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ICT observatories for better governance


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ICT observatories for better governance

  1. 1. ICT observatories for better governance PhDr. Irina ZALISOVA EPMA Director (CZ)
  2. 2. Challenges for (regional) development • Economic threats & crisis (Global Financial Crisis 2008+) – Cost-effectiveness, ROI, public values, sustainable development • Societal challenges and global trends – Crisis of traditional ways of governance & need of new ways and models of governance – Involvement of citizens into the decision-making, eParticipation – Social connectivity (Ability to find, create, share, provide, get feedback) – Demand for openness and transparency (Open Data, Open Government Partnership) – Social connectivity (Ability to find, create, share, provide, get feedback) – Negative demographic trends (Europe) – Migration trends + local wars • Technology shorter cycles & ICT progress (infrastructures and tools) • Datafication of the world (incl. Big Data). „Data is NEW OIL“… I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  3. 3. 7 Digital trends of near future Gerd Leonhard I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  4. 4. Opportunities of Data Call • Data-driven economy and ICT-based services - the major opportunities for Europe. • A wide range of data and ICT-driven development indicators are produced and available across EU, creating substantial knowledge bases – New engines to boost growth and jobs are addressed by seven flagship initiatives with Digital Agenda Europe being one of them. Delivery of the actions listed in the Digital Agenda policy programme is assessed on a regular basis and reflected in the Digital Agenda Scoreboard available on-line. • The data economy calls for new thinking on governance! How to turn data into value? • Facing economic turbulent developments in Europe, regions must re- estimate their own capacity to plan, assess and manage investments in all fields, especially in the field of ICT. • Policies´ (R)evolution I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  5. 5. ONE project Improving regional ICT investment planning capacity,transferring good practices and laying foundations for a network of ICT observatories in Poland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, UK, France and Cyprus. 2014-2020 Cohesion Policy objective: new role for innovation and ICT I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  6. 6. ONE project approach •the overwhelming amounts of data are not used properly, especially at the regional level, because of the lack of details, differences in methodologies for measurement and varieties in local contents. Use of DATA •at regional level, different stakeholders, such as managing authorities, research centers and ICT implementing bodies, are mostly dealing with innovation policy in an isolated way. Complex Approach •innovation and ICT policies are not always managed by appropriate governance mechanism, which is slow and bureaucratic. Governance •The assessment of innovation strategies or policies targeting specific territorial problems is present, but knowledge resulting from these assessments is not properly transferred to policy making and to implementation. Knowledge transfer ICT observatory as ONE of the solutions I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014 Policymakers face a number of obstacles, falling to predict future development and adequately respond to economic and societal challenges. What is wrong?
  7. 7. ICT observatory for better Digital Governance: Openess, Innovation and Networking Evidence based management of information society; Improvement of public spending effectiveness; Cost reduction and a better knowledge exploitation; Assessment of (regional) policies’ impact; Ensuring Structural funds absorption. I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  8. 8. Model of the ICT Observatory I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014 • ICT, Data Management, Apps, analysis, predictions • Publication of results, promotion, communication • Monitoring of social and economic trends, data gathering • Support to elaboration of visions, policies and strategies Compas Senzor & Ruller EngineScreen
  9. 9. …in a regional landscape ICT observatory Information providers (+PSI) Business (suppliers and users) Academia (suppliers and users) Users (internal+exte rnal) Citizens Politicians I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  10. 10. Basic functions of regional ICT Observatory (what) Support to /co-creation of regional strategies and policies Management and servicing of the technical infrustructure Data gathering, storage, archiving , and safeguarding Data management systems, information systems, visualization, GIS etc. Information service provision for internal and external users I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014 I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  11. 11. From Data to Policies I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014 Archivation, management DATA INFORMATION KNOWLEDGE External/internal data&files metadata SYNTHESISANALYSIS OUTPUTS REGI ONAL STRATE GIES POLI CIES
  12. 12. ICT observatory´s holistic approach (how) I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014 • Data, metadata, DMS + area specific knowledge Knowledge Base • Business Intelligence tools + Open Data + Public services + wide set of agendas of Public Administration Policy Intelligence • eParticipation, Social networks, the picture of reality - featback Common Sense
  13. 13. … experiences • 2001 - new Czech region (de jure) after PA reform • Hills and fields – agrarian area, 704 small municipalities, no industry, no high schools, no ICT infrastructure… • Creating regional ICT and ICT strategy at the Greenfield I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  14. 14. I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  15. 15. Creating regional ICT at the Greenfield • In 10 years from „0“ to number 1 in the Czech Republic • ROWANET broadband – last generation optical cable network, all bigger cities • Technological Center, Data storehouse, IMS • eGovernment, eHealth, GIS • Building the new data analytical department for regional needs, comparing to ICT observatory principles with EPMA I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  16. 16. – the Region of ICT I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  17. 17. I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  18. 18. ICT for regional eHealth I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  19. 19. Creating ICT strategy from scratch Business Strategy Business Requirements IS/ICT Strategic Direction Implications Mid-term planning Rolling plans Implications Implications Roadmap Assessment of Current Environment ICT Requirements Industry Trends & Best Practice Disruptive Technologies Constraints Regular revisions Management & Governance Enterprise Architecture Organisation & Supply Portfolio & Financial IT Strategy Dimensions Management & Governance Enterprise Architecture Organisation & Supply Portfolio & Financial Management & Governance Enterprise Architecture Organisation & Supply Portfolio & Financial IT Strategy Dimensions Portfolio Management Financial Management
  20. 20. strategic priorities in ICT I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014 Infrastructure/Broadband eGovernment/eAdministration Regional Innovation ICT Adoption for SMEs eContent/Creative Industries eHealth eLearning/ICT for Schools Mobile solutions & services Green ICT Other (various) Vysocina
  21. 21. Vysocina Region thematic ICT observatories ICT regional infra- structure + Technologi cal Center ICT and public administra- tion (eGovern- ment) ICT and healthcare (eHealth) ICT and regional business (Digital Ecosystem) ICT and education ICT and security (eCrime) I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  22. 22. Proceses supported by regional ICT Observatory DATA External data Internal data and files Indicators and combinations DATA MANAGEMENT Agregation Archivation Analysis Vizualization Security KNOWLEDGES General system oriented Subjstansive domain related Managerial process oriented REGIONAL STRATEGIES& POLICIES Long-term visions Strategies Mid-term objectives and action plans Evaluation I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014 Technological Infrastructura and Apps
  23. 23. ICT Observatory for better (regional) governance • Data, metadata, DMS + area specific knowledge Knowledge Base • Business Intelligence tools + Open Data + Public services + wide set of agendas of Public Administration Policy Intelligence • eParticipation, Social networks, the picture of reality - featback Common Sense I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014
  24. 24. I.Zalisova, Ghent, DataDays 2014 Hot topics, excellent speakers Free participation/ registration Czech cuisine Venue: Czech Permanent Representation to the EU