sistem ini, kami memfasilitasi perkembangan anak-anak Indonesia dan membekali mereka dengan pengetahuan serta keterampilan yang dibutuhkan untuk bersaing dalam kompetisi global. Menanamkan fondasi kokoh pada generasi muda merupakan salah satu inisiatif kami untuk mewujudkan Indonesia yang berkelanjutan, dengan mendorong setiap warga untuk menjadi agen perubahan positif bagi negeri. message from the founder Uplifting Indonesia’s economy through education Meningkatkan ekonomi Indonesia Melalui Pendidikan
  12. 12. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 2 2 2 3 In 2015, we ushered 155 graduates of Sampoerna University into the world. Armed with their full potential, it is our fervent hope that they will use their capacity to become effective leaders; strong, capable individuals who will lead the nation and pave the way for Indonesia to become an economic global leader. Needless to say, educating the youth is a continuous process that requires constant effort and reinforcement. With the unfailing support of our partners, we remain steadfast in the pursuit of a brighter future for our children and a better Indonesia we can all be proud of. Putera Sampoerna F o u n d e r Di tahun 2015, Sampoerna University mengantar 155 lulusannya memasuki dunia profesional. Kami yakin para lulusan ini dapat memanfaatkan potensi besar dalam diri mereka untuk menjadi para pemimpin yang efektif; individu-individu yang tangguh dan kompeten, yang akan memimpin dan mengantar Indonesia menjadi salah satu pemimpin ekonomi dunia. Mendidik generasi muda merupakan suatu proses berkesinambungan yang menuntut adanya upaya yang tidak kenal lelah. Namun dengan dukungan dan kepercayaan para mitra, kami tetap kukuh berupaya mewujudkan masa depan lebih baik bagi anak-anak kita dan bangsa yang membanggakan. A sound foundation provides Indonesian children with the edge to excel fondasi yang kokoh menyokong anak-anak Indonesia mencapai prestasi
  13. 13. willpower With perseverance, Indonesia’s songket weavers dedicate their time and effort to the fruition of the luxury fabric. Likewise, PSF and the Sampoerna Schools System invests all its energy and resources towards molding the future leaders of Indonesia.
  14. 14. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 2 6 2 7 W ith the best interests of children at heart, the Sampoerna Schools System provides students withaccesstoaholisticinternationaleducation. The System endeavors not only to educate students but also to prepare them to become work-ready and world-ready members of society. Combining internationally credentialed curricula, the best of the American education system, and the national curriculum, Sampoerna Schools System emphasizes on proven STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) methodologies to empower students and instill them leadership, problem- solving, critical thinking and collaboration. By adopting a seamless pathway from pre-kindergarten to university, Sampoerna Schools System is instrumental in providing affordable options to students in Indonesia. Sampoerna Academy exposes students to project-based learning as guided by academic plans developed by leading global educators. They undergo international assessments and benchmarking to ensure they meet global standards and are prepared to advance to university. Sampoerna Schools System also assists them in gaining acceptance into American universities or opt to study in Sampoerna University and earn their U.S. degree without having to leave the country. B erfokus pada keunikan setiap anak, Sampoerna Schools System menyediakan akses pendidikan internasional yang holistik. Tidak hanya memberikan pendidikan berkualitas, Sampoerna Schools System juga mempersiapkan mereka menjadi anggota masyarakat siap kerja dan berdaya saing global. Menggabungkan kurikulum internasional, sistem pendidikan Amerika, dan kurikulum nasional, Sampoerna Schools System menitikberatkan pendekatan STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) yang membekali para siswa dengan keterampilan kepemimpinanan, memecahkan masalah, berpikir kritis, dan kolaborasi. Dengan alur pendidikan lengkap dari kelompok bermain hingga universitas, Sampoerna Schools System bertujuan menawarkan alternatif pendidikan yang terjangkau oleh para siswa Indonesia. Di Sampoerna Academy, para siswa diperkenalkan dengan pembelajaran berbasis proyek, yang disusun sesuai rencana akademik oleh para edukator terbaik dunia. Penilaian internasional menjadi tolok ukur para siswa menuju universitas. Sampoerna Schools System juga membantu para siswa dalam seleksi penerimaan mahasiswa di universitas Amerika dan Sampoerna University, di mana mereka dapat meraih gelar Amerika tanpa harus meninggalkan tanah air. introducing Sampoerna Schools System Discovering a direct pathway to educational fulfilment Membuka jalur langsung menuju pendidikan YANG DIIMPIKAN
  15. 15. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 2 8 2 9 T he Sampoerna Schools System aims to ignite the spark within students so they embark on a journey of discovery. This journey begins by building a foundation at the Sampoerna Academy offering education from pre-kindergarten to high school. The Academy has student-centric classrooms where the children are taught the fundamentals of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and molded to become well-rounded individuals. Sampoerna Academy Boarding School, on the other hand, provides a 24/7 learning environment to high schoolers coming from different provinces of Indonesia. The housing system enables them to forge lifelong relationships. At Sampoerna University, students pursue degrees conferred in the U.S. and Indonesia. They may complete this dual degree program entirely in Indonesia. Armed with such degrees, graduates are ascertained future success. PSF also provides assistance to financially-constrained students. Through Koperasi Jasa Siswa Bangsa (KJSB), alumni benefited fromthegenerosityoftheirpeersextendhelptocurrentstudents. PSF also understands the plight of local educators. PSF School Development Outreach (PSF-SDO) aims to solve the education challenges in Indonesia. A complete structure, the Sampoerna Schools Systems champions the pursuit of education and empowers the vision of PSF to create high calibre future leaders. S ampoerna Schools System menggali potensi para siswa sebagai bekal mengarungi perjalanan mereka menuju kesuksesan. Bermula di Sampoerna Academy, fondasi pendidikan dari kelompok bermain hingga SMA dibangun. Dalam ruang kelas yang berpusat pada siswa, mereka diperkenalkan pada pembelajaran STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) dan dibentuk menjadi pribadi yang matang. Sementara itu, Sampoerna Academy Boarding School menyediakan lingkungan belajar holistik untuk siswa SMA dari berbagai provinsi di Indonesia. Sistem asrama memungkinkan siswa membina persahabatan yang langgeng. Untuk masa depan yang terjamin, mahasiswa Sampoerna University dapat meraih gelar ganda dari AS dan Indonesia. Mereka berkesempatan meraih gelar tersebut tanpa harus meninggalkan Indonesia. PSF juga menyediakan bantuan bagi siswa dengan hambatan finansial. Melalui Koperasi Jasa Siswa Bangsa (KJSB), para alumni dapat membantu adik-adik mereka untuk memperoleh kesampatan yang sama. PSF juga merangkul para pendidik. PSF School Development Outreach (PSF-SDO) hadir sebagai solusi bagi tantangan pendidikan di Indonesia. Dengan struktur yang utuh, Sampoerna Schools System mewujudkan visi PSF dalam membentuk calon pemimpin bangsa yang berkualitas melalui pendidikan berkualitas. sampoerna academy sampoerna university sampoerna academy boarding school sCHOOL development outreach koperasi jasa siswa bangsa • • • • • — Sampoerna Schools System A quality holistic education Pendidikan Holistik Berkualitas
  16. 16. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 3 0 3 1 Sampoerna Academy S ampoerna Academy offers a seamless pathway for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 so they can hone their academics and moral character in a modern and dynamic school environment. A part of a complete education ecosystem, Sampoerna Academy is guided by a hybrid curriculum composed of internationally-credentialed curricula and the national curriculum.This serves as the strong learning foundation for the students who are encouraged to explore, dream and think outside the box. The combination of the national and international syllabi allows students to become well-rounded and develop strengths in various academic areas. This culture of student-centric learning, with English as its medium, molds the children to become independent, intelligent and capable citizens who can thrive in the globalized world. S ampoerna Academy menawarkan jalur pendidikan yang lengkap bagi para siswa, mulai dari kelompok bermain hingga SMA, sehingga mereka dapat mengasah kemampuan akademis dan karakter moral di dalam lingkungan sekolah yang modern dan dinamis. Sebagai bagian dari ekosistem pendidikan yang lengkap, Sampoerna Academy menggabungkan kurikulum internasional dan kurikulum nasional. Perpaduan ini melandasi pembelajaran yang kuat bagi para siswa untuk berani bereksplorasi, beraspirasi, dan berpikir progresif. Perpaduan silabus nasional dan internasional memungkinkan para siswa berkembang di seluruh bidang dengan keunggulan di sejumlah bidang akademis. Dengan budaya belajar yang berpusat pada siswa dan bahasa Inggris sebagai pengantar, para siswa akan berkembang menjadi individu yang mandiri, cerdas, serta berdaya saing global. Sampoerna Academy forges academic collaborations with KIPP and Harmony Public Schools Sampoerna Academy menjalin kerja sama akademis dengan KIPP dan Harmony Public Schools
