Performance management case study ch#5


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Performance management case study ch#5

  1. 1. Case study 5-1Objective: 1. Enhance business unit. 2. That pricing model creates business advantage. 3. increase the percentages spend 4. To make profit and better business unit 5. Build relationship. 6. Saving costAccountability 1. analytical support, have ability to identify and rearticulate critical aspect of business 2. develop the pricing model 3. make the effort to enhance the business 4. Work for betterment of Disney. 5. Communicate with business partner. 6. he can work more then one at the same timeStandard: 1. superior analytical skill 2. current pricing model 3. high impact 4. ability to do work independently 5. strong verbal and communication skill 6. manage multiple task________________________________________________________________________ Case study 5-2Objective: Pricing model creates business advantage.Accountability Develop the pricing modelStandard: Current pricing modelObjective: 1. Pricing list is clear for the customer of Disney to understand better. 2. The pricing are not challenging that they could not afford, pricing are reasonable that benefit Disney and also its customer. 3. Both the company and customer are agrees upon pricing model.
  2. 2. 4. The pricing models benefit the Disney Company it create profit for the company. 5. Its priority on no. one pricing is very important. 6. It is set for the 6 month. 7. Before price setting it is communicated with the employ that it is better or not. 8. These can be change with the business environment. 9. these changes pricing have a few objective, profit salary increase of employStandard: 1. It is related with the position. Pricing are related with the things, like for TV, they have different ticket, film have different, home videos and DVD have different. 2. Performance is measure able and specific, it create profit like 10 million in a year. 3. it is measure with the performance of the department 4. It is important with the purpose of the job and benefit to the organization. 5. It is achieve able with in time. 6. On regular basis it should be determine these are good or need of changing.Objective:Build relationship.AccountabilityCommunicate with business partner.Standard:Strong written and verbal communicationObjective: 1. Relationships are only on the basis of business. 2. To create relationship with other business man is challenging and but not difficult. 3. creation of relationship employees are agree with him 4. It is priorities number 2. 5. There is a time for relationship to complete of specific task. 6. Relation ship can be made. 7. There is a communication between employ and him to create business relation. 8. There should be change in relationship to see situation, mean first some business partner supply spare parts now they have joint adventure. 9. Relations are limited in no. so many relations are bad for the organization.Standard: 1. Strong verbal and written communication very important based on key task of the job. 2. Verifiable, negotiate with business partner. 3. Provide necessary information related to business. 4. Communication always for the organization. There should mean is that to negotiate with customer its price is that. 5. Communication is always flexible to get better result.
  3. 3. Objective Enhance business unit.Accountability Analytical support, have ability to identify and rearticulate critical aspect of businessStandard: Superior analytical skillObjective: 1. It is clear that we want to enhance our business by critical analysis. We want to make an other them park of Disney. 2. It is challenging that enhance of business is little bit difficult, it require whole critical analysis. 3. Both the manager and employ are agreed. 4. we take it as no. 3 5. It should be completed with in 3 month. 6. It can be completed. 7. each days work is communicated with employ and manager 8. strategy can be completed 9. There are 6 objective witch are completed in this year.Standard: 1. it include key elements that can create the new park 2. it is measurable how much the employ perform 3. Its cost determined, from the data available on daily basis. 4. If it become we got 100000 dollar monthly. 5. it is possible to accomplish 6. information is on regular basisObjective:Saving costAccountabilityHe can work more then one at the same timeStandard:Manage multiple tasksObjective:
  4. 4. Objectives are specific and clear, agreed upon, achieveable, and prioritize because it isclear that we have to save our cost. It should be done by doing multiple tasks. It can beeasily achieve and it is purities that if we do this how much we save.Standard:It related to task, and one can do more then one work and also meaning full how it isuseful for Disney. And also possible to do this.Objective: Increase the percentage spendAccountability Both the manager and employ are agreed.Standard: High impactObjective:To increase the spend is clear more customer more profit, fully communicated that all theemploy are agreed upon this it is also time bound that with in specific time we is although challenging but not possible.Standard: It is related to position that we take the company from where it exist to higherin the market also it is practically measurable what rank of Disney market.It is reviewed regularlly, where it stands.Objective:To make profit and better business unitAccountabilityWork for betterment of Disney.Standard:Ability to do work independentlyObjective:Obiective are clear specific, measuravle, significant because all are clrarly defined.Standard:It is related to position,specific ,realistic,meanigful because a persone do his work whichis good ,and its outcoum is calculated from his performance.
  5. 5. Case study 5-3CompetencyDefinition: Competencies are measureable clusters of knowledge skill and abilities thatare critical in determining how results will be achieved.Q1: Behavioral indicatorLevel 1: Graduate associate should create short term, long term and medium strategies thatbusiness has need. o He should communicate regularly about 3 to 5 year plan to ensure business remain relevant. o Business goals and match short term goals with long term goals deliverable to achieve business goals. o Ensure business goals are communicated and understood across business.Level 2: Keep others informed of business goals and inspire buy to them. o Develop local goals to support wider goals. o Inspire bur into business goals by showing how individual effort contribute to them. o Provide timely and appropriate information to supports achievements of business goals.Level 3: Supports business goals by addressing issues likely to effect achieving them. o Regularly reviews and communicate progress on business goals. o Uses the business goals to prioritize work.
  6. 6. Q 2: behavior when some one not demonstrates a competency effectively. There are some points which are in effective competency. o If he shows unfairness to all. Take work with baseness. o If he do not work with check list. o If an existing frame work is need to be updated. o Does not check performance regularly. o Does not communicate with employ. o Does no take feed back from customer and also employ.Q 3: list of suggestion for developing the competencies. o Produce detail plan to achieving objective of Disney o Every one knows what his work in Disney is. o Behavior should be necessary and appropriate to all. o Clarification of the purpose