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Pvc security sop1.1

  1. 1. Perdana View Condominium & Perdana View Boutique Serviced Residence Security SOP 2011 Page 1 of 9 Perdana View Condominium Perdana View Boutique Serviced Residence Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - Security Revised Version 2011 1 March 2011
  2. 2. Perdana View Condominium & Perdana View Boutique Serviced Residence Security SOP 2011 Page 2 of 9 A SECURITY GUARDS 1.0 Attendance & Conduct 1.1 All security guards must report to Security Control Room/Guardhouse at least ten (10) minutes before the start of their shift duties for a roll call and briefing. They should clock in and register their attendances at Guardhouse Post 1. 1.2 The security guards must be honest, loyal and brave in discharging their duties. 1.3 Security guards must be responsible, co-operative and have the initiative to help one another in their work. This will improve efficiency in the security services and foster goodwill and teamwork. 1.4 All security guards must be courteous to the Management Office staff and the residents at all times. 1.5 Security guards shall be courteous in answering telephone/intercom calls. Remember to identify the location/apartment unit of the caller and record all telephone messages. 1.6 The security guards must not be under the influence of alcohol or any psychedelic drugs while on duty. The security guards must not smoke and use hand phones in public and litter in the common property. 1.7 Any security guard must inform the Guardhouse/Control Room for a replacement if the security guard has to leave his post to attend to urgent matters. 1.8 Security guards must report all lost and found items immediately to the PMO, 1.9 If the security guard faced with any difficult situation on site, he must inform the security control room for assistance. 1.10 Except for official matters, all security guards must not engage in idle talks among each other, the Management staff, maids, drivers, gardeners, contractors, workmen, suppliers, operators or residents. 1.11 Any off duty security personnel is not allowed to loiter in the building. 1.12 Ex-security personnel are not permitted to enter the condominium or use any of its facilities without proper invitation. 1.13 Replacement of security guards on medical leave etc. shall be within half an hour of no show by the security superintendent or officer. 1.14 Security guard must be clean-shaven and not to keep long hair.
  3. 3. Perdana View Condominium & Perdana View Boutique Serviced Residence Security SOP 2011 Page 3 of 9 1.15 All the security guards deployed must not receive any form of monies, foodstuffs or any other gifts from the residents, visitors, contractors or properly agents. 2.0 Uniform 2.1 All security guards on duty must always be in full uniform attire, well pressed and fully button up. The full uniform must comprise at least the following items: o Security Uniform; o A headgear (officer s p cap or beret); o A name tag; o A pair of black socks; o A pair of black leather shoes; o A whistle; o A truncheon; o A notebook & a pen; o Torchlight; o A walkie-talkie 3.0 Guard House and Control Rooms 3.1 The guardhouse and control rooms must be kept neat & tidy at all times and free of debris & prohibited items. 4.0 Instructions 4.1 Security Guards must carry out the following instructions on daily basis: 4.1.1 Maintaining the following register: o Security guard attendance o Supplier/contractor/workmen/maids o Visitor o Security incident report o Resident o Unoccupied units (updated regularly by PMO) o Permit to work for contractors issued by PMO 4.1.2 Register all suppliers, contractors, workmen, maids particulars and verify that equipment and material of the nature of the work specified before allowing them to enter the premises. 4.1.3 Register all visitor particulars and verify with residents via intercom before allow him/her to enter the premises. 4.1.4 Control on vehicle access by residents displaying car stickers and using vehicle access cards;
  4. 4. Perdana View Condominium & Perdana View Boutique Serviced Residence Security SOP 2011 Page 4 of 9 4.1.5 Ensure that resident vehicles are parked at the allocated parking bay with valid car sticker/car registration no/bay no. displayed on the windscreen. 4.1.6 Ensure that visitor's car is parked at the designated visitor parking bay and strictly prohibited to park at the resident parking bay. 4.1.7 Ensure that the security guards are well-versed in communication equipment such as walkie-talkie, watchman clock, intercom equipment including cordless phone, control room equipment. 4.1.8 Check & control the use of common facilities. o The guard/s must ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked, o The lighting at these facilities including toilets are switched off after use, o Ensure no one uses the swimming pool after 11pm. 4.1.9 Ensure that no common assets are taken out of the premises unless authorised by the PMO. 4.1.10 Ensure that the common property is not vandalised. Any form of vandalism must be reported using the incident report form stating the date/time/location/nature of vandalism to PMO immediately. 