  17. 17. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 3 2 3 3 In 2015, Sampoerna Academy implemented STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and project-based learning in all levels. To further enhance the students’ proficiency in STEM, Sampoerna Schools System forged academic collaborations with the Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) and the Harmony Public Schools. These developments will be fully enjoyed by the 44 students who were admitted and welcomed into the Sampoerna Academy for the 2015/2016 Academic Year. Those in high school can also now take advantage of a new initiative by Sampoerna Academy wherein it delivers courses that will earn the students U.S. academic credits accepted by most American universities. The FASTRACK•USA program, a unique initiative by Sampoerna Schools System, provides the opportunity for students to get to university in a faster and reasonable manner. The program is also viable to address the needs of the growing middle class in the country, specifically for quality education that is more affordable and within their reach. Furthermore, the program allows students to be better prepared when they enter university. For 2015, several notable activities were held to enhance the learning experience of students. This included a school field trip to celebrate Heroes day on 10 November followed by a field trip to Ragunan Zoo for the Kinder and Primary levels on 13 November. The middle school and high school students engaged in a UNESCO Time Project for the month of December and two Grade 10 students, namely Arfan and Zharfa, received second favorite in the Intel Galileo Arduino Innovation program. Sampoerna Academy also spearheaded a STEM Expo to better inform the students about STEM and held a year-end gathering in December. Pada 2015, Sampoerna Academy menerapkan metode pembelajaran STEM (science, technology, engineering, dan math) dan pembelajaran berdasarkan proyek di seluruh tingkatan. Untuk lebih mengembangkan kemampuan siswa dalam STEM, Sampoerna Schools System menjalin kerja sama akademis dengan Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) dan Harmony Public Schools. Hasil dari kerja sama ini dapat dinikmati oleh 44 siswa yang telah diterima di Sampoerna Academy pada tahun ajaran 2015/2016. Para siswa yang duduk di sekolah menengah atas kini juga dapat menikmati inisiatif baru dari Sampoerna Academy, yang memungkinkan mereka mengambil mata kuliah dan mengumpulkan SKS yang diterima oleh sebagian besar universitas di Amerika Serikat. Program FASTRACK•USA, inisiatif unik dari Sampoerna Schools System ini, memberikan kesempatan bagi para siswa untuk memasuki dunia universitas lebih cepat dan dengan biaya lebih terjangkau. Selain ditujukan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan masyarakat kelas menengah akan adanya pendidikan berkualitas yang lebih terjangkau, program ini juga mempersiapkan para siswa dengan lebih baik untuk memasuki universitas. Pada 2015, tercatat sejumlah aktivitas yang diadakan untuk meningkatkan pengalaman belajar para siswa. Di antaranya adalah kunjungan sekolah dalam rangka Hari Pahlawan pada 10 November, diikuti kunjungan ke Kebun Binatang Ragunan untuk siswa taman kanak- kanak dan sekolah dasar pada 13 November. Selama bulan Desember, para siswa sekolah menengah pertama dan atas mengikuti kegiatan UNESCO Time Project, sementara dua siswa Kelas 10, Arfan dan Zharfa, meraih posisi favorit kedua dalam program Intel Galileo Arduino Innovation. Di samping itu, Sampoerna Academy menggelar STEM Expo untuk memberikan informasi lengkap seputar STEM kepada para siswa dan acara akhir tahun pada bulan Desember. S.T.E.M.-based learning enables students to develop the necessary skills in these vital areas Metode belajar S.T.E.M. memungkinkan para siswa mengembangkan keterampilan dalam berbagai bidang STRATEGIS
  18. 18. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 3 4 3 5 Sampoerna Academy Boarding School N estled in the Sampoerna Academy Campus in Bogor, the Sampoerna Academy Boarding School molds commendable and gifted students in a 24-hour learning environment. With students hailing from more than 27 provinces, the school has a diverse community of individuals that engage in a wide array of activities such as competitions, community service, clubs, visiting lecturers as well as international and domestic exchanges. These worthy undertakings are part of the school’s holistic education program wherein students are encouraged to develop life skills such as self-reliance, critical thinking and motivation to oversee their school projects. The nurturing environment allows students to cultivate lasting friendships and to foster their own sense of self. B erlokasi di Bogor, Sampoerna Academy Boarding School membina para siswa berbakat dan berprestasi dalam lingkungan belajar 24 jam penuh. Keberadaan para siswa yang berasal lebih dari 27 provinsi mencerminkan keberagaman dalam komunitas sekolah. Setiap siswa terlibat dalam beragam aktivitas, seperti kompetisi, pelayanan masyarakat, klub, kunjungan dosen tamu, serta pertukaran pelajar daerah dan internasional. Berbagai kegiatan bermanfaat di atas menjadi bagian program pendidikan holistik di sekolah, yang bertujuan mendorong para siswa mengasah sejumlah keterampilan hidup, seperti kemandirian, pola berpikir kritis, serta motivasi tinggi dalam mengerjakan proyek-proyek sekolahnya. Dalam lingkungan yang nyaman, para siswa dapat membina persahabatan serta menumbuhkan kesadaran diri. Sampoerna Academy Boarding School implements S.T.E.M.- based teaching and learning methodologies Sampoerna Academy Boarding School menerapkan S.T.E.M. sebagai metodologi BELAJAR-MENGAJAR YANG UTAMA
  19. 19. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 3 6 3 7 In 2015, Sampoerna Academy Boarding School proudly led the commencement ceremony of 141 students, held at Balai Sidang Kinasih, Sukabumi, Bogor. Following their graduation, these bright students will pursue higher education at some of the country’s best universities. Also this year, Sampoerna Academy Boarding School, as part of a complete education ecosystem, implemented STEM-based learning to strengthen the students’ proficiencies in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and math. This development will greatly benefit the newly admitted 43 regular students as well as 238 assisted students, who received support from 50 donors, in their academics and overall development. Di tahun 2015, Sampoerna Academy Boarding School dengan bangga melepas 141 siswanya melalui acara wisuda di Balai Sidang Kinasih, Sukabumi, Bogor. Setelah menyelesaikan studi, para siswa berprestasi ini akan menempuh pendidikan pada sejumlah universitas unggulan di negeri ini. Pada tahun ini juga, Sampoerna Academy Boarding School sebagai bagian dari ekosistem pendidikan yang lengkap, menerapkan metode pembelajaran STEM yang memperkuat kompetensi siswa di bidang sains, teknologi, teknik, seni, dan matematika. Pengembangan ini akan sangat bermanfaat bagi 43 siswa reguler baru, demikian juga dengan 238 siswa penerima beasiswa dari 50 donatur, baik dari aspek akademik maupun keseluruhan. Apart from providing the students a well-rounded and S.T.E.M-based education, Sampoerna Academy Boarding School has also made an effort to upgrade its recruitment process by conducting socialization activities in Lombok, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Rembang, Lumajang, Jombang and Probolinggo. These endeavors will be helpful in the identification of eligible candidates and raise the admission of quality students. The Sampoerna Schools System launched another initiative in 2015 which is FASTRACK•USA. The program allows students to go directly from high school to a two year Associate degree program. This will serve as a bridge between high school and a Bachelor’s degree where they can earn college credits in the first two years in Indonesia and leave for the U.S. for their third year of Bachelor’s degree. In 2015, 99 students in Sampoerna Academy Boarding School enrolled in FASTRACK•USA and began working on course work for their Associate degree from Lone Star College. This led to the awarding of their U.S. recognized college credits. Other notable achievements of Sampoerna Academy Boarding School for this year include the participation of Rafa Tasnia Al Helal and Ignacius Gracias Sony at the Sunburst Youth Camp (SYC) in Singapore as well as the conclusion of several special events such as the Youth Entrepreneurship Day, Culture Day and Open Gate for the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). In addition, a number of graduates from Sampoerna Academy Boarding School are currently pursuing higher education in foreign universities. One of these students is Carlo Gabriel who studied at NYU in Shanghai. Another one is Joevandi Dewantara who is completing his degree through a scholarship at Mitsui, Japan, and La Chica Salsabila Bilqis who is studying in Russia through a scholarship granted by the Russian government. Selain menyediakan pendidikan yang seimbang dan berdasarkan STEM, sejumlah aktivitas sosialisasi juga diadakan di Lombok, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Rembang, Lumajang, Jombang, dan Probolinggo untuk menarik lebih banyak siswa menuntut ilmu di Sampoerna Academy Boarding School. Kegiatan ini akan membantu dalam menemukan para kandidat yang tepat serta meningkatkan jumlah pendaftaran siswa berkualitas yang baru. Inisiatif lain yang diluncurkan oleh Sampoerna Schools System adalah FASTRACK•USA. Program ini memungkinkan para siswa menempuh program associate degree selama dua tahun sejak masih duduk di sekolah menengah atas. Program ini menjembatani sekolah menengah atas dengan bachelor’s degree, yang memungkinkan siswa meraih SKS dalam dua tahun pertamanya di Indonesia, kemudian menempuh tahun ketiga di AS untuk meraih bachelor’s degree. Di tahun 2015, 99 siswa Sampoerna Academy Boarding School mengikuti FASTRACK•USA dan memulai studi untuk meraih associate degree dari Lone Star College, serta SKS yang diakui di AS. Pencapaian lainnya yang membanggakan dari Sampoerna Academy Boarding School pada tahun ini adalah keikutsertaan Rafa Tasnia Al Helal dan Ignacius Gracias Sony dalam Sunburst Youth Camp (SYC) di Singapura, serta pada sejumlah acara khusus lainnya, seperti Youth Entrepreneurship Day, Culture Day, dan Open Gate for the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Tidak hanya itu, beberapa alumni Sampoerna Academy Boarding School saat ini sedang menuntut ilmu di sejumlah universitas di luar negeri. Salah satunya adalah Carlo Gabriel yang sedang belajar di NYU Shanghai. Selain itu ada juga Joevandi Dewantara yang tengah menyelesaikan studi sarjananya dengan bantuan beasiswa Mitsui Jepang dan La Chica Salsabila Bilqis yang sedang belajar di Rusia dengan beasiswa pemerintah Rusia.
