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5 simple steps to help you recruit with Facebook


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Facebook crossed the billion active user mark, as on December 2012, creating one of the largest pool of potential candidates. This makes Facebook an essential component of any company’s social recruitment strategy.
Find 5 simple steps to help you recruit with Facebook.

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5 simple steps to help you recruit with Facebook

  1. 1. 5 Simple Steps to help you recruit with Facebook
  2. 2. How prevalent is the use of Facebook in the recruitment process and why do recruiters turn to social network at all? Lately Facebook crossed the billion active user mark creating one of the largest pool of potential candidates making it an essential component of any company’s social recruitment strategy. Here are five ways which will help you to leverage the power of Facebook to find top candidates for your organization
  3. 3. 1. Create an engaging Facebook Page Simply having a Facebook page for your company is not enough, you need to ensure that the content is engaging and regularly updated. Some tips for this include : Share your company culture along with your employees speaking on the what aspects about their job and work place they like Provide links to your company’s career site on your Facebook page Post job opportunities and provide details on the recruitment process Be responsive to increase your social media engagement level
  4. 4. 2. Create communities A Facebook group is a great option to provide value, content, and information about an industry or area and thus build a valuable potential candidate pool over a period of time. Creating targeted communities is also a good strategy. Targets can be location based, industry focused, or job domain specific Ensure the community is value based with little self promotion Consistency is the key to ensure that your community is successful Remember to be prompt with responses and updating the community with fresh, valuable content regularly
  5. 5. 3. Have a Content Strategy A Pull-marketing Strategy where potential candidates themselves actively engage with you on Facebook as opposed to aggressive sourcing can be effectively achieved by focusing on Content generation. Offering high value content is one way to keep potential candidates interested. Here are few points to consider: Write and develop engaging content on relevant topics to keep your prospective candidates engaged Try creating effective job descriptions to attract hard to reach candidates to your brand. Educate your prospective candidates with engineered blogs Try using videos to show case your employer brand
  6. 6. 4. Understand your target segment Facebook users who will see your job postings can basically be segmented into 5 categories, which are : • Active job seekers who view your Facebook page to look at the job openings • Individuals who visit your page seeking information • Networks of your employees who visit your Facebook page • Individuals who view your company job posting on their timeline because someone in their network shared it • Individuals responding to your Facebook ads Tip: Remember that your messaging needs to be both dynamic and customized to pull prospective candidates from each of these categories
  7. 7. 5.The DONT’s of Facebook Recruiting As much as doing the right things are important, understanding the Don’ts of Facebook recruiting are equally imperative. Don’t post anything on your Facebook page which can be a source of controversy as it can harm your employer brand Don’t ignore the privacy issues with Facebook and ensure that no confidential information is accessible through your Facebook page Don’t post openings too frequently as that may portray a higher attrition rate. Remember that it is not a job board. Don’t take criticism personally. Facebook is an open forum and you may receive appreciation as well as flak from your followers, accept both gracefully
  8. 8. Including Facebook recruiting in your overall recruiting mix can be an effective strategy if used wisely since it not only is a low cost recruiting platform but also gives you an enormous reach and the opportunity to engage directly with prospective candidates. To read more on social recruiting and trends in recruitment
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