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How inspire business group works in animate


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A simple, straightforward presentation on how INSPIRE Business Group works

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How inspire business group works in animate

  1. 1. How INSPIRE Business Group Works !A Simple Way to Inspire Ideas
  2. 2. Everyone starts with an IDEA! A vision, business, a creative project, an invention you name it You may have one right now Chances are, you’d be tinkering with this for a while And I’m sure, for a brief time, this gets you all excited!That’s well and good! …Until….
  3. 3. You get tangled up with critics! Oftentimes, your idea gets judged immaturely By the wrong people!CRITICS! DISSIDENTS!NEGATIVITY! DOUBTERS! As a result, you become discouraged… and then give the idea up too early….
  4. 4. Ideally, your ideas should first reach a healthy testing stage But because critics interfere too soon You never get to test your idea for real IDEA! OUR SOLUTION IS SIMPLE: Remove the Critics from the Equation! IDEA! This way, you reach something very important, you get to see your idea’s potential !
  5. 5. The perfect route to take your idea is to avoid critics and look for the right peopleOnce you do… You should surround yourself with their support Who are the right people? • Persons with similar vision as yours • Believers, advocates, fans • Positive, motivated individuals • Individuals you have natural rapport withIf you attract the Right People, they will help you a lot!
  6. 6. Simply put, Inspire Business Group has engineered the perfect system of growth for your idea Our objective is to help your idea gain momentum and make it strongerBy infusing positive support to you during critical stages
  7. 7. So the First rule of the thumb is: Never test new ideas severely ! While the Second rule tells us to:Move your IDEA forward…. by delegating its growth How would you accomplish this?
  8. 8. It’s Simple…. Let INSPIRE Business Group help you !If you Visit (Yes, we’re starting with a free blog first)You’ll see a tab in the menu that says INSPIRE! JUST CLICK INSPIRE! That’s all you need to do
  9. 9. Inside you’ll see the INSPIRE Form Where you’ll only need to fill up 3 questions1 … because we need to get acquainted after all…2 • This could be anything (business, creative projects, invention, etc) It’s all up to you. • Make sure you’re INSPIRED & Excited by this idea • Just jot it down • You can be specific, … or not • And don’t worry about grammar or spelling errors 3 (this isn’t an English writing contest!) • Just check how you want us to help with your ideaThen click Submit (And oh, by the way, don’t forget to read some Important Notes after the form)
  10. 10. But Just in caseYou haven’t thought of a good idea yet ?Simply jump right in the Join/Build Team tab Upon submission, we will use this form • To look for people whose ideas may complement you In this form, we will ask you… • Suggest brainstorming teams whose projects you • your name may like • vision-mission • financial- and business-goals • Help you get going and • and your appointment availability start building your ideas and your own support team!
  11. 11. After you share your idea or join/build teamINSPIRE Business Group stores all your information in a database Every idea we receive, we’ll save it for future references (We’ll discuss this in a little while) Here’s where it gets more interesting….
  12. 12. Along the way, we’ll find other ideas that may very well blend together with yours Similar Idea, Same Vision Our job is to pair you up with another person who matches youWe match-up individuals based on their similarities of goals, personality, etc.This leads to an initial brainstorming meeting to move your ideas forward
  13. 13. We’ll keep going from there … Helping you attract the right people to your idea … or to you in particular Your dream team is an Until you assemble your own… INSPIRED! Group of people Freely exchanging ideas, Brainstorming, Forming new partnerships &They become your own productive collaborations “barkada”
  14. 14. Together,You will improve your success rate,In taking your ideas…. Become a reality! …. and thrive forward!
  15. 15. So there you have it,Simply put, Our job is to build & inspire your dream team!Your Dream Team’s job is to make your idea become a realit If you want to build your dream business Visit INSPIRE Business Group at If you want to collaborate on creative projects Visit Artists Solutions at If you want a solid financial foundation to bring it all together Visit International Marketing Group at
  16. 16. All you have to do is Click Inspire! Do this now Thank you & Have a Nice DayPowerpoint Presentation by INSPIRE Business Group Copyright 2013 Makati City