  20. 20. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 3 8 3 9 A n integral part of the Sampoerna Schools System, Sampoerna University provides a pathway for students to attain a quality degree here in Indonesia or the U.S. The University enables students to enroll in an Associate Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree. Students can opt to pursue the regular path to university, or enroll in the FASTRACK•USA program that allows them to work towards an Associate Degree while they are still in high school. Students will be taking subjects and earning college credits that are transferrable to universities in the U.S. while still studying in Indonesia. Serving as the bridge from high school to a bachelor’s degree, FASTRACK•USA helps students graduate from university in just five years – two years shorter than the regular time frame of seven years. After obtaining their associate degree in Indonesia, students increase their chances of being accepted into a U.S. bachelor’s degree program as third year entrants. S ebagai bagian dari Sampoerna Schools System, Sampoerna University menyediakan alur pendidikan untuk meraih gelar dari universitas ternama di Indonesia dan juga AS bagi para mahasiswa yang mendaftar dalam program associate degree atau bachelor’s degree. Para siswa dapat memilih antara jalur reguler atau program FASTRACK•USA, di mana para siswa dapat meraih associate degree di bangku SMA. Mereka berkesempatan untuk mengambil mata kuliah dan mengumpulkan SKS yang dapat ditransfer ke universitas di AS saat studi di Indonesia. Berperan sebagai jembatan antara sekolah menengah atas dan bachelor’s degree, FASTRACK•USA membantu para siswa untuk lulus dari universitas dalam lima tahun, ini berarti dua tahun lebih singkat dibandingkan kurun waktu normal selama tujuh tahun. Setelah meraih associate degree di Indonesia, para mahasiswa akan memiliki kesempatan yang lebih besar untuk diterima dalam program bachelor’s degree di universitas di AS sebagai mahasiswa tahun ketiga. Sampoerna University unfurls the graduation of 155 students Sampoerna University melepas 155 wisudawan Sampoerna University
  21. 21. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 4 0 4 1 Collaborations with US universities give students more options Kolaborasi dengan sejumlah universitas di A.S. memberikan lebih banyak pilihan bagi para siswa The Sampoerna Schools System also established the Student-Parent Advisory Center (SPAC) to raise the productivity and efficiency in recruiting potential students. Through SPAC, our recruitment team interviews interested parents and students, as well as introduces them to the highlights of learning experience in Sampoerna Schools System. The quality of education at Sampoerna University can be measured by the achievements that its students garnered. Putra Abimayu for example, from the Faculty of Business, was chosen as the Abang Buku DKI Jakarta for 2015, while Luh Putu Eka Yani from the Faculty of Science and Technology made it to the second place in Duta Bahasa Bali 2015 and participated in the International Student Energy Summit 2015. Lastly, Gracia Carmelita Varani from the Faculty of Education received the highest GPA of 3.97 in 2015. Pictured here (l to r) are: Putra Abimayu, Gracia Carmelita Varani, Luh Putu Eka Yani This program is made possible by Sampoerna Schools System’s collaboration with the Lone Star College (LSC) System, Louisiana State University (LSU) College of Engineering and the Oregon State University (OSU) College of Business. Our students have the choice of finishing their U.S. degrees entirely in Indonesia or graduating overseas, with the credits they have earned in Sampoerna University transferrable to most universities in the U.S. At the moment, Sampoerna University offers several study programs under the three faculties – Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Business and Faculty of Education. For 2015, Sampoerna University celebrated the graduation of 155 students – 43 from the Faculty of Business and 112 from the Faculty of Education. Program Sampoerna Schools System ini terselenggara berkat kerja sama dengan Lone Star College System, Louisiana State University (LSU) College of Engineering, dan Oregon State University College of Business. Para mahasiswa Sampoerna University memiliki kebebasan untuk sepenuhnya meraih gelar AS di Indonesia atau di luar negeri. SKS yang diperoleh di Sampoerna University dapat ditransfer ke mayoritas universitas di AS. Saat ini, Sampoerna University menawarkan sejumlah program studi di bawah fakultas sains dan teknologi, fakultas bisnis, dan fakultas pendidikan. Pada 2015, Sampoerna University melepas 155 wisudawan—yakni 43 mahasiswa fakultas bisnis dan 112 mahasiswa fakultas pendidikan. Sampoerna Schools System juga mendirikan Student- Parent Advisory Center (SPAC) untuk meningkatkan produktivitas dan efisiensi dalam merekrut mahasiswa berpotensi. Melalui SPAC, tim rekrutmen bertatap muka dengan para orang tua dan mahasiswa yang tertarik sekaligus memperkenalkan serunya pengalaman belajar yang unik di Sampoerna Schools System. Sejumlah prestasi yang telah diraih oleh para mahasiswa membuktikan kualitas pendidikan yang diberikan di Sampoerna University. Putra Abimayu dari Fakultas Bisnis, misalnya, terpilih sebagai Abang Buku DKI Jakarta 2015, sementara Luh Putu Eka Yani dari Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi meraih juara kedua Duta Bahasa Bali 2015 dan berpartisipasi dalam International Student Energy Summit 2015. Tidak ketinggalan, Gracia Carmelita Varani dari Fakultas Pendidikan pada 2015 ini mencapai IPK tertinggi, yaitu 3,97.
  22. 22. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 4 2 4 3 School Development Outreach P SF School Development Outreach (PSF-SDO) is an education service provider with comprehensive, sustainable and customizable programs that aim to uplift the quality of education in Indonesia and empower the education practitioners in the country to be on par with the global standard. In cooperation with the government, the private sector and the different communities within Indonesia, PSF- SDO hopes to provide Indonesian children with quality education which enable them to become globally competent individuals who can effect change in the country. In the same manner, the organization is driven to improve Indonesian human resources while also pushing for sustainable socio-economic development. All of PSF-SDO’s programs are based on best practices. These include the School Development Program, the Professional Development Program, the Education Support Program, and the Education Assessment and Consultancy. The School Development Program P SF School Development Outreach (PSF- SDO) merupakan penyedia jasa pendidikan dengan program-program yang komprehensif, berkelanjutan, dan dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan. Mengemban misi untuk meningkatkan mutu pendidikan di Indonesia, PSF-SDO berupaya mengembangkan kemampuan para guru lokal bertaraf global. Melalui kerja sama dengan pihak pemerintah, swasta, maupun berbagai komunitas di Indonesia, PSF-SDO berharap dapat menyediakan pendidikan berkualitas bagi anak-anak bangsa, yang membentuk mereka menjadi individu-individu yang berdaya saing global dan pembawa perubahan bagi negeri. Sejalan dengan itu, PSF-SDO pun berkomitmen memperbaiki mutu sumber daya manusia serta mendorong terciptanya pembangunan sosio ekonomi yang berkelanjutan. Seluruh program PSF-SDO dirancang berdasarkan praktik terbaik, termasuk di dalamnya Program Pengembangan Sekolah, Program Pengembangan Profesi, Program DukunganPendidikandanProgramPenilaiandanKonsultasi Pendidikan. Melalui Program Pengembangan Sekolah, PSF-SDO establishes six Teachers Learning Centers PSF-SDO mendirikan enam Pusat Belajar Guru
  23. 23. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 4 4 4 5 Training and coaching are used to help teachers meet or exceed national standards Pelatihan dan bimbingan membantu para guru mencapai atau melampaui standar nasional endeavors to provide assistance to all types of schools through training and coaching so they can meet or exceed the national standards. The Professional Development Program, on the other hand, uses a series of workshops and coaching sessions to encourage the development of professional teachers and school leaders. Hand in hand with this is the Education Support Program which imparts the ways in which education practitioners can adopt effective learning methods and develop learning community mechanisms. Lastly, the Education Assessment and Consultancy is geared towards the assessment of these efforts and offers consultation for improvement. To date, extensive training from PSF-SDO have greatly helped the development of more than 22,000 teachers, principals, superintendents and school managements. In addition, the organization has also been instrumental in the quality improvement of 568 schools and 25 madrasahs and also successfully established six Teachers Learning Centers in several parts of Indonesia. In 2015, PSF-SDO began developing a portfolio to support schools to efficiently identify students with high potential, guide them accordingly in their studies, and prepare them to be college-ready once they graduate. PSF-SDO berupaya menyediakan bantuan pelatihan dan bimbingan bagi semua jenis sekolah, agar dapat memenuhi atau melampaui standar nasional. Sementara Program Pengembangan Profesi diimplementasikan melalui sejumlah lokakarya dan bimbingan yang bertujuan mengembangkan profesionalisme guru serta kepala sekolah. Program ini dilaksanakan bersama dengan Program Dukungan Pendidikan, yang membantu para guru dalam mengadopsi metode mengajar yang efektif dan mengembangkan mekanisme pembelajaran komunitas. Program terakhir, Program Penilaian dan Konsultasi Pendidikan, bertujuan mengkaji upaya-upaya yang telah dilakukan serta memberikan saran-saran perbaikan. Hingga saat ini, pelatihan ekstensif dari PSF-SDO telah membantu perkembangan lebih dari 22.000 guru, kepala sekolah, pengawas, serta staf sekolah. Di samping itu, organisasi ini juga telah berperan dalam memperbaiki mutu 568 sekolah dan 25 madrasah, serta berhasil mendirikan enam Pusat Belajar Guru di sejumlah daerah di Indonesia. Di tahun 2015, PSF-SDO mulai mengembangkan program yang bertujuan mendukung sekolah-sekolah dalam menemukan, membimbing, serta mempersiapkan para siswa yang berpotensi tinggi hingga memasuki jenjang universitas.
  24. 24. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 4 6 4 7 Rini Lestari, a 46-year-old grade 2 teacher at SDN 01 Pondok Jagung, attested to the effectivity of PSF-SDO’s training modules, “After undergoing training with PSF- SDO, my colleagues and I have increased fervor in teaching our classes. Now we use different ways to teach and unique methods to engage the students.” Always taking part in the various training programs provided by the Ministry of Education and Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF), Rini has been able to make full use of the knowledge she gained, “Using the techniques shared by PSF-SDO, my students are now more eager to learn and we have more interaction in class. Time goes by so fast during our lessons.” Rini Lestari (46 tahun), guru kelas 2 SDN 01 Pondok Jagung, membuktikan keefektifan modul pelatihan PSF-SDO. “Setelah mendapatkan pelatihan dari PSF- SDO, saya dan guru-guru lain semakin bersemangat mengajar. Kini kami menerapkan berbagai metode dan cara mengajar yang berbeda untuk menarik minat para siswa,” katanya. Selalu berpartisipasi dalam sejumlah program pelatihan dari Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan serta Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF), Rini pun dapat memaksimalkan pengetahuan yang didapatkannya. “Dengan teknik-teknik dari PSF-SDO, para siswa saya semakin giat belajar dan interaksi di kelas pun menjadi lebih baik. Waktu belajar berlalu tanpa terasa,” tambahnya. As PSF-SDO personnel evaluate the teachers after they are trained, they receive advice on how to apply new teaching techniques to ensure that the children’s learning is maximized. Kesya, a grade 5 student from SDN 01 Pondok Jagung, enjoys her class more nowadays as her teacher, Mrs. Tuti, uses stories and games to make learning fun. Through the usage of these methods as well as unique teaching aides, class is enlivened and the lessons are better retained in the student’s memory, “Mrs. Tuti always makes sure we understand our lessons by giving examples and telling us stories. She jokes with us and explains anything we don’t understand.” Dalam sesi evaluasi setelah pelatihan, PSF-SDO memberikan sejumlah saran kepada para guru seputar penerapan teknik pengajaran baru, agar pembelajaran siswa dapat optimal. Kesya, siswa kelas 5 SDN 01 Pondok Jagung, mengaku kini lebih senang bersekolah karena gurunya, Ibu Tuti, sering bercerita dan membuat permainan agar pelajaran menjadi lebih menyenangkan. Dengan menggunakan metode serta alat bantu mengajar yang menarik, kelas menjadi lebih hidup dan pelajaran dapat diserap dengan lebih baik. “Ibu Tuti sering memberikan contoh dan bercerita agar pelajaran menjadi lebih jelas. Dia juga suka bercanda dan bersedia menjelaskan apa pun yang tidak kami pahami.” “Mrs. Tuti always makes sure we understand our lessons by giving examples and telling us stories. She jokes with us and explains anything we don’t understand.” Always taking part in the various training programs provided by the Ministry of Education and PSF, Rini has been able to make full use of the knowledge she gained.
