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  1. 1. 《教父》是 1969 年美国出版的长篇小说,是美国出版史上的头号畅销书,早在七十年代初就已经拍成电影,发行世界各国,受到普遍的欢迎。美国纽约五大黑势力集团之一的维托•考利昂一家采用多种极端手段,实现了在整个美国黑势力团体中的独尊地位。在这场斗争中有黑团伙之间的火拼;有走私贩毒的嚣浪;有赌场的烟云;有红灯区的人欲横流。本书被认为是描写资本主义社会中黑社会现象的最具权威的作品。这是美国作家马里奥普佐 (Mario Puzo)成名小说《教父》(The Godfather)的有声读物和电子书,不是电影录音。Amerigo Bonasera sat in New York Criminal Court Number 3 and waited for justice; vengeance on themen who had so cruelly hurt his daughter, who had tried to dishonor her.The judge, a formidably heavy-featured man, rolled up the sleeves of his black robe as if to physicallychastise the two young men standing before the bench. His face was cold with majestic contempt. Butthere was something false in all this that Amerigo Bonasera sensed but did not yet understand."You acted like the worst kind of degenerates," the judge said harshly. Yes, yes, thought AmerigoBonasera. Animals. Animals. The two young men, glossy hair crew cut, scrubbed clean-cut facescomposed into humble contrition, bowed their heads in submission.The judge went on. "You acted like wild beasts in a jungle and you are fortunate you did not sexuallymolest that poor girl or Id put you behind bars for twenty years." The judge paused, his eyes beneathimpressively thick brows flickered slyly toward the sallow-faced Amerigo Bonasera, then lowered to astack of probation reports before him. He frowned and shrugged as if convinced against his own naturaldesire. He spoke again."But because of your youth, your clean records, because of your fine families, and because the law inits majesty does not seek vengeance, I hereby sentence you to three years confinement to thepenitentiary. Sentence to be suspended."
  2. 2. Only forty years of professional mourning kept the overwhelming frustration and hatred from showingon Amerigo Bonaseras face. His beautiful young daughter was still in the hospital with her broken jawwired together; and now these two animales went free? It had all been a farce. He watched the happyparents cluster around their darling sons. Oh, they were all happy now, they were smiling now.The black bile, sourly bitter, rose in Bonaseras throat, overflowed through tightly clenched teeth. Heused his white linen pocket handkerchief and held it against his lips. He was standing so when the twoyoung men strode freely up the aisle, confident and cool-eyed, smiling, not giving him so much as aglance. He let them pass without saying a word, pressing the fresh linen against his mouth.The parents of the animales were coming by now, two men and two women his age but more Americanin their dress. They glanced at him, shamefaced, yet in their eyes was an odd, triumphant defiance.Out of control, Bonasera leaned forward toward the aisle and shouted hoarsely, "You will weep as Ihave wept--- I will make you weep as your children make me weep"--- the linen at his eyes now. Thedefense attorneys bringing up the rear swept their clients forward in a tight little band, enveloping thetwo young men, who had started back down the aisle as if to protect their parents. A huge bailiff movedquickly to block the row in which Bonasera stood. But it was not necessary.All his years in America, Amerigo Bonasera had trusted in law and order. And he had prosperedthereby. Now, though his brain smoked with hatred, though wild visions of buying a gun and killing thetwo young men jangled the very bones of his skull, Bonasera turned to his still uncomprehending wifeand explained to her, "They have made fools of us." He paused and then made his decision, no longerfearing the cost. "For justice we must go on our knees to Don Corleone."