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Natural Environment open source Analytics


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Analytics solution for Environment, based on open source and including open data, big data and social media source and storage

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Natural Environment open source Analytics

  1. 1. Environment Information System (SIAMB)ç Transform data into ‘Business’
  2. 2. The Analytical portal you were looking for!! Visualize your decisions Environment and Sustainable Development Information System
  3. 3. Environment Information System (SIAMB)ç A powerful Analysis System
  4. 4. Visualization – AnalyticsVisualization – Analytics ç Environment Information System (SIAMB)
  5. 5. Visualization – AnalyticsVisualization – Analytics ç Environment Information System (SIAMB)
  6. 6. ç All your information about Environment, Sustainable Development, etc in your hand All your KPIs about Environment from several sources to analyse your Business Independency from IT department, take decisions in seconds Socio-demographics data, costs, environment, sustainable development, etc… A powerful analytic environment with Reports, Dashboards, OLAP views… 100% web browser accessible, mobile devices and office integration The cheapest solution in the market, save up to 80% using Open Source. Forget licensing costs!! Environment Information System (SIAMB)
  7. 7. ç Weather stations Environment information Climate change KPIs Air relative humidity Air Emission Measurements Precipitations accumulated Global Radiation and temperatures Speed and wind direction Changes on crops and land Population density by areas City and villages areas Farms, industrial and forestry Waterways and dams Environment Information System (SIAMB)
  8. 8. ç Environment Information System (SIAMB) An application that empowers business analysts
  9. 9. ç Environment Information System (SIAMB) From doubts to business efficiency
  10. 10. Environment Information System (SIAMB)ç All your information about Environment in your hand
  11. 11. Environment Information System (SIAMB)ç Geo-Referenced information, heat maps by areas
  12. 12. Environment Information System (SIAMB)ç Powerful dashboards
  13. 13. ç Case study Environment Information System (SIAMB)
  14. 14. ç Customers trust in Stratebi Environment Information System (SIAMB)
  15. 15. ç Environment Information System (SIAMB) Stratebi is a Spanish company located in Madrid, Barcelona and with a delegation in Sao Paulo, we are a group of professionals with a wide experience in Information systems and Technologic solutions related to the field of open source software and Business Intelligence. Contact details: - Phones: (+34) 917883410 – (+34) 931844325