  25. 25. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 4 8 4 9 Koperasi Jasa Siswa Bangsa T he first organization to offer a student assistance program in Indonesia, Koperasi Jasa Siswa Bangsa (KJSB) provides bright yet disadvantaged students important financial support -- tuition and living expenses such as monthly allowance, room rent, book allowance, research and graduation allowance, as well as laptop and transportation allowance -- so they may have access to a quality and international standard higher education in top universities here and in the U.S. This is a strong manifestation of the vision and mission of PSF and Sampoerna Schools System. This year, KJSB extended assistance to 49 deserving students, so they may continue their studies at Sampoerna Schools System. Furthermore, KJSB also helped 75 students from the Sampoerna Academy Boarding School to enroll in FASTRACK•USA, a new initiative by Sampoerna Schools System. Through the Affordable Education Financing program, the students from humble backgrounds are able to continue their education so they can earn their bachelor’s degree. KJSB reaches out to more students throughout the nation KJSB menjangkau lebih banyak siswa di seluruh negeri S ebagai organisasi pertama yang menawarkan program bantuan bagi para siswa di Indonesia, Koperasi Jasa Siswa Bangsa (KJSB) menyediakan bantuan finansial bagi para siswa cerdas dari keluarga prasejahtera—mulai dari biaya pendidikan hingga biaya hidup, seperti uang saku, tempat tinggal, buku, riset, dan wisuda—sehingga mereka bisa mengenyam pendidikan tinggi berkualitas dan berstandar internasional di sejumlah universitas papan atas di Indonesia maupun di Amerika Serikat. Hal ini sesuai dengan visi dan misi yang dianut PSF maupun Sampoerna Schools System. Pada tahun ini KJSB menyampaikan bantuan bagi 49 siswa, sehingga dapat melanjutkan studinya di Sampoerna Schools System. Tidak hanya itu, KJSB juga membantu 75 siswa Sampoerna Academy Boarding School mendaftar dalam program baru dari Sampoerna Schools System, yaitu FASTRACK•USA. Dengan adanya program Pembiayaan Pendidikan yang Terjangkau, para siswa dari latar belakang keluarga prasejahtera dapat melanjutkan pendidikan dan meraih gelar sarjana.
  26. 26. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 5 0 5 1 Some notable achievements during 2015 were the conclusion of an internship program for nine overseas students at PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Bandung held from 24 May to 14 July. Several career preparation and development workshops were held including one in Marbella, Bandung attended by 69 SA graduates. Another event was conducted in the Santika Premiere Surabaya with 46 Sampoerna Academy graduates who are now pursuing their studies at ITS and Airlangga University. The third event took place in Yogyakarta where 45 students of Gadjah Mada University and Diponegoro University attended. Students and graduates also expressed their keen interest in the knowledge shared by distinguished speakers who graced some of the gatherings as resource people. Program magang yang diikuti sembilan siswa asing di PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Bandung, pada 24 Mei hingga 14 Juli merupakan salah satu dari sejumlah pencapaian membanggakan sepanjang tahun 2015. Sejumlah lokakarya seputar persiapan dan pengembangan karir juga diadakan, salah satunya di Marbella, Bandung, yang dihadiri 69 alumni Sampoerna Academy. Acara lainnya diadakan di Santika Premiere Surabaya dan diikuti 46 alumni Sampoerna Academy yang sedang menempuh studi di ITS dan Universitas Airlangga. Acara ketiga diadakan di Yogyakarta dengan peserta 45 mahasiswa Universitas Gadjah Mada dan Universitas Diponegoro. Luapan antusiasme terlihat dari para mahasiswa dan alumni saat mendengarkan para pembicara terkenal berbagi pengetahuannya. Dr. Jimmy Sadeli berbagi Dr. Jimmy Sadeli shared about ASEAN Community Challengers in HR, while KJSB Director Albertina Dwita introduced Sampoerna Academy graduates to the audience to attract internship opportunities for them, especially from Sampoerna Academy graduates from Malang during a corporate gathering event held on 1-2 April. A two-session seminar on Financial Planning led by Manulife Asset Management Indonesia was held on 11 September in collaboration with Bareksa. The event was attended by 124 students at the Sampoerna University campus. Meanwhile, the second seminar took place at the Manulife Office on 13 November 2015 with 48 student attendees. PSF greatly values education sustainability and KJSB is a prime model of this. Recipients of support are obligated to extend assistance to KJSB and to other underprivileged students once they have graduated college and started working. Six months after the completion of their studies, the alumni can begin to allocate part of their salaries as repayment for the help they received as student beneficiaries. Through this continuous cycle, KJSB is able to provide an opportunity to more children and ensure that a bright future awaits them. To date, KJSB has managed to make an impact in the lives of 1,166 of its members. informasi seputar “ASEAN Community Challengers in HR”, sementara Direktur KJSB Albertina Dwita memperkenalkan para alumni Sampoerna Academy, terutama yang berasal dari Malang, kepada para tamu dalam acara corporate gathering yang diadakan pada 1-2 April, untuk membuka peluang-peluang magang bagi para alumni ini. Seminar dua sesi seputar Perencanaan Keuangan diselenggarakan pada 11 September, yang merupakan kerja sama antara Manulife Asset Management Indonesia dengan Bareksa. Acara di kampus Sampoerna University ini dihadiri oleh 124 mahasiswa. Setelahnya, seminar kedua diadakan di kantor Manulife pada 13 November 2015 dengan peserta sebanyak 48 mahasiswa. PSF sangat menjunjung makna keberlanjutan dalam pendidikan dan KJSB dalam hal ini merupakan salah satu perwujudannya. Setelah lulus dan mulai bekerja, para penerima bantuan berkewajiban memberi bantuan melalui KJSB, yang disalurkan kepada anggota lainnya yang membutuhkan. Enam bulan setelah menyelesaikan studinya, para alumni mulai menyisihkan sebagian penghasilannya sebagai kontribusi kembali atas bantuan yang pernah mereka dapatkan. Dengan siklus berkelanjutan ini, KJSB membuka peluang dan memastikan masa depan bagi lebih banyak anak. Hingga kini, KJSB telah menjangkau kehidupan 1.166 anggotanya. Education sustainability allows marginalized members of society to pursue quality education Keberlanjutan pendidikan memungkinkan para SISWA PRASEJAHTERA dapat menikmati pendidikan berkualitas Ellyza Rachmawati, outstanding member of KJSB receives not only moral support but also training that allow her to maximize her potentials and completing her higher education.
  27. 27. fidelity Faithfulness to the process allows songket weavers to take pride in their work. PSF, together with its partners, applies the same constancy to its cause as evidenced by the formation of new partnerships, the achievement of goals and the success of its endeavors.
  28. 28. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 5 4 5 5 Milestones Establishment 2001-2003 PSF WAS INSTITUTED Quality Improvement Internationalization PSF LAUNCHED INTIATIVES FOR EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT PSF ESTABLISHED WORLD- CLASS LEARNING CENTERS 2004-2006 2007-2009 2010-2011 Social Business Institution EXPANDED INTO FOUR PILLARS P utera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) is dedicated to create more prospects for the youth of Indonesia. With the extension of the foundation’s influence beyond Jakarta to Medan and even to the United States, PSF is able to accommodate a higher number of students and provide them with more possibilities and chances to succeed. Together with the parents of the students, as well as like-minded partners and sponsors, PSF effectively empowers Indonesia’s younger generation and equips them with the skills and knowledge they need to effect change within Indonesia, and compete assertively on the regional and global stage. P utera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) berdedikasi untuk menciptakan lebih banyak kesempatan bagi para pemuda Indonesia. Dengan pengaruh yayasan yang menjangkau dari Jakarta hingga Medan, bahkan hingga ke Amerika Serikat, PSF dapat memberi bantuan kepada lebih banyak siswa serta membuka lebih banyak pintu peluang menuju kesuksesan. Bergandengan tangan dengan para orang tua siswa serta para mitra dan sponsor bervisi sama, PSF membentuk dan membekali generasi muda Indonesia dengan pengetahuan dan keterampilan yang dibutuhkan untuk menciptakan perubahan serta memasuki dunia persaingan di dalam maupun luar negeri. Paving the Way for Sustainable Indonesia We create more opportunities to establish a sustainable Indonesia Kami menciptakan lebih banyak peluang demi keberlanjutan bangsa Enriching Lives 2012 SAMPOERNA ACADEMY HAILED FIRST BATCH OF GRADUATES Transformation for the Nation’s Growth Leading The Quest of Global Challenges INTEGRATED SAMPOERNA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND SAMPOERNA SCHOOL OF EDUCATION INTO USBI-THE SAMPOERNA UNIVERSITY, PROVIDING DIVERSE STUDY PROGRAMS ENGAGED MORE DEEPLY WITH THE COMMUNITY BY RELAUNCHING ASBI-THE SAMPOERNA ACADEMY 2013 2014 2015 A Sustainable Legacy IN 2015, PSF LAUNCHED THE SAMPOERNA SCHOOLS SYSTEM AND FASTRACK.USA.
