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Assignment of the "Crash course on creativity" of Venture Labs

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Observation lab

  1. 1. Observation LabA crash course on creativity
  2. 2. Introduction● The following slides will present 4 different restaurants/stores with some remarks about them and some opportunities● The assignment is incomplete: only 4 stores instead of 6 and many questions of the reference guide were ignored (mea culpa)
  3. 3. "Hideki Sushi" Restaurant
  4. 4. "Hideki Sushi" (continuation)● About ○ A standard japanese restaurant in São Paulo● Remarks ○ Very simple, very standard ○ Food is on average (not bad but could really be improved) ○ Lacks air-conditioner in some spots, unlike similar restaurants ○ Lacks a menu or display of dishes
  5. 5. "Hideki Sushi" (continuation)● Opportunities ○ Could create some "killing dishe" (like a special and tasty temaki) so it could gain some market differentiation from other similar restaurants in town by providing a unique (in taste or quality) dishe
  6. 6. "Twin Burger"
  7. 7. "Twin Burger" (continuation)● About ○ A restaurant and snack bar, serving mostly burgers and "beirutes" (a sandwich using Syrian bread)● Remarks ○ Strong air-conditioner, comfortable place for sunny days ○ Many juice options
  8. 8. "Twin Burger" (continuation)● Opportunities ○ Could provide more "high-end" burgers, like the "premium" Black Angus burger in some restaurants
  9. 9. "Nellos"
  10. 10. "Nellos" (continuation)● About ○ Nellos is a traditional italian restaurant in São Paulo● Remarks ○ Very focused on the founders biography (linked to cinema), with many pictures and texts hanging around ○ Many regulars are middle-aged/elderly people (when compared to most restaurants) ○ Nice ambient temperature
  11. 11. "Nellos" (continuation)● Opportunities ○ Try to appeal more to young people to grab new customers ○ This can be done through ingenious marketing initiatives
  12. 12. "The Gourmet Tea"
  13. 13. "The Gourmet Tea" (continuation)● About ○ The Gourmet Tea is a vegetarian restaurant and tea store● Remarks ○ Very broad catalog of tea blends for selling or immediate consume ○ Very colorful place ○ Nice environment temperature ○ Include some unusual (but good) dishes, including ones that use tea on its composition ○ Very restricted space (few tables), and a somewhat exclusive ambient ("veggies hipsters only")
  14. 14. "The Gourmet Tea" (continuation)● Opportunities ○ Could extend the dishes to include non-vegetarian food. This combined with the tea appeal, could make it a very popular restaurant ○ Also it could expand to a larger place
  15. 15. Other Thoughts● A characteristic that is critical to all places is the presence (or absence of) a good air conditioner● In the hot days of São Paulo, people tend to pick the place based on how cool/cold the restaurant will be, so the thermal conditions become a great differential