4.1.11 Conduct regular patrolling of the common property and the use of the clocking device for record purposes on the agreed schedule for day & night floor patrols, car parks, perimeter surveillance, etc.) 4.2 Security guards must immediately report to the Management Office if they come across or found any of the following: o Damages to the common property including plants & trees, common facilities, lamp posts, gates, fencing, etc.; o Malfunctioning of electrical fittings including faulty light bulbs and switches; o Auto-car park barrier, fire alarms, lifts breakdowns, etc.; 4.3 lf the following emergencies occurred after the PMO had closed for the day; the security guards must immediately contact the Property Manager and or the relevant Authorities: o Fire; o Disruption of water supply; o Disruption of electricity supply; o Flood, landslide or large sink hole; o Collapse of building structure, water tanks; o Death or assault; o Break-in or burglary. For Emergency, the guards on duty should contact the following persons: o Maintenance Head En. Ahmad Zainudin 013 338 1738
  5. 5. Perdana View Condominium & Perdana View Boutique Serviced Residence Security SOP 2011 Page 5 of 9 o Mutiara General Manager Mr A. Jeeva 019 6630535 o Area Property Manager Mr Stanley Tan 012 3900 088 o JMC Security En Md Taib Ismail 012 771 1852 o Nearest Fire Department (SS2, Petaling Jaya) 03 7729 4444 o Hospital (Damansara Specialist Centre) 03 7722 2692 o Police Station (Kota Damansara) 03 6142 1222 o TNB Breakdown Hotline 03 2282 5566 (HO) 115 454 (Complaint Dept)/ l 800 88 0060 (Toll Free) B VISITOR MANAGEMENT 1.0 Registration of Visitor(s) including daily maids 1.1 Register all visitor(s) at the main guard post. 1.2 For ad-hoc or unannounced visitors, call the resident to check whether the resident will accept the visitor(s). If the intercom system is faulty, please advise visitor to call the resident and the resident to receive and admit their visitor at the guardhouse. 1.3 Do not allow the visitor(s) to enter said Premises if the resident is not available. 1.4 Do not allow the visitor(s) to enter said Premises if the resident does not accept the visitor(s). 1.5 Upon acceptance by the resident, the visitor(s) will be permitted to enter the Premises after the security guard carries out the following: 1.5.1 Record the identity of the visitor(s) from their IDs in the Visitor Register. o date & time of entry/exit o name(s) & IC number(s) of the visitor(s); o unit to visit o owner name o visitor pass no o remark - name of guard providing escort assistance 1.5.2 After recording the required particulars, return the identity card(s) to the visitor(s); 1.5.3 Issue Visitor Pass(es) and the Vehicle Parking Pass to be displayed on the dashboard, direct them to the designated parking bays and ensure their cars are parked correctly in the allotted bays and advise the visitor(s) to return the Visitor Pass(es) & Vehicle Parking Pass upon leaving the Premises; 1.5.4 Security guard shall direct the visitor(s) to the main entrance and provide escort assistance to the resident unit.
  6. 6. Perdana View Condominium & Perdana View Boutique Serviced Residence Security SOP 2011 Page 6 of 9 1.6 In the case where, the visitor(s) refuses to provide his ID for recording purposes, he/she shall be refused entry. 1.7 In the case of pre-registered visitor(s), upon his/her arrival, the security guard shall carry out the following: 1.7.1 Request for their lD, verify and record the particulars in the Visitor Register. 1.7.2 Issue Visitor Pass(es) and Vehicle Parking Pass to be displayed on the dashboard to the visitor, direct them to the designated parking lot, back to main entrance & provide escort assistance to the resident unit. 1.8 When the visitor(s) leaves the Premises, the security guard shall: 1.8.1 Collect the Visitor Pass(es) from the visitor(s). The visitor(s) shall be charged RM10 for each missing or damaged Visitor Pass; 1.8.2 Record in the Visitor Register the time of exit. 1.9 In the case when the resident is having a pre-registered function or gathering, the security guard shall carry out the following: 1.9.1 Record the particulars of the guests at Guard Post 2 (Block A/B) or 3 (Block C/D). 1.9.2 Direct the guests to park at visitor parking area at LG 1 (for Block A/B) & LG 4 (for Block C/D), and direct them to the lift leading to the function area. 1.9.3 In case of walk-in guest(s), record the particulars in the Visitor Register at main guard post before directing or escorting them to the function area. 1.9.4 The Security Officer must supervise the function area to ensure the function host and their guests do not cause any annoyance e.g. loud noise or music, exceeding the permissible time or damage to common property or disturbance to the resident staying near to the function activity area. 2.0 Supplier/Contractor/Workmen Management 2.1 PMO to provide approved permit for work (contractor s tag) to contractor or workmen at main guard post, i.e. Post 2; 2.2 Only allow access to contractor/workmen based on PMO approved permit to work and record the particulars in the Supplier/Contractor /Workmen Register.