  29. 29. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 5 6 5 7 Partnerships I n any social endeavor, success can only be guaranteed with the assistance and cooperation of different groups or individuals. Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) has successfully carried out its mission and vision in a great part, because of the collaboration and cooperation of all involved partners. As a result of the partnerships, PSF has managed to make high quality and internationally-recognized education which is accessible in Indonesia. It is through the common vision, kind-heartedness and valuable support of our partners that we are able to pursue the hope of a better tomorrow for every Indonesian child. A pa pun upaya sosial yang kita lakukan, kesuksesan hanya dapat tercapai apabila disertai dukungan dan kerja sama dari berbagai kelompok maupun individu. Keberhasilan Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) dalam menjalankan misi dan visinya tidak terlepas dari kolaborasi dengan semua mitra yang terlibat. Berkat kemitraan yang terjalin, PSF dapat menyediakan pendidikan berkualitas internasional dan terjangkau bagi rakyat Indonesia. Adanya kesamaan visi, simpati, serta dukungan yang terus mengalir dari para mitra, kami dapat mewujudkan harapan anak-anak Indonesia akan hari esok yang lebih baik. Working Together for A Common Goal “It takes a village to raise a child” Masa depan anak adalah tanggung jawab kita bersama
  30. 30. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 5 8 5 9 List of Contributors Over US$ 500,000 Retail Donors Under US$ 50,000 • HM Sampoerna Tbk, PT • Pemerintah Provinsi Sumatera Selatan • The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) • Bank Permata Tbk, PT • Putera Konsepindo, PT • Artha Auto, PT • Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk, PT • Mitra Adi Perkasa, PT • Holistic Ventures, PT • Bank Mandiri • Ricky Hansen Cemerlang, PT • Sushi Ya • Putera Semitra Sejahtera, PT • Kopi Oey • Bank ANZ Indonesia, PT • Glosis • Larisa Duliar • Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, PT • Ketjil Kitchen • Astaguna Wisesa, PT • Nusa Research • Pecel Lele Lela • Arumanis Rainbow • Sorini Agro Asia Corporindo Tbk, PT (Cargill Indonesia) • Orica Mining Service, PT • Muara Alam Sejahtera, PT • Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia, PT • Sumbawa Timur Mining, PT • Yayasan Allianz Indonesia • Hino Motor Sales Indonesia, PT  • Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero), PT • Give2Asia • Djarum Foundation • Pelayanan Listrik Nasional Batam, PT • Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk, PT • Perkebunan Nusantara XI (Persero), PT • Sumber Graha Sejahtera, PT • Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk, PT • Yayasan Baitul Maal BRI • Serasi Autoraya, PT • Pemerintah Kabupaten Bojonegoro • Pamapersada Nusantara, PT • Perusahaan Umum (Perum) Jaminan Kredit Indonesia • Pindad (Persero), PT • Union Metal, PT • Bank ANZ Indonesia, PT • Yayasan Pertamina • Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia, PT • Midi Utama Indonesia, PT • Yayasan Bait Al Kamil US$100,000 - US$ 500,000 • Sampoerna Land, PT • Sampoerna Agro Tbk, PT • ConocoPhillips Indonesia • ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd • Pemerintah Kabupaten Bintuni • BP Berau Ltd US$ 50,000 - US$ 100,000 • Inter-community Welfare Foundation • Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Persero), PT • Pemerintah Kota Bontang • Kaltim Prima Coal, PT • Angkasa Pura I (Persero), PT • Pemerintah Provinsi Kalimantan Timur • Bayan Resources, PT • Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (Persero), PT • Semen Tonasa, PT • Yayasan Dharma Satya Nusantara
  31. 31. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 6 0 6 1 Words from Donors Salusra Wijaya Director of Finance and Human Resources, PT PLN Batam P LN Batam believes that education is an important element in forming the next generation. We are committed to support quality education which is instrumental in the creation of noble and intelligent future leaders with good moral character who will contribute to the development of their region as well as the rest of the world. We are motivated by this partnership with Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) as well as the enthusiasm and passion shown by the students we extended assistance to through this program. P utera Sampoerna Foundation’s (PSF) CSR programs are in accordance with the intention of the local government of East Kalimantan to uplift the human resources in the province while also ensuring that the bright sons and daughters of East Kalimantan can gain access to quality education. By helping the children in our locale to have access to quality education, we can effectively hone a more skilful workforce. By uplifting the educational system in Indonesia, we can help build the character of our youth, instill good moral values in them such as empathy, tolerance and social awareness, and hone their comprehension and understanding so they can strive to be better individuals and citizens in their day-to- day lives. P LN Batam percaya akan peran penting pendidikan dalam membentuk generasi muda. Kami berkomitmen untuk mendukung keberhasilan pendidikan berkualitas yang dapat menghasilkan para calon pemimpin masa depan yang cerdas, berbudi luhur, serta berakhlak yang akan berkontribusi dalam pembangunan daerah maupun lingkungan sekitarnya. Kemitraan dengan Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) ini sungguh memotivasi kami, demikian juga antusiasme dan semangat yang diperlihatkan para penerima beasiswa program ini. P rogram CSR yang dikembangkan Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) sejalan dengan misi Pemerintah Daerah Kalimantan Timur dalam meningkatkan sumber daya manusia di tingkat provinsi dan untuk memastikan bahwa putra-putri Kalimantan Timur yang berprestasi mendapatkan akses terhadap pendidikan yang berkualitas. Dengan menyediakan fasilitas pendidikan yang lebih baik bagi anak-anak daerah, kita dapat dengan efektif membentuk tenaga kerja yang lebih terampil. Basmen Nainggolan Head of Vocational Training and College Education Department for East Kalimantan It is time we change the paradigm wherein students are only after a diploma. Students should be guided to recognize and realize their potential in line with their personal interests and talents, until they can effectively effect change in their provinces, their country, and maybe even the world.
  32. 32. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 6 2 6 3 footprints across indonesia Sumatra SMAN 1, Banda Aceh SMAN 2, Banda Aceh SMAN 3, Banda Aceh SMAN 4, Banda Aceh SMAN 5, Banda Aceh SMAN 6, Banda Aceh SMAN 7, Banda Aceh SMAN 8, Banda Aceh SMAN 9, Banda Aceh SMAN 11, Banda Aceh SMAN 12, Banda Aceh SMKN 1, Banda Aceh Java TLC Karawang, Karawang, West Java SDN Palar 2, Klaten, Central Java SDN Palar 3, Klaten, Central Java SDN Mireng, Klaten, Central Java SDN Wonosari, Klaten, Central Java SMKN Klakah, Lumajang, East Java SMKN Jatiroto, Lumajang, East Java SMKN Senduro, Lumajang, East Java SMKN Pasirian, Lumajang, East Java SMKN 1 Lumajang, Lumajang, East Java SMKN 2 Lumajang, Lumajang, East Java SMKN Tempursari, Lumajang, East Java SMKN 1 Tekung, Lumajang, East Java SMAN 1 Lumajang, Lumajang, East Java SMAN 2 Lumajang, Lumajang, East Java SMAN 3 Lumajang, Lumajang, East Java SMAN Kunir, Lumajang, East Java SMAN Jatiroto, Lumajang, East Java SMAN Klakah, Lumajang, East Java TLC Lumajang, Lumajang, East Java SMAN 1 Jember, Jember, East Java SMAN 3 Jember, Jember, East Java SMAN 4 Jember, Jember, East Java SMAN 5 Jember, Jember, East Java SMAN 1 Pakusari, Jember, East Java SMKN 2 Jember, Jember, East Java SMKN 3 Jember, Jember, East Java SMKN 5 Jember, Jember, East Java SMKN 8 Jember, Jember, East Java SMK PGRI TGL, Jember, East Java SMAN 1 Tongas, Probolinggo, East Java SMAN 1 Probolinggo, Probolinggo, East Java SMAN 3 Probolinggo, Probolinggo, East Java SMAN 1 Gending, Probolinggo, East Java SMAN 1 Dringu, Probolinggo, East Java SMAN 1 Kraksaan, Probolinggo, East Java SMAN 1 Gading, Probolinggo, East Java SMAN 1 Kraksaan, Probolinggo, East Java SMKN 1 Kraksaan, Probolinggo, East Java SMKN 2 Kraksaan, Probolinggo, East Java SMAN 1 Pamekasan, Pamekasan, East Java SMAN 2 Pamekasan, Pamekasan, East Java SMAN 3 Pamekasan, Pamekasan, East Java SMAN 4 Pamekasan, Pamekasan, East Java SMAN 5 Pamekasan, Pamekasan, East Java SMAN 1 Pandewaru, Pamekasan, East Java SMAN 1 Waru, Pamekasan, East Java SMKN 1 Pakong, Pamekasan, East Java SMKN 1 Pasean, Pamekasan, East Java SMKN 1 Pamekasan, Pamekasan, East Java SMKN 2 Pamekasan, Pamekasan, East Java SMKN 1 Tlanakan, Pamekasan, East Java SMPN 1 Gempol, Pasuruan, East Java SMPN 2 Gempol, Pasuruan, East Java TLC Pasuruan, Pasuruan, East Java SMA 2 Soko, Tuban, East Java TLC Surabaya, Surabaya, East Java Lombok SDN 1 Keselet, Lombok SDN 1 Sakra, Lombok SDN 1 Bisok Bokah, Lombok SDN 2 Terara, Lombok SDN 5 Sukadana, Lombok SDN 2 Montong Baan, Lombok
  33. 33. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 6 4 6 5 traces around the world AMERICA Airlangga University Binus University Brawijaya University Ciputra University Diponegoro University Gadjah Mada University Institut Pertanian Bogor Institut Teknologi Bandung Institut Teknologi Surabaya Padjajaran University President University Sampoerna University Tarumanegara University Trisakti University University of Indonesia INDONESIA EUROPE IESEG France FRANCE ASIA NY University – Shanghai China CHINA Kansas University Kentucky University Minnesota University Missouri University Texas Tech University Utah University West Virginia University USA
