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Leader lines 4.1

  1. 1. LeaderLinesPublisher: Zane Brown, D. Min Volume Number: Four Issue Number: One Date: August 31, 2011Great Lessons in Life Growth & Change: Two Sides of the Coin“I asked God for strength that I might achieve; I was made weak, 5 Major Trends for Churches in Americathat I might learn to humbly obey. I asked God for health, that I Thom Rainermay do greater things; I was given infirmity, that I might do better 1. Our nation will see the emergence of the largest generationalthings. I asked for riches, that I might be happy; I was given mission field in more than a century. The Millennialpoverty, that I might be wise. I asked for power, that I might have Generation, those born 1980-2000 will be 80 million strong withthe praise of men; I was given weakness, that I might feel the need only 15% claiming a relationship with Christ.for God. I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life; I was given 2. The dominant attitude of the Millennial Generation towardslife that I might enjoy all things. I got nothing I asked for, but Christianity will be largely indifferent. Only 13% ofeverything I hoped for. I am, among all men, most richly blessed.” Millennials rank spiritual matters as important. They are not angry with churches or Christians. They simply see us as ---attributed to a Confederate soldier irrelevant. 3. Senior adult ministries in churches will experience steep declines. Baby Boomers will resist the suggestion that they are “senior adults’ no matter the age. For senior adult ministries to survive, they will have to adapt radically to meet the needs of FISHing for Success boomers. The best evangelistic center in the greater metropolitan Boston area 4. The larger Boomer generation will become more receptive towas not a church. It was a gas station in Arlington owned by Bob, who the gospel. Anecdotal data indicates that Baby Boomers mightcaught the vision early in his life that his calling and his work were to be actually become MORE interested in spirituality in general andwelded together. People lined up for tires, gas, & other car services. No Christianity specifically. Unlike previous generations who grewbig signs said “Jesus saves!” No banners or “fish symbols.” He simply more resistant to the gospel as they aged, the Boomers have trieddid his job with excellence and integrity. Customers knew he was in it all and found no joy or fulfillment. They might continue thatpartnership with God and over the years, dozens of his customers came to search in churches.faith in Christ. All because he saw his vocation as a calling and 5. Family will be a key value for both the Baby Boomers ANDcommitted to doing it with excellence and integrity. the Millenials. Almost 80% of millennials ranked family as the Shouldn’t the same be true of the church??? In a culture so swept up most important issue in their lives. Most churches say they areby competition, shouldn’t the church be committed to excellence in family friendly, but few actually demonstrate that value.everything we do?? I Corinthians 14:12 states: “. . . seek to excel in Churches that reach both generations will likely make significantbuilding up the church.” Malachi 1 is a stern warning against offering changes in order to foster healthy family relationshipsthe God of the universe our second best. To grow your church, give withexcellence, worship with excellence, love with excellence, and reach outwith excellence. God will do His part.
  2. 2. LeaderLines pg. 2This publication is designed to provide information and inspiration to local church leaders in Colleton Baptist Association. State Missions Emphasis Postmoderns & Your Church September 11-18 is our Week of Prayer for the State Missions Postmodernism is a term used mostly in the fields of art and architecture. Overand the Janie Chapman Offering for State Missions Causes. This the last 10-12 years, it has been adapted by some church growth strategists tooffering benefits state missions efforts overall, including Camp La describe the late baby boomers, baby busters, & millennials who don’t necessarilyVida, Camp McCall, international student ministry on college embrace the dogma & religious practices of their parents. Some churches chose tocampuses, multi-ethnic ministries, church planting, Disaster ignore its existence. Others move to conciliate the postmodern with dilutedRelief, and multi-housing ministries. Colleton Baptist Association doctrine and biblical compromise. BOTH extremes are improper responses to ahas received $5500/year for the last 20 years from this offering to culture of growing “lostness.” Here are a few principles from Ed Stetzer, withhelp offset the cost of DoM Insurance. This year, because of a scripture added by the editor:shortfall, that amount was trimmed by 25% during the last 2 1) Jesus commanded us to “go” to people IN the culture. He did NOTquarters. Hopefully, we’ll see a turn-around in the emphasis and command them to come to us. Acts 1:8 John 17:15response this year. Resources are available at www. scbaptist.org 2) We need to engage the culture, not condemn it. What we’ve done is oppose cultural change instead of adapting our methods to it. Acts 17:17-34 John 3:17 3) We need authenticity, not programs. Postmoderns are eager to see vibrant expressions of faith and fresh approaches to life & ministry. John 10:10 Colossians 1:27 4) We need to lift up Christ, not tear down an axiom. Postmoderns are not looking for another voice of opposition. They are looking for hope and inspiration. Soapbox preaching is not attractive to the postmodern mind. Focusing on the disease doesn’t transform people. Focusing on the cure does. John 12:32 5) We need to inspire, not hinder, creativity & artistic expression. Culture is really driven by the arts. Growing ministries areDates to Remember encouraging artists to share their talents with the world, not just the Christian sub-culture. Sept 6 12n Ministers’ Conference @ Shoney’s It’s easy to dismiss what we don’t understand. Our churches need to be intentional Sept 10 8:00am Men’s Breakfast @ CBA about reaching this culture. We need to adapt and improvise our methods in order 9:30am CODE BLUE @ CBA to overcome the barriers that hinder the gospel. The eternal destinies of 2 generations rest on our willingness to get out of our comfort zones, give up our Sept 19 6:30 pm WMU Salad Supper @ Shiloh preferences, and reach out in love to those separated from Christ.