VTME Dubai Vertical Transportation Elevator Consultant Brochure


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Vertical Transportation Consultant, Elevator Consultant in Dubai Emirates, United Arab Emirates, UAE, Elevators, Lifts, Escalators Consultant for Architects, Consultants, Project Managers, Construction Managers, Construction Management.

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VTME Dubai Vertical Transportation Elevator Consultant Brochure

  2. 2. Vertical Transportation Systems Are Vital: Efficient elevator systems are very important for the successful opera on of a building. Buildings fi ed with well planned elevator systems move people faster, reduce wai ng mes and the lobbies are not crowded. Such buildings a ract high‐profile tenants protec ng the returns on investment value in the real estate market. A er all, elevator systems are the only electro‐ mechanical system that users see, touch, feel and evaluate easily. VTME are specialized elevator/escalator consultants with one‐stop solu on from concept to comple on for all types of elevator and escalator systems. Elevator Traffic Analysis: Under‐elevated buildings suffer from poor image and end up with low rental returns. This is why elevator systems must be planned by qualified and experienced engineers. Our engineers stay updated with the latest elevator technology and apply matching and sensible solu ons to achieve an interna onally acceptable limit of wai ng mes. We use proven ELEVATE® traffic analysis so ware (UK) and are expert‐skilled in elevator traffic analysis. We specialize in hospitals, high‐rise residen al buildings, commercial buildings, shopping malls and entertainment centers. With our interna onal exposure to high‐end building projects, we can provide expert recommenda ons resul ng in economical & cost effec ve solu ons which benefit the owners. We also provide consul ng services for Escalators and Moving walks and help in selec ng correct width, speed, safe & comfortable inclina on with interna onally recommended safety features. LARGE QUEUES ARE RESULT OF POOR ELEVATOR TRAFFIC ANALYSIS Ci bank Regional H.Q., Bahrain Limitless Galleries, Dubai Al Ghayathi Hospital Ghayathi Western Region Space planning, Core Dimensions: VTME helps in iden fying the correct number of elevator/escalator systems for any building, saving valuable rental space. Under‐sized li sha is a common problem which finally reduces the car size. This affects the usability of the li nega vely and results in non‐compliance to codes. We are thorough with the dimensioning requirements of various manufacturers and apply our in‐depth knowledge to iden fy correct sizes for the li sha s and machine rooms so that the desired li car sizes are achieved without a problem. Coordina ng li sha dimensions with the structural design is very important in order to avoid costly altera ons at a later stage. Such altera ons pose a permanent risk to the safety of the structure and cause addi onal damages to fire protec on and water‐proofing of the structure. TYPICAL 6 LIFTS CORE TYPICAL SECTION MACHINE ROOM LESS LIFT
  3. 3. Design guidance for state-of-the art technology: We stay updated with latest design trends and technologies in the Elevator/Escalator industry. Our extensive knowledge on latest technologies helps in iden fying the most suitable and prac cally working elevator systems for a building project. We advise our clients on the advantages, disadvantages and implementa on procedures for various latest elevatoring concepts including TWIN li systems and Des na on Control Systems.  TWIN li systems  Machine room less Elevators  Des na on control systems  Belt driven elevators  Regenera ve elevators  High‐speed shu le elevators  Evacua on elevators  Double‐deck elevators  Card readers and CCTV systems  Computerized remote monitoring  Energy saving component design  Emergency communica on systems Codes/Standards compliance: Elevator systems must be planned according to equipment safety codes, na onal building codes, firefigh ng codes, life safety codes and they must also be suitable for persons with disability. [eg. IBC, BCO, NFPA, ADA and BS/EN] Code compliance plays a cri cal role in ge ng the elevators approved by the local authori es. Our qualified engineers are proficient with the interna onal best prac ces on firefigh ng, evacua on scenarios, electrical design codes and HVAC design codes. Ritz Carlton Hotel Spa, Bahrain For each project, we apply specific knowledge and advise most prac cal and code compliant solu ons. our knowledge on local and regional designs codes and tradi ons results in sensible equipment designs. ENHANCED FIREFIGHTER'S ELEVATOR ELEVATORS WITH SPECIAL FEATURES FOR THE DISABLED Al Mafraq Hospital, Mafraq, Abu Dhabi SKMC Dialysis Center, Abu Dhabi Coordination and Design Integration: Architectural & Interior Issues: We have extensive experience in integra ng elevator systems with structural, MEP, extra‐low voltage, fire alarm, fire protec on, smoke migra on, emergency communica on, access control security, and building monitoring systems. With our qualified engineers' expert guidance, the elevator systems are promptly integrated and work in tandem with other engineering systems within the building. Elevators are as important as an entrance to a building. Moreover, Elevator cabs are confined spaces where users are forced to travel with strangers. In