  34. 34. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 6 6 6 7 Gallery Sampoerna Schools System was officially inaugurated as a new education model in Indonesia. The first fully integrated education system in the country, Sampoerna Schools System uses an international curriculum focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Sampoerna Schools System resmi diluncurkan sebagai salah satu model pendidikan baru di Indonesia. Sebagai sistem pendidikan holistik terpadu yang pertama, Sampoerna Schools System menggunakan kurikulum internasional yang menitikberatkan pada science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The First Integrated Education System in Indonesia KJSB and Career Development Unit hosted a career workshop which included extensive training such as public speaking and sharing sessions from guest speakers. With the aim to develop the skills and deepening the professional knowledge of KJSB members. KJSB dan Career Development Unit mengadakan lokakarya karier yang dilengkapi dengan sesi pelatihan seperti public speaking serta diskusi dengan pembicara tamu untuk berbagi pengetahuan dan pengalaman yang dapat memperluas wawasan profesional serta mengembangkan kompetensi para anggota KJSB. Forwarding the Progress of Work-Ready Graduates HSBC Indonesia, in collaboration with Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF), launched the Banking and Finance Education Program administered by Sampoerna University’s Faculty of Business which focused on producing high caliber banking professionals in Indonesia. Bekerja sama dengan Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF), HSBC Indonesia meluncurkan Program Pendidikan Perbankan dan Keuangan yang dijalankan oleh Fakultas Bisnis Sampoerna University yang bertujuan untuk melahirkan para profesional berkualitas di dunia perbankan Indonesia. Financial Literacy Empowers People Sampoerna Academy held an End of Year Gathering. The parents of both current and prospective students were treated to a lively afternoon full of joyful singing and dancing. This timely event also provided them with the opportunity to get to know more about Sampoerna Academy. Sampoerna Academy mengadakan Acara Akhir Tahun. Sejumlah penampilan lagu dan tari yang dihadirkan untuk para orang tua siswa maupun calon siswa membuat acara pada malam itu semakin hidup. Pada kesempatan ini, para tamu juga dapat menggali informasi lengkap seputar Sampoerna Academy. Big Surprise from Little Performers The Faculty of Education of Sampoerna University organized the National Educator Conference which drew more than 200 educators from all over Indonesia with several prominent figures such as Mr. Thomas Llyod, British Council Regional Office and Ms. Martha Tilaar, owner of the renowned Martha Tilaar Group. Fakultas Pendidikan Sampoerna University mengadakan National Educator Conference yang dihadiri oleh lebih dari 200 pendidik dari seluruh Indonesia bersama sejumlah tokoh penting yang menjadi pembicara, seperti Thomas Llyod dari British Council Regional Office dan Martha Tilaar, selaku pemilik Martha Tilaar Group. Teaching Minds, Touching Souls Sampoerna Academy Boarding School held the Young Entrepreneur Day 2016, a program with the aim to train and teach students the skills they would require to become successful entrepreneurs in the future. Sampoerna Academy Boarding School menyelenggarakan Young Entrepreneur Day 2016 yang bertujuan untuk melatih dan membekali para siswa dengan keterampilan penting agar nantinya dapat menjadi wirausahawan sukses. Entrepreneurial Leaders in the Making
  35. 35. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 6 8 6 9 I t all began with a dream to have quality education within every Indonesian’s reach. We are glad to say that the dream is gradually becoming a reality. Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) has taken great lengths to pursue this project and establish a school system helping every Indonesian child develop and become world-ready professionals. Although we have achieved a small part of our dream, we keep improving so we can better prepare our students to succeed in the competitive world. In 2015, PSF has made significant changes to expand its reach. With approximately 1,000 students now within the Sampoerna Schools System, we are fortifying our programs by forging collaborations with the best education institutions. We still have a long way to go yet we are heartened by the unparalleled support of our partners to become a game-changer in the education sector of Indonesia. It is through our shared commitment that we are able to continue taking vital steps towards securing the future of Indonesia and its children. P erjalanan kami dimulai dengan mimpi akan hadirnya pendidikan berkualitas yang terjangkau bagi masyarakat Indonesia. Kami senang karena mimpi itu perlahan menjadi kenyataan. Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) berhasil mendirikan sistem sekolah di mana setiap anak Indonesia dapat tumbuh menjadi profesional berdaya saing global. Pencapaian kami hanya sebagian kecil dari mimpi tersebut. Untuk itu kami terus melakukan perbaikan demi kesuksesan para siswa bersaing di dunia nyata. Pada 2015, PSF melakukan perubahan signifikan untuk memperluas jangkauannya. Dengan 1.000 siswa di bawah naungan Sampoerna Schools System, kami menyempurnakan program kami dengan berkerja sama dengan institusi pendidikan terbaik. Perjalanan kami masih panjang. Dengan dukungan para mitra, kami siap menjadi pemain terdepan dalam pendidikan Indonesia. Dengan kesamaan komitmen, kami terus mengambil langkah-langkah penting sehingga masa depan Indonesia dan pemudanya dapat terjamin. message from the management Nenny Soemawinata ma n agi n g dir e c t o r Working towards the best outcome Berupaya DEMI Mencapai Hasil Terbaik
  36. 36. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 7 0 7 1 Boards of Patrons Putera Sampoerna chairma n Putera Sampoerna was the president commissioner of PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna and a number of its subsidiaries. He studied at the University of Houston and has always had a passion for education. He founded the PSF in 2001 and has been involved in philanthropic work throughout Southeast Asia for over 25 years. He founded and currently directs the Sampoerna Strategic Group which has a global portfolio of diversified businesses. Putera Sampoerna adalah mantan presiden komisaris PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna dan sejumlah anak perusahaannya. Ia menuntut ilmu di University of Houston dan telah lama memiliki hasrat di bidang pendidikan. Ia mendirikan PSF pada 2001, dan terlibat dalam pekerjaan filantropi di kawasan Asia Tenggara selama lebih dari 25 tahun. Ia mendirikan dan memimpin Sampoerna Strategic Group, dengan portofolio bisnis global yang beragam. Katie Sampoerna chairw o ma n Wife of Putera Sampoerna, she has been involved in charities and family philanthropic activities throughout Southeast Asia for more than 25 years. Katie Sampoerna has been responsible for numerous corporate design initiatives for the Sampoerna family businesses, as well as for the PSF. She directed the establishment of the Sampoerna Museum in Surabaya. Istri Putera Sampoerna yang terlibat dalam kegiatan amal maupun filantropi keluarga di kawasan Asia Tenggara selama lebih dari 25 tahun. Ibu Katie bertanggung jawab untuk berbagai program terkait desain perusahaan untuk serangkaian usaha keluarga Sampoerna, termasuk untuk PSF. Ia memimpin terbentuknya Museum Sampoerna di Surabaya.
  37. 37. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 7 2 7 3 Boards of Patrons Michael Sampoerna chairma n The youngest son of Putera Sampoerna, Michael Sampoerna was the president director of PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna and president commissioner of a number of its subsidiaries. He studied at the London School of Economics and is currently the Sampoerna Strategic Group’s chief of operations. Putra bungsu Putera Sampoerna, Michael Sampoerna adalah mantan presiden direktur PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna dan presiden komisaris dari sejumlah anak perusahaannya. Ia menuntut ilmu di London School of Economics, dan saat ini menjabat sebagai chief of operations, Sampoerna Strategic Group. Jonathan Bradford Sampoerna chairma n Jonathan Sampoerna is the eldest son of Putera Sampoerna. He received a degree in finance from Texas A&M University, and later worked in Hong Kong under the guidance of Dr. Marc Faber, an internationally renowned investment strategist. He has directed the business development arm of the Sampoerna family trading companies. Jonathan Sampoerna adalah anak tertua Putera Sampoerna. Ia meraih gelar di bidang keuangan dari Texas A&M University, kemudian bekerja di Hong Kong di bawah bimbingan Dr. Marc Faber, seorang ahli strategi investasi internasional ternama. Ia memimpin bagian pengembangan bisnis dari perusahaan perdagangan keluarga Sampoerna.
  38. 38. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 7 4 7 5 Boards of Patrons Farah Khristina Sampoerna Youngest daughter of Putera Sampoerna, Farah Sampoerna studied in Asia and the United States, with a degree in fashion design and merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. After initially working with a fashion house in New York, she has taken a sabbatical to raise her sons. Putri bungsu Putera Sampoerna, Farah Sampoerna, menuntut ilmu di Asia dan Amerika Serikat, dengan gelar di bidang rancangan busana dan merchandising di Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City. Setelah bekerja di rumah mode di New York, ia mengambil cuti panjang untuk membesarkan putranya. Edward Frankel Formerly the group’s chief operating officer and a director for PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna, Edward Frankel has worked for Sampoerna companies for over 25 years. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a master’s degree in administration from the University of Portland. Mantan chief operating officer dan direktur PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna, Edward Frankel, bekerja di Sampoerna selama lebih dari 25 tahun. Ia meraih gelar sarjana dari University of California, Berkeley, dan master di bidang administrasi dari University of Portland.
