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Corporate presentation tech jini

  1. 1. TechJini Solutions Corporate Presentation 01/Aug/2009 TechJini - Corporate Presentation 1
  2. 2. Agenda ● At a Glance ● Our Offerings ● Our Strengths ● Process Methodologies ● Our Value proposition ● Kudos ● Contact Info 01/Aug/2009 TechJini - Corporate Presentation 2
  3. 3. At a Glance ● TechJini was founded in 2005. ● Headquartered in Bangalore, Silicon Valley of India ● IT Services and Products based company ● Strong technology oriented People and Management ● Flexible Engagement Models ● Quality Processes – zero defect delivery ● Delighted Clients ● 60% of annual revenues through repeated business ● Rapidly growing at the rate of more than 100% Y-O-Y ● Socially responsible – Believe in giving back to society 01/Aug/2009 TechJini - Corporate Presentation 3
  4. 4. Our Offerings Business Process Engineering QA Testing Mobile (iPhone, Blackberry, Android) Application Development (Web/Mobile) Service Offerings Maintenance Outsourcing Application Reengineering Application Migration Product Engineering/R eengineering 01/Aug/2009 TechJini - Corporate Presentation 4
  5. 5. Our Strengths QUALITY PROCESS PEOPLE 01/Aug/2009 TECHNOLOGY EXCEPTIONAL SOFTWARE TechJini - Corporate Presentation CLIENT FOCUS 5
  6. 6. Process Methodologies ● TechJini has well defined process methodologies in place. We implement the Process methodology depending on the nature of the project. ● At TechJini, we follow two types of process methodologies: ● Agile Model ● ● ● Agile software development processes are built on the foundation of iterative development. To that foundation we add a lighter, more people-centric viewpoint than traditional approaches. In Agile processes we use feedback, rather than planning, as the primary control mechanism. The feedback is driven by regular tests and releases of the evolving software. Waterfall Model The waterfall model shows a process, where we follow a step-by-step approach towards the project. After each step is finished, the process proceeds to the next step, just as builders don't revise the foundation of a house after the framing has been erected. 01/Aug/2009 TechJini - Corporate Presentation 6
  7. 7. Process Methodologies (Agile) 01/Aug/2009 TechJini - Corporate Presentation 7
  8. 8. Process Methodologies (Waterfall) Requirements Definition -Business Process Engineering -User Requirements elicitation -NFR requirement collation Design -Application architecture -Functional design -Database design -Hardware and software platform identification Build -Coding -Test condition setup -Independent testing Test -Functionality testing -Release Management -Production environment testing Deploy -Manage Installation -Assess user acceptance of *Technical infrastructure *Recommended standards *Role definitions
  9. 9. Our Value Proposition ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Creative and sound solutions All solutions are carried out by professionals who have the experience and knowledge to convert genuine ideas into valuable solutions Proactive Approach Our team is proactive in putting forth any suggestions that we believe would add value to the project or the solution End-to-End Responsibility Our business process is highly professional. We assume end-to-end responsibility of the project at all stages (start of the project, during the project, and post-completion with continued support and development if required) On Time Deliveries Our team always aims and commits at delivering on time and above expectations Cost Advantage “Every penny saved on investment is an added penny to your Profits.” By partnering with us, you will find that you not only operate your business processes/IT needs at a lower cost structure, but also reach full Return on Investment at a much earlier stage, both fundamental to your profitability and long term success. 01/Aug/2009 TechJini - Corporate Presentation 9
  10. 10. Kudos ● ● ● ● ● ● Project Manager of a Client “Other companies could not meet our deadlines nor correctly envision the goal of our product like the TechJini team. We would highly recommend TechJini for service, understanding of projects, and quality of software created.” Former Director at a Client's office "I have worked with Shyamal, his co-founder Amit and their team at TechJini Solutions for about 3 years now....Their attention to detail, work ethic and knowledge of the product they are working on is exemplary. The most impressive aspect is that though the project required expert knowledge of the subject, their intelligence meant that they picked up on our requirements very quickly and catered the development exactly to our needs. This meant that I didn't have to waste precious time explaining things, and to the contrary he would pick up on things that maybe I'd missed out or could add value. Techjini are developers but the they are not afraid to add input if they think something can be improved. This pro-active element adds real value. Their business process is also highly professional, from the start of the project with "SRS" (system requirement specifications), during the project with a support tracker and IM support, and post-completion with continued support and development if required." CEO of a Client “Initiative in creating solid requirement spec. Very good understanding of our needs and software use.” 01/Aug/2009 TechJini - Corporate Presentation 10
  11. 11. Thank You ● Contact Us ● Email: ● Phone: +91-80-41507899 ● 01/Aug/2009 TechJini - Corporate Presentation 11