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Changing times in recruitment-Technological impact


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Changing times in recruitment-Technological impact

  1. 1. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact
  2. 2. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact Changing times • Technology is ubiquitous and has changed the way we live and do everyday tasks. • From a single mega sized computer filling up a large room to computers that fit in the palm of your hand - Technology has become faster, smaller and more affordable over the years. • As technology continues to develop, it will continue to change the way things are done.
  3. 3. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact Changing with the times… Organizations and companies too are in a very different place today as compared to where they were 10 or 15 years ago. They are learning to use modern technological advances to do more with fewer resources. Technology is becoming a source of competitive edge in the market.
  4. 4. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact Recruitment • Recruitment practices need to go beyond traditional methods and leverage technology to ensure that the most qualified candidates with skills matching to the job role are drawn to the organization. The starting point for any successful organizationis hiring the right staff
  5. 5. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact As per Les Berridge, Public Affairs Executiveof REC Technology: • “There are huge opportunities for recruiters who specialize in a particular industry who are willing to engage with prospective candidates though the ever evolving range of digital channels available. The ability to source, distil, interpret and publish content will be king – and recruiters across the industry need to innovate to remain competitive.” The Recruitment report from REC Technology provides valuable insight into how recruitment and the candidate experience can be dramatically improved through the use of technology
  6. 6. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact COMPANY WEBSITES • Used to advertise career opportunities • By providing a direct link on each page and minimizing the number of clicks required these websites can be made user friendly • Provide detailed job description, benefits offered, employee testimonials and career progression • Provide information regarding the corporate culture and any communityinvolvement projects E-Recruitment E-recruitment is the use of technologyor web based tools to support the recruitment process.
  7. 7. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact JOB PORTALS Enable search for prospective employees with matching skill sets and qualifications. Organisations can also post openings for prospective candidates to fill out job applications and submit resumes over the internet. SOCIAL AND BUSINESS NETWORKING SITES These provide a database of potential employees who may not be actively job hunting. E-Recruitment
  8. 8. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact
  9. 9. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact Benefits of E-Recruitment • Improves market reach taking it to a wider audience, as it covers a wide geographical area and is not limited to the local readers or viewership unlike other methods of recruitment. • It streamlines and makes the process efficient by speeding up all steps in the recruitment process. Questions can be answered in seconds and information delivered instantly, making the whole recruitmentprocessquick and direct. • Online transactions improvethe quality of candidate experience. • Allows seamless access to online resumes to all stakeholders and at all times thereby providingadditional flexibility.
  10. 10. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact • It is cost effective, providing an economical way to publish job openings • It helps integrate internet resources . CVs can be emailed, interviews scheduled and sometimes even conducted online. It thus speeds up the process proving to be time efficient and making it possible to handle higher volumes. • Saves paper printing and providing added advantage in the environmentally conscious modernday. Benefits of E-Recruitment
  11. 11. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact • Wikipedia defines Employee Referral Program as an internal recruitment method employed by organizations to identify potential candidates from the existing employees' social networks. • Quality candidates who may not apply through traditional channels can be attracted throughreferrals. • Repeated studies have shown that referred employees stay more engaged and have higher retention rates than employees hired through traditional channels. Employee Referral Solutions Technological advances allow for use of cloud-based recruitment software, whereby employees and co-workers can refer jobs to the right people in their networks who can share further with people they know. As a result, employers are quickly able to reach their target candidates in a very cost-effective and efficient manner.
  12. 12. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact Technological Factors • Effective use of social networking • Employee Referral Tracking Software, which goes a long way in streamlining the process, as alos providing the necessary checks & balances Recruiting and job hunting moving beyond the PC? • A lot of the initial job hunting is currently routed through a mobile device like a phone or the tablet. • Users are downloading jobsite apps on their phones and tablets. Employee Referral Solutions ensuring success of
  13. 13. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact Proactive Recruiting Adapting and leveraging technology to both seek out and retain skilled talent • Add ‘mobile apply’ functionality on their ads. • Modify career sites so that candidates can apply with a few clicks using their LinkedIn profile. • Get an applicant tracking system.
  14. 14. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact • Virtual organization is the network of companies or employees connected by computers. • Virtual workers can work from wherever they want, from home, car or abroad. • Recruiters need to be open to such arrangements made possible by developing technology. Other than using technology for recruitment, companies should also make use of technology in creatinga conducive workplace Use of Technology
  15. 15. Changing Times in Recruitment Technological Impact • • Recruitment Process OutsourcingAssociation Technology-on-Recruitment-and-Candidate-Experience-Part-2-of-3 • • anging-Nature-of-Recruiting.aspx Sources
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