  39. 39. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 7 6 7 7 Boards of Supervisors Formerly director and chief financial officer of PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna, Eka Dharmajanto Kasih has spent over 25 years in financial control. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Indonesia where he is an economics lecturer. He is an independent commissioner of PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna, an executive at the Sampoerna Strategic Group and president director of PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk. Bambang Sulistyo is a commissioner of PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia. He served as commissioner of PT Sungai Rangit, as well as the Indonesian head of production and country head of Myanmar for PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna. He earned a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Dortmund in Germany. Mantan Direktur dan chief financial officer PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna, Eka Dharmajanto Kasih menghabiskan lebih dari 25 tahun dibagian kontrol keuangan. Ia memperoleh gelar sarjana dari Universitas Indonesia, di mana ia mengajar sebagai dosen ekonomi. Ia adalah komisaris independen PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna, eksekutif di Sampoerna Strategic Group, dan presiden direktur PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk. Bambang Sulistyo adalah komisaris PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia. Ia menjabat sebagai komisaris PT Sungai Rangit, serta kepala produksi di Indonesia dan pemimpin PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna di Myanmar. Ia meraih gelar sarjana di bidang teknik kimia dari University of Dortmund, Jerman. Eka Dharmajanto Kasih Bambang Sulistyo Jacqueline Michelle Sampoerna chairPE R S ON The eldest daughter of Putera Sampoerna, Michelle Sampoerna was the communications manager at PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna and the director of Sampoerna Jones Designs. She received her Bachelor’s degree in mass communication from St. Mary’s College in California. She worked closely with her father during the preliminary research and planning stages of the PSF and has led the Foundation since its inception. Putri sulung Putera Sampoerna, Michelle Sampoerna adalah mantan manajer komunikasi di PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna dan direktur di Sampoerna Jones Design. Ia meraih gelar sarjana dalam komunikasi massa dari St. Mary’s College di California. Bersama ayahnya, ia terlibat dalam penelitian dan perencanaan pendirian PSF dimana ia turut pimpin hingga sekarang.
  40. 40. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 7 8 7 9 Arief Surowidjojo is a founding partner of Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo law firm, senior lecturer in the Faculty of Law of the University of Indonesia, and one of the founders and former chairman of the Supervisory Board for Transparency International Indonesia. He received his Bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Indonesia and Master’s in Law from the University of Washington, the United States. Niken Rachmad joined PT HM Sampoerna Tbk in 1998 as head of corporate communications, and was subsequently appointed communications director in 2006. In 2009, she served as corporate affairs advisor, and was named commissioner in January 2011. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from the Universitas Gadjah Mada in 1972. Yos Ginting began his career as manager for strategic alliances at PT Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper, and was then appointed to the position of vice president for trade alliances based in Singapore. He joined PT HM Sampoerna Tbk in April 2002. He earned his doctorate degree in theoretical chemistry at the University of Tasmania in Australia. Arief Surowidjojo adalah mitra pendiri firma hukum Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo, dosen senior di Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia, dan salah satu pendiri dan mantan ketua dewan pengawas untuk Transparency International Indonesia. Ia meraih gelar sarjana di bidang hukum dari Universitas Indonesia dan master di bidang hukum dari University of Washington, Amerika Serikat. Niken Rachmad bergabung dengan PT HM Sampoerna Tbk pada 1998 sebagai head of corporate communications, kemudian menjabat sebagai direktur komunikasi pada 2006. Di tahun 2009, ia menjadi corporate affairs advisor, dan komisaris sejak Januari 2011. Ia meraih gelar sarjana dari Universitas Gadjah Mada pada 1972. Yos Ginting memulai kariernya sebagai manajer untuk strategic alliances di PT Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper, kemudian ditunjuk sebagai vice president untuk aliansi perdagangan berbasis di Singapura. Ia bergabung dengan PT HM Sampoerna Tbk pada April 2002. Ia meraih gelar doktor dalam teori kimia di University of Tasmania, Australia. Arief Taruna Karya Surowidjojo Niken Rachmad Yos Adiguna Ginting Boards of Supervisors A presidium representative of the Putera Sampoerna Foundation Alumni Association (PSFAA) from 2008 to 2010, Eliezer Kaeng graduated cum laude from Institut Teknologi Bandung with a degree in computer science. He received a scholarship from the Putera Sampoerna Foundation in 2005 to study for two years at the London Business School, University of London. Kemal Stamboel is the chairman of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Indonesia and founding member of the Indonesian Society for Transparency (MTI). He serves as independent commissioner at PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk, PT Titan Kimia Nusantara Tbk, PT Krakatau Steel Tbk and PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines. He received a Master’s of Science in Business Management from the Management Institute of Arthur D. Little in Boston, the United States. Seorang wakil presidium dari Putera Sampoerna Foundation Alumni Association (PSFAA) dari 2008 hingga 2010, Eliezer Kaeng, meraih gelar sarjana cum laude di bidang ilmu komputer dari Institut Teknologi Bandung. Pada 2005, ia menerima beasiswa Putera Sampoerna Foundation untuk belajar selama dua tahun di London Business School, University of London. Kemal Stamboel adalah ketua World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Indonesia dan anggota pendiri Masyarakat Transparansi Indonesia (MTI). Ia menjabat sebagai komisaris independen di PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk, PT Titan Kimia Nusantara Tbk, PT Krakatau Steel Tbk dan PT Merpati Nusantara Airlines. Ia meraih master dalam manajemen bisnis dari Management Institute of Arthur D. Little di Boston, Amerika Serikat. Eliezer Marthenny Kaeng Kemal A. Stamboel
  41. 41. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 8 0 8 1 Boards of Executives Pictured here (l to r) are: Nenny Soemawinata, Ari Kunwidodo, Sylvia M. Siregar, Elan Merdy Before heading PSF, Nenny held leadership positions in advertising and media with 30 years of experience under her belt. She led the establishment of several businesses in Indonesia and Malaysia, including Mobilelynx and O Channel, and provides training to advertising and broadcast companies. Nenny holds a computer programming degree from the Auckland Technical Institute, New Zealand. Former manager of the Business and Financial Consulting Division at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, Elan earned his accounting degree from the Philippine School of Business Administration and his master’s degree from De La Salle University in the Philippines. Sebelum di PSF, Nenny banyak memimpin perusahaan periklanan dan media selama 30 tahun. Ia menggagas sejumlah bisnis di Indonesia dan Malaysia, termasuk Mobilelynx dan O Channel. Di sela-sela kesibukannya, ia memberi pelatihan ke perusahaan periklanan dan penyiaran. Nenny meraih gelar pemrograman komputer dari Auckland Technical Institute, Selandia Baru. Mantan manajer Business and Financial Consulting di Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, Elan meraih gelar sarjana akuntansinya dari Philippine School of Business Administration dan gelar master dari De La Salle University, Filipina. Ari earned his bachelor’s degree in computational mathematics at the Institut Teknologi Bandung. He served as director of the OEM Division of PT Microsoft Indonesia and was the managing director of PT Astrindo Senayasa before joining the PSF. Sylvia was the finance director of PT Oracle Indonesia before joining PSF in 2011. She has over 20 years of experience in finance, accounting, auditing and taxation from E&Y, Accenture and Oracle. She earned her MBA degrees from Monash University in Australia and MM degree from IPMI Business School after pursuing her bachelor’s degree at FEUI. Ari meraih gelar sarjana matematika komputasi dari Institut Teknologi Bandung. Ia menjabat direktur Divisi OEM PT Microsoft Indonesia dan direktur pelaksana PT Astrindo Senayasa sebelum akhirnya bergabung dengan PSF. Sylvia menjabat sebagai direktur keuangan PT Oracle Indonesia sebelum bergabung dengan PSF pada 2011. Ia berpengalaman selama lebih dari 20 tahun dalam bidang keuangan, audit, akuntansi, dan perpajakan dari E&Y, Accenture dan Oracle. Ia meraih gelar M.B.A. dari Monash University, Australia dan gelar M.M. dari IPMI Business School setelah menyelesaikan sarjananya di FEUI. Nenny Soemawinata MANAGING DIRECTOR Elan Merdy DIRECTOR FOR CORPORATE AFFAIRS, RISK MANAGEMENT & INTERNAL AUDIT Ari Kunwidodo DIRECTOR OF FUNDRAISING & STUDENT RECRUITMENT Sylvia M. Siregar CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER & DIRECTOR OF LEGAL
  42. 42. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 8 2 8 3 Boards of Operational Executives Sakto Wibisono has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He graduated with MSc degree in Knowledge Engineering from CIBIT- Utrecht the Netherlands, in cooperation with the Middlesex University in London, England. His specialization is in the area of Business Intelligence and Enterprise Application Integration. Prior to joining the Foundation, he worked in several multinational companies such as Oracle, SAP and IBM in the areas of Pre-sales, Channel Development and Project Management. Dr. Yudhi is a veteran in the field of education. He attained his doctorate at La Trobe University, Australia and his Master’s Degree in Development Administration from the Australian National University. A father of two, Dr. Yudhi serves as the current rector of Sampoerna University. He was previously a lecturer before becoming the Director of External Relations and Cooperation in the same institution. Sakto Wibisono memiliki lebih dari 20 tahun pengalaman di bidang TI. Ia lulus dengan gelar M.Sc. di bidang knowledge engineering dari CIBIT–Utrecht, Belanda, yang berkolaborasi dengan Middlesex University, London, Inggris. Ia memiliki spesialisasi di bidang business intelligence dan enterprise application integration. Sebelum bergabung dengan PSF, ia bekerja di beberapa perusahaan multinasional, seperti Oracle, SAP dan IBM di berbagai posisi terkait dengan pre-sales, channel development, dan project management. Reputasi Dr. Yudhi sudah tidak diragukan lagi di dunia pendidikan. Meraih gelar doktor dari La Trobe University, Australia dan master di bidang development administration dari Australian National University, Dr. Yudhi kini menjabat sebagai rektor Sampoerna University. Sebelumnya, beliau adalah dosen, kemudian menjabat sebagai director of external relations and cooperation pada institusi yang sama. Sakto Wibisono INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DIRECTOR Wahdi Salasi A. Yudhi Rector of Sampoerna University With years of experience