order to make this a pleasant experience, we recommend interes ng cab decora ons, media displays and interac ve features. To impress the users, Elevators must look classy with neat finishes, best interior decora on, interior ligh ng, clear signals and indicators. Our vast experience with specialized interior decorators means the ability to develop top‐class interior design for the elevator cab and entrances, to control the quality of elevator finishes & the workmanship to the top notch. Sustainable Design & LEED Rating: We are well read in the field of sustainability. We are thorough with the elevator products, technologies promo ng sustainability. We work with your energy modeling experts and we recommend energy efficient motor controls, power regenera on, power saving displays, indicators, ligh ng and environment‐friendly finishes. We provide you with sustainable design narra ves, comparisons, product / technology informa on which helps in gaining sustainable credit ra ngs. We provide you with elaborate specifica ons Elevators can generate power under over‐hauling condi ons.  Regenera ve Elevators  Power saving LED ligh ng  Low VOC materials
  4. 4. Design reports, Construction Documentation & BOQ: Tender & Construction Supervision: Exactly following the Architect's design program, we par cipate in design coordina on mee ngs and provide comprehensive design reports. We work with all sub‐consultants (such as wind, acous c, vibra on, security, cos ng etc.) and help develop integrated designs. We provide summarized excel sheets on elevator systems, dimension tables, detailed design reports, traffic analysis results and cut‐sheets of products & finishes. We answer queries from sub‐ consultants & provide expert guidance in integrated design. When required, we provide valuable inputs on sustainability features and scores. VTME's qualified engineers can provide Tendering services and construc on supervision services for elevator/escalator projects. We review architectural design drawings and prepare full length [CSI format] specifica ons to improve clarity on project requirements. We work with cos ng consultants and review the priced BOQs for the VT systems and provide comments on cost es mates. We provide tender analysis reports for technical specifica on compliance as well as recommenda ons for contractor selec on. Under construc on supervision, we provide A to Z services including review of: contractor pre‐qualifica on, technical submi als, shop drawings, material samples, method statements, test & inspec on reports and as‐built drawings. We also carry out factory inspec ons, mock‐up inspec ons. We carry out final performance inspec ons and verify compliance to project specifica ons. About Us: Founded in 2013, VTME is an engineering c o n s u l t a n c y, d e d i c a t e d f o r b u i l d i n g transporta on, facade access and any other electro‐mechanical eleva ng/transpor ng equipment permanently installed within buildings. The founding members of VTME are qualified engineers with vast experience both as design consultants and equipment contractors. Collec ve experience of our founding members exceed 40 years in heavy electro‐mechanical equipment which has helped us in understanding the T R U E requirements of building designers, Architects and Owners. VTME has the very essen al local market knowledge and design tradi ons and we guarantee to provide the construc on industry a truly different experience at a professional level, just as desired by the building design professionals. GOVERNMENT APPROVED! QUALIFIED ENGINEERS! CURRENT ON TECHNOLOGY! We are government approved professional consultants: The consultants have engineering qualifica ons and they are recognized by the local government and also by the CIBSE‐UK. We u lize ELEVATE ® so ware for simula ons. While we have learnt the basic design calcula ons thoroughly, we also understand how modern simula on techniques actually work. WHY US? Our professional license has been issued by the Dubai government a er careful considera on of our engineering qualifica on and vast project experience. We always stay current with the latest products and technology, equipment op ons to provide the latest & apt solu on. RESOURCES European codes American Codes Elevate Traffic Simula on & Analysis So ware Seismic Codes ISO Standards Extensive Collec on & Library of Elevator / Escalator Manufacturers Worldwide Unparalleled, hands ‐ on working Experience in Elevator Design & Construc on management NFPA Standards IBC Standards CIBSE Guide D VERTICAL TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS CONSULTANTS LIAISON CONTACTS Post Box 18806 Dubai, UAE (GPS N25 17 05 E55 23 20) INDIA Tel : +971 4 2636647 Fax : +971 4 2636674 Mob: +91 8762698926 Email: daus n@vtmeconsul ng.com SINGAPORE Mob: +65 93383104 Email: lraja@vtmeconsul ng.com E‐mail : info@vtmeconsul ng.com Website: www.vtmeconsul ng.com DISCLAIMER: The information on this web site has been provided by V T M E and is for general purposes only. Some of the images included in this document represent the work of other professionals. They are cited in the document for the express purpose of communicating ideas and the ownership of other professionals' work displayed on this website is hereby acknowledged. No part of this brochure may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form without the permission of V T M E in writing.