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Employee Referral Program - Branding Ideas


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Launching an employee referral program is not as easy as it sounds. Branding the program plays a very crucial role since it decides the future of the program. A well branded referral program not only helps an organization increase its referral hires but also helps boost employee participation.

Here are few employee referral program branding tips which you might want to consider ensuring that the launch of your referral program is smooth.

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Employee Referral Program - Branding Ideas

  1. 1. Employee ReferralProgram BrandingIdeas Employee Referral Program Branding Ideas
  2. 2. Employee ReferralProgram BrandingIdeas If there is one thing that is common to all successfully running Employee Referral Programs, it is the organization’s drive & commitment towards building a positive brand value around it. INTRODUCTION By building a brand value, the organizationnotonly reinforces the benefits of the programin the minds of employees, it also builds a strongemployer brand that positively impactsexternal candidates.
  3. 3. Employee ReferralProgram BrandingIdeas Here are some important components to consider for developing a strong Employee Referral Brand
  4. 4. Employee ReferralProgram BrandingIdeas A name gives your program an exclusive identity and is a significant step in branding it. A custom logo, a catchy tag line & a strong message that reinforces the power of the program will surely help to connect to your employees and prospective candidates. Give it an identity
  5. 5. Employee ReferralProgram BrandingIdeas Branded giveaways such as mouse pads, coffee mugs, laptop bags & more can help improve the visibility of the program. These are used by the target audience or find pride of place on their desks which acts as an advertisement of the program. Branded Merchandise
  6. 6. Employee ReferralProgram BrandingIdeas Launching an Employee Referral newsletter covering latest features added to the employee referral program, successes of the program, interviews of star performers and how they have utilized their incentive bonus is a great idea. A dedicated space on the organization’s news letter that acknowledges achievers as well as carries soft features on how they used their monetary rewards can also help. Have an Employee Referral newsletter
  7. 7. Employee ReferralProgram BrandingIdeas The greatest branding tool for the employee referral program is to provide a positive experience for both the referring employee & the referred candidate. Timely updates, fast tracking interviews, relevant rewards all go a long way in creating strong brand advocates for the referral program. Create a positive Experience
  8. 8. Employee ReferralProgram BrandingIdeas Constant communication through videos, posters etc. on all employee forums keeps the program fresh and updated. Showcasing the employee referral program & its achievements in all recruitment drives including campus events & job fairs will take the program a long way Communicating helps
  9. 9. Employee ReferralProgram BrandingIdeas Overall, the organization needs to ensure that the referral program must be at the core of the company’s recruitment strategy. Having done this, it will be worthwhile to recognize & incentivize employees for successful referrals publicly which in turn will create an aspirational pull in the remaining employees.
  10. 10. Employee ReferralProgram BrandingIdeas For more information, visit To book a free demo, drop a mail to You may also call us for any other assistance 1-866-217-1267 Zalp integrates with all leadingATS providers.