  7. 7. Perdana View Condominium & Perdana View Boutique Serviced Residence Security SOP 2011 Page 7 of 9 2.2.1 Request for the identity card(s)/document(s) of the supplier/ contractor/workmen; 2.2.2 Record in the Contractor/Supplier/Workmen Register: o Date & time of entry o Name(s) & I/C number(s) of the supplier/contractor and the workmen; o Vehicle registration number for unloading and loading only; o Unit owner/tenant name o Nature of work o Contractor pass no. o Expected date of completion 2.2.3 Security guard shall return the identity card(s) to the supplier/contractor and the workmen; 2.2.4 Security guards must carry out the following: o Workers must be advised not to be at any PVC unit other than the designated unit, failing which that particular contractor shall be barred from future entry; o Issue Supplier/Contractor/Workmen pass(es) to them and advise them to return the pass(es) upon leaving the Premises; o Carry out a thorough inspection and take written notes of the things or equipment carried into the premises by them; o Direct and escort them to the designated parking bay for loading and unloading and also to the apartment block; o Ensure their vehicles are not parked at premises after the loading/unloading to avoid congestion at the entrances. 2.2.5 Conduct random or spot checks to ensure the supplier/ contractor/workmen are at the designated unit. Any one of them found at block/area other than the designated block//area shall be reprimanded; their pass rescinded, expel and/or denied future entry to PVC. 2.3 When the supplier/contractor leaves the Premises, the security guard shall carry out the following: 2.3.1 Collect from them the Contractor/Supplier/Workman Pass(es). The supplier/contractor shall be charged RM10/- each missing or damaged Contractor pass; 2.3.2 Inspect things transporting/carrying out from the premises against entry inventory by the supplier/contractor/workmen; 2.3.3 Record down in the Contractor/Supplier/Workmen Register the time of exit.
  8. 8. Perdana View Condominium & Perdana View Boutique Serviced Residence Security SOP 2011 Page 8 of 9 Notes a) Whenever contractor/supplier/workmen leave the premises whether temporarily or permanently, the security guard at the main gate must record the time of exit and/or re-entry of such person. b) The permitted working hours for contractor(s) and the workmen are as follows unless special dispensation is given in writing by the PMO: Monday to Friday : 9.00 am -5.00 pm Saturdays : 9.00 am -1.00 pm No entry is allowed for Sundays and Public Holidays c) The security guard must at all time screen& record the full details of all workmen, maids, drivers and delivery personnel. d) The security guard must check the vehicle to ensure that the workmen are not carrying out thing that are not in their listed items or equipment. 3.0 Entry/Exit of Resident's Vehicle 3.1 Security guard at the main gate shall strictly enforce the use of Vehicle (Carpark) Access Card, Car Sticker & Motorbike Sticker (if any) by the Residents. The security guard shall refuse entry to any vehicle without the Vehicle (Carpark) Access Card, Car Sticker or Motorbike Sticker; 3.3 Security guard shall record full details of all visitors entering the Premises including those visitors escorted/transported in by the resident with the resident's vehicle. If the resident is uncooperative, the security guard shall personally record in the Security/Incidence Register: 3.3.1 Name & unit number of the resident; 3.3.2 Description of the visitor(s) such as nationality, ethnic group, sex, age, height, weight, hair, complexion and any outstanding features. 4.0 Security and Control of Common Facilities 4.1 Security guard shall strictly enforce the following; 4.1.1 Residents to register before using common facilities; 4.1.2 Users comply with the House Rules & Regulations on the usage of common facilities; 4.1.3 Report to PMO any residents behaving unruly and causing disturbance & nuisance to other residents;
  9. 9. Perdana View Condominium & Perdana View Boutique Serviced Residence Security SOP 2011 Page 9 of 9 4.1.4 Ensure that there is no vandalism of the common facilities. lf vandalism occurs, the security guard must immediately report the matter to the PMO and then followed up by the submission of a Security/Incident Report. lf the matter is serious, the security agency shall lodge a police report and conduct a full investigation into the incident. A copy of the police report & investigation via Incident Report shall be extended to the PMO within 24 hours from the date/time of the incident. 4.2 Security guard shall ensure that there is no nuisance or unwanted/illegal activities occurring at the common facilities. 5.0 Security & Control of Vehicle Parking Bays 5.1 Security guard shall strictly enforce the following: 5.1.1 Security guard shall direct & follow the supplier/contractor to the appropriate working area and ensure that the area is not damaged or dirty while in use by the supplier/contractor. Vehicle pass shall be provided to the supplier/contractor, to be displayed on the dashboard, upon proper registration & screening by the security guards for unloading and loading only; 5.1.2 Visitor cars are only allowed to enter the Building if there is available visitors' car parking bays for Visitors. The vehicle pass shall be provided to the visitor to be displayed on the dashboard upon proper registration and screening by the security guards; 5.1.3 Resident Car Parking Bays are for use by residents only; 5.1.4 Motorcycles are properly parked in the designated motorcycle parking area only; 5.1.5 Security guard to ensure Resident(s) car(s) including driver is/are allowed to park at the lobby main entrance for waiting, drop-off or pick-up, loading/unloading for a maximum of 15 minutes. The security guard shall inform the vehicle owner if they parked for more than 15 minutes before proceeding to clamp the car after expiration of a grace period of no more than another 15 minutes.