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The Pancreas- By Chibesa Mumba


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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The Pancreas- By Chibesa Mumba

  1. 1. By Chibesa Mumba
  2. 2.  What it is? What its made up of? Exocrine and endocrine cells? Pancreatic diseases Thought-provoking question
  3. 3.  A gland that secretes digestive enzymes into the gut
  4. 4.  Composed 99% of acini cells Pancreatic duct Islet of Langerhans
  5. 5.  Discovered by Paul Langerhans in 1869 Group of cells that stand out from surrounding cells Cells inside islet include A,B,D,F & Epsilon cells
  6. 6.  Alpha cells produce glucagon Beta cells produce insulin & amylin Delta cells produce somatostatin F/PP cells produce pancreatic polypeptide Epsilon cells produce ghrelin
  7. 7. Type of Gland Location Cell Function Comments/Key pointsEndocrine Islet periphery Alpha Glucagon production Glucagon is a hormone that increases the sugar in the bloodEndocrine Islet center Beta Insulin & amylin production Insulin decreases the sugar level in the blood & amylin gives humans a full feelingEndocrine Inside islet or islet periphery Delta Somatostatin production Somatostatin is a growth inhibiting hormoneEndocrine Islet periphery PP (F) Pancreatic Polypeptide production Pancreatic polypeptide controls the activities of the pancreasEndocrine Inside islet Epsilon Gherin production Gherin is a hormone that stimulates hungarExocrine Around exterior of pancreas Acini Digetive enzyme production and secretion Acini makes 99% of the pancreas
  8. 8.  Pancreatitis Pancreatic cancer Diabetes Mellitus
  9. 9.  Severe abdominal pain occurs suddenly Can cause internal bleeding or shock Excess alcohol ingestion & gallstones are causes Caused pancreatic trauma
  10. 10.  Also called pancreatic carcinoma Common type are exocrine tumors Endocrine tumors are usually malignant
  11. 11.  A group of metabolic diseases which are caused by high blood sugar High blood sugar caused by insulin problems (insulin resistance or no insulin) types of diabetes are type 1 (IDDM), type 2 (NIDDM) and Gestational
  12. 12.  Impact of amylin on weight control Impact of somatostatin on ageing
  13. 13. THE END