in school management, as a lecturer and educator, Hairun Ali Gani heads the Sampoerna Academy Boarding School. Prior to joining PSF, he was the vice principal for secondary level at Singapore International School. He has a degree in International Business from the San Francisco State University and received his MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. Berpengalaman bertahun-tahun dalam manajemen sekolah selaku dosen dan pendidik, Hairun Ali Gani mengepalai Sampoerna Academy Boarding School. Sebelum bergabung dengan PSF, ia menjabat sebagai wakil kepala sekolah untuk tingkat pendidikan menengah di Singapore International School. Ia meraih gelar sarjana bisnis internasional dari San Fransisco State University dan M.B.A. dari Helsinki School of Economics & Business Administration. Hairun Ali Gani DIRECTOR OF SAMPOERNA ACADEMY BOARDING SCHOOLS The Chancellor Emeritus of the 95,000 student Lone Star College System in Houston, Texas and former President and State Director of the Wisconsin State Technical College System, Richard Carpenter has over 30 years of senior level experience as both institutional and state system CEO. He is also a nationally elected member of the Board for the AACC and advisor to the American Council on Education. Dr. Carpenter obtained his master’s degree from Northwestern State University and doctorate from North Carolina State University. Sebagai rektor emeritus Lone Star College System, Houston, Texas dengan 95.000 mahasiswa dan mantan presiden serta direktur negara bagian Wisconsin State Technical College System, Richard Carpenter berpengalaman menjabat sebagai CEO sistem institusi swasta maupun pemerintah selama lebih dari 30 tahun. Ia diangkat sebagai anggota dewan AACC dan penasihat American Council on Education. Dr. Carpenter meraih gelar master dari Northwestern State University dan doktor dari North Carolina State University. Richard Carpenter CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER The Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the Lone Star College System, Dr. Marshall Schott has over 18 years of experience in higher education administration. He serves as Chair in a number of committees including the Greater Houston Partnership Energy Collaborative Workforce Committee, Consumer Energy Education Foundation, STEM Education Advisory Committee and Harmony Public Charter School Advisory Committee. Dr. Schott completed his doctorate in history from the Louisiana State University in 1995. Sebagai Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs di Lone Star College System, Dr. Marshall Schott berpengalaman selama 18 tahun di bidang administrasi pendidikan tinggi. Ia menjabat sebagai ketua di sejumlah komite, antara lain Greater Houston Partnership Energy Collaborative Workforce Committee, Consumer Energy Education Foundation, STEM Education Advisory Committee, dan Harmony Public Charter School Advisory Committee. Dr. Schott meraih gelar doktor di bidang sejarah dari Louisiana State University pada 1995. Marshall Schott Deputy Chief Operating Officer
  43. 43. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 8 4 8 5 Boards of Operational Executives Albertina Dwita Harliani has spent 23 years working in prominent institutions like Danamon, Standard Chartered, UOB and Manulife, and held executive positions in treasury, product development and wealth management. As an experienced foreign exchange trader, Dwita provides treasury-related training programs in various banks and corporations. She has a master’s degree in International Business Administration from the United States International University in San Diego and a bachelor’s degree in Economy from Universitas Padjadjaran in Bandung. Menduduki posisi eksekutif di bidang treasury, pengembangan produk, dan wealth management, Albertina Dwita Harliani mengembangkan 23 tahun karirnya di sejumlah organisasi besar, seperti Danamon, Standard Chartered, UOB, dan Manulife. Sebagai pedagang valas berpengalaman, Dwita banyak memberikan pelatihan di bidang treasury di berbagai bank dan perusahaan. Ia bergelar master dalam administrasi bisnis internasional dari the United States International University, San Diego dan bergelar sarjana ekonomi dari Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung. Ben Suadi DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Albertina D. Harliani DIRECTOR OF KOPERASI JASA SISWA BANGSA Seskia was the Vice President/Deputy of HR Director at PT Bank DBS Indonesia and has more than 15 years of experience in learning and development, organizational development, recruitment, and as a generalist in human resources from multinational companies. She graduated from Trisakti University in Jakarta with a degree in Civil Engineering and Magister Management (MM) from the Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia. Seskia sebelumnya menjabat sebagai wakil direktur utama/wakil direktur SDM di PT Bank DBS Indonesia dengan pengalaman lebih dari 15 tahun dalam pengembangan karyawan, pengembangan organisasi, rekrutmen, dan sebagai generalist SDM di perusahaan multinasional. Ia memperoleh gelar teknik sipil dari Universitas Trisakti, Jakarta serta gelar magister manajemen (M.M.) dari Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Indonesia. Mustafa Guvercin DIRECTOR OF SAMPOERNA ACADEMY Ben is an experienced practitioner in business planning, strategy and its implementations. He worked as a business consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., Accenture plc, Hay Group, Inc. and Nokia Siemens Networks. He headed corporate planning and strategy at PT Excelcomindo Pratama. Ben received a Fulbright Scholarship Award and completed his MBA degree from Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He earned his accounting degree from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta in 1992. Ben memiliki pengalaman yang luas dalam bidang perencanaan, pembuatan strategi, dan pelaksanaan bisnis. Ia sempat bekerja sebagai konsultan bisnis di Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., Accenture plc, Hay Group, Inc., dan Nokia Siemens Networks. Ia memimpin corporate planning and strategy PT Excelcomindo Pratama. Ia meraih beasiswa Fulbright dan gelar M.B.A. dari Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Ia meraih gelar akuntansi dari Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta pada 1992. A B.S. Mathematics Education graduate of the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, Mustafa is a seasoned educator within the Harmony Public Schools system in Texas. He earned his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Houston-Clear Lake in Clear Lake, Texas in 2013. Mustafa brings his wealth of experience to PSF as the Superintendent of Primary and Secondary Schools for Sampoerna Academy. He joined PSF in September 2015. Memiliki gelar bachelor of science di bidang Pendidikan Matematika dari Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turki, Mustafa adalah pengajar tamu di Harmony Public Schools, Texas. Ia meraih gelar doktor di bidang Educational Leadership dari University of Houston-Clear Lake di Clear Lake, Texas pada 2013. Bergabung dengan PSF pada September 2015, Mustafa membagikan pengalamannya dalam dunia pendidikan sebagai pengawas tingkat sekolah dasar dan sekolah menengah di Sampoerna Academy. Seskia Agil Balfas DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES, GENERAL AFFAIRS & CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT UNIT
  44. 44. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 8 6 8 7 PSF has come this far because of partnerships that have been cemented over time. Like the talented songket weavers who assist one another in their tasks, we believe that our goals can be accomplished with lesser difficulties with support from like- minded individuals and companies. Together we can prepare Indonesia and its next generation of leaders succeed in the face of global competition.
  45. 45. AnnualReport2015 AnnualReport2015 8 8 8 9 — Financial Highlights As a not-for-profit organization, Putera Sampoerna Foundation has the obligation to provide a reliable financial report to its donors. Therefore, the Foundation has adopted standard accounting policies and presents all of its Financial Reports based on the Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards (PSAK 45), the rules for Financial Reporting for Non-Profit Organizations, and the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Putera Sampoerna Foundation also applies the financial terms of Standard for Charitable Accountability (The BBB Wise Giving Alliance), which is accepted as the international guideline for governance and operation of a non- profit organization and the disbursement and distribution of all grants. Sebagai organisasi nirlaba, Putera Sampoerna Foundation berkewajiban memberikan laporan keuangan yang bertanggung jawab kepada para donatur, oleh karena itu Yayasan menerapkan standar umum yang berlaku, termasuk Pedoman Standar Akuntansi Keuangan Indonesia (PSAK 45), peraturan keuangan bagi Organisasi Nirlaba, dan sesuai dengan Prinsip-Prinsip Akuntansi Yang Berlaku Umum (GAAP). Putera Sampoerna Foundation juga menerapkan Standar untuk Pertanggungjawaban Derma (BBB Wise Giving Alliance), yang diterima sebagai pedoman internasional untuk pengaturan dan operasional bagi organisasi-organisasi nirlaba. By years-end of 2015, Putera Sampoerna Foundation recorded Rp 301.92 billion in contributions and earnings received, of which Rp 135.30 billion was restricted and Rp 166.62 billion was unrestricted, while in the same period of 2014 Putera Sampoerna Foundation recorded Rp 496.72 billion. (See Figure 1) In 2015 and 2014, Mr Putera Sampoerna and PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk. (HMS) are the main donors of Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Pada tahun 2015 dan 2014, Putera Sampoerna dan PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk. (HMS) merupakan penyumbang dana utama Putera Sampoerna Foundation. In the period from January to December 2015, Putera Sampoerna Foundation allocated its contributions and earnings received to support its program expenses amounted to Rp 176.96 billion, sponsored programs in the amount of Rp 123.67 billion and general and administrative expenses amounted to Rp 164.27 billion. Pada akhir tahun 2015 Putera Sampoerna Foundation mencatat total sumbangan dan penghasilan sebesar Rp 301,92 miliar dimana Rp 135,30 miliar dari dana tersebut adalah dana yang terbatas penggunaannya dan Rp 166,62 miliar merupakan dana yang tidak terbatas penggunaannya, sementara untuk periode yang sama di tahun 2014 Putera Sampoena Foundation mencatat total sumbangan dan penghasilan sebesar Rp 496,72 miliar. (Lihat Figur 1) Dari bulan Januari sampai dengan Desember 2015, Putera Sampoerna Foundation mengalokasikan sumbangan dan penghasilan yang diterima untuk membiayai pengeluaran program sejumlah Rp 176,96 miliar, program yang didanai oleh donatur sebesar Rp 123,67 miliar, serta pengeluaran administrasi dan umum sebesar Rp 164,27 miliar. Contributions and Earnings (Audited) S u mba n ga n da n P e n ghasi l a n ( A U D I T ) Contributions and Earnings Allocation A LO K A S I S U M B A N G A N D A N PEN G H A S I L A N Institutional Contributors Putera Sampoerna Other Income Individual Contributors Putera Sampoerna Foundation seeks to acknowledge each of our invaluable donors. To help us do so, please provide information on your identity in any transfers made to our bank account. Putera Sampoerna Foundation berusaha mengidentifikasi setiap donatur yang telah mendonasikan uangnya kepada kami. Untuk membantu kami melakukannya, mohon bubuhkan identitas anda saat melakukan transfer ke rekening bank kami. 